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#26866 - 07/06/09 07:25 AM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: god.over.djinn]
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Hell, when Xmas rolls around my parents still put "From Santa" on some of our presents. My mom is a little sentimental sometimes and likes to remember the days when my brother and I were innocent little darlings. I just Xmas as a time to be with family. I know what I am nothing will change that...I mean, how can I not like Xmas...I get free shit and good food.
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#26874 - 07/06/09 11:35 AM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: Jester]
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my mum doesnt put "from santa" on my presents. yeah I agree, i love spending time with my family and getting loads of crazy shit and food...thats what christmas (to me) is all about...oh and dont forget stealing your family's food when they're not looking too. Thats also important.
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#31342 - 11/05/09 06:00 PM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: SkaffenAmtiskaw]
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My parents know of my beliefs and I have even gone as far as to asking my mother to read The Devil's Notebook by Mr Anton LaVey. She required no persuasion what’s so ever to do so, and has said that she feels LaVey had some interesting concepts. Despite finding some of the ideas contained inside a tad “selfish”, my mother has accepted my chosen “path”, and understands that such works play a large part in the way I think and live my life.

My Father knows also, but has never really been the religious type, favoring a kind of Buddhist “karma” type view of the universe (don’t rock the boat and all will be well). So, he doesn’t mind as long as I don’t go killing people in the name of my religious code.

My sister just assumes I’m mad, but still regards my opinions with open ears. We even joke that, now that she is pregnant, when the child is born she and her partner should name the child Damien. She still pulls faces when I cry “it's all for you Damien” whenever the subject of babies or pregnancy arises in conversation.

All in all, I have a pretty reasonable family.
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#31623 - 11/13/09 04:34 AM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: TornadoCreator]
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I live, work, and play amongst non-Satanians. some are Christians, some are Neopagans, some are secular of a stripe, some non-religious or non-spiritual. the social circles offline in which i participate are diverse, but have a tendency to be a bit more conservative than LHP standards, primarily composed of those who visit us locally. my main interaction with Satanists is online.

my guru and Beloved wife catherine is what i call a philosophical dogmatist, identifying as a Jewish Baptist. we're both eclectic, and have engaged a neo-tantric mutual devotion. we have extremely different tastes and preferences philosophically. I am far more interested in exploration and repeated consideration of premises, values, and aesthetics, and we are both sufficiently strong-willed that we find it valuable for me to take up those kinds of discussions with others (which i do regularly). i have learned a great deal about politics from her, and i engaged in types of activism she found uncomfortable during the early part of our relationship.

all that said, i am no less 'out' about my Satanism than i have ever been, catherine finds my Satanic ways in many respects quite endearing, and is supportive of my continued pursuits, just as i support her interest in Jug Band music, and share and enjoy her adoration of Jesus and gospels. occasionally Satanians visit our sphere, observe the eclectic all-faiths-welcomed church we're making locally, and i see how comparably broad my involvement and interests really are. it has taken coming to love and live with a polymath to enable me to see to where all these tendrils of study and absorption can lead me.

this doesn't stop my full-on energy for my pact, however, and recently i observed the first anniversary of the gathering of a small group engaging philosophical reflection and detailed discussion of Satanity in a wide variety of ideological styles (Satanisms) from a standpoint of independence: the Horde of Independent SatanistS (HISS, a yahoogroup). I take a good portion of my philosophical interests to that forum to discuss with the other full member, Venus Satanas, and we spice up the forum with the latest Satanian social news, examinations of large and small groups, ideological platforms, the history of New Religious Movements, academic analysis of religious Satanism, apologetics to Christians and others, and much more.

through the years i have got used to people finding value in believing things: about the past, about the origins of life and the universe, about the transcendental divided status of human experience and consciousness, and many other things. eventually i came to the conclusion that belief as a deliberate mental act wasn't something i found consistently valuable. I have noticed that few beyond the occasional weird mystic i meet thinks in similar ways. when i am asked what i believe i always respond: "As little as possible." it affords me the freedom few others seem to have or want: to play, explore and accept the variety of others i may run into.

more and more i find it valuable to pin down things in my knowledge base for applications and projects, and i am amused to discover that my primary focal premises are humanist, adaptively materialist, scientific, and rationally tentative. being willing to admit of our animal character as a species, suppose the fantasy character of souls, separable spirits, and afterlives, i am reminded pointedly of the finite and beautiful uniqueness of our present experience and how this does not last. that others reduce the miraculous quality of the single life by supposing fictional extensions and dimensions to it can be frustrating at times, and yet in the end they are only really cheating themselves. I find it far MORE disturbing when religious view the cosmos as a disposable classroom and abandon their humanity.

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#31653 - 11/13/09 06:51 PM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: god.over.djinn]
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To be frank, my family knows what I am. That is to say that I have my own opinions and views.

My father and mother are protestant and catholic respectively, and have known for some time of the way that I see the world.
While I lived with my parents I was respectful and relatively conformist. This extended to me paying lip service to their beliefs every Sunday (that’s right, two different churches every week). While I neither imposed nor inflicted my views upon them, I respected their beliefs.

Now that I am no longer bound by their concept of spirituality, I still regard their idealism with a note of respect.

While my view on the world restricts/opens opportunities, I won’t ever feel comfortable pushing my values upon them. I love my folks, and genuinely wish them well. As a result of this I would never attempt to change their view on the world. Spiritualism and intellectual coherence are things that cannot be enforced or influenced.

I am a Satanist. My family and those close to me chose their own
"Nothing is your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull." - George Orwell (1984)

#33080 - 12/20/09 10:06 AM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: god.over.djinn]
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I never told my family about it, I think it's a personal thing. I only told my best friend and my girlfriend, and nobody else needs to know.
It would only cause me problems, due to the fact that most of my family are either christians of communists, so they would make a huge fight out of it without even trying to learn about what it really was about.
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#33081 - 12/20/09 12:05 PM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: Hemerhed 1]
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I find this topic and situation to be an exercise in strategy. My father is a pentacostal preacher. My mother also pentacostal. One side of my family is Baptist, the other side Pentacostal. They all know I am the "black sheep". They know I am non-Christian and mostly secular. Over the years they learned, by snooping, that I practice witchcraft, luciferianism, etc.

Right now I am living with them until I finish school. I perceive the topic as, "what is in my best self-interest?" I support my Father's interests and passions, even if I do not uphold them. If it makes him happy, then he can have at it. This also plays to my benefit because I am living with them. I've learned to not 'play the satanist or witch' point of view, but rather play the secular Atheist point of view. It's fairly neutral and they don't flip out.

It is all about how you play your cards. It is easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar. Camouflage is important to the predator. There is a time to be overt and a time to be covert. One must adapt to the situation and make the most of it.
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#33179 - 12/23/09 09:17 PM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: god.over.djinn]
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I just had to respond to this thread as one I really enjoyed. I enjoyed the fact that some people were open about their families, and decided to share information. You got me thinking about (originating) people whom I don't really want to think about. It's with these biologic people that I say that I wish things turned out differently. I really do. As I sat back and read the posts, I got a glimpse into family life to (espoused) Satanists. Something came over me, and here I'm typing away. I just wanted you all who read this to know. \:\)

As for my family, I rather not say but one can fathom where I'm coming from. It's too sensitive for me to go about stating things about them. My family was large, but it was reduced in quantity to a handful of people, and my wife who I deferentially respect with who I'm constructing a life with.

'Never forgive. Never forget.' (Gilmore) A phrase that I resonate with wholly.

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#33373 - 12/30/09 02:32 AM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: paolo sette]
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I keep meaning to reply to this thread...

My immediate family knows (mom, dad, children, ex husband), and doesn't give a crap. Lucky for me, I suppose, I am the spawn of a couple of godless heathens. The rest of the family either doesn't know or thinks it's just a "nasty rumor"...they don't have the balls to actually ask me, I'm sure. Three days out of five I look like a soccer mom and blush like a schoolgirl, so I think that softens it a bit. No one expects a Satanist to be goofy and happy-go-lucky, it seems.

Hell, it's even a matter of public record, should one choose to look for it.

I think a lot of it is all in the presentation, personally. Most people "come out" when they are young and their parents are already trippin' daily trying to figure out if they have shot up or contracted VD they're (the parents) a little high strung BEFORE the defiant proclamation of Satanist (which most parents will hear as "devil worshiper" anyway). I broke 'em all in gradually so that they actively agreed with my philosophy before they knew what they were agreeing to....sneaky sneaky, I know...but by the time they knew what hit them, I had very little explaining to do and they had to confess that they already agreed with my beliefs, regardless of what they did with their own lives.

I'm sure all of this is helped along by the fact that I don't LOOK like a baby-killin' goth freak and also that I have nothing laying around the house that is overtly Satanic in appearance. Even my LHP library stays politely stashed away in my bedroom.

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#34224 - 01/19/10 01:01 PM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: TornadoCreator]
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If you really think about it, it's kind of funny how people get so worked up about things that they want to believe are true but have no proof that they are. That's one of the things I love about Satanism, it doesn't attempt to fill gaps in knowledge with made up (fantastic) fluffery.

Anyway, as my folks have gotten older they've also become more religious. I suspect it has more to do with the comraderie of the people their age than with anything mystical as they certainly aren't out there promoting their faith. They know I don't like religion (most) in a general sense and they, thankfully, don't much seem compelled into trying to steer me into it. As such, I return the favor by not talking about my leanings either. Usually I drink beer with my dad and cook with my mom and we just don't bring it up. My dad has looked at my bookshelf which has quite a lot of LHP books in it and hasn't bothered to comment. Works for me.

As for my immediate family, my wife is a de-facto Satanist in every way but shuns the title as she shuns all religion. My daughter (13) says she's a christian, she reads the bible but I know she's only doing it because her friends are doing it and she's at the age where being different is a crime. She asked me once if I thought the bible was true. I said 'no' and she said 'me neither' but still she poses. I chalk it up to learning Lesser Magic. My son (16) has always shunned religion. He's pulled a few things from my shelf but so far has only found value in Might is Right. I push nothing. If I'm asked a direct question I answer honestly. They'll find their way with regard to religion with whatever suits them.

Beyond that, there is nothing obvious about my appearance that would reveal my path to outsiders. I 'fit in' by force of will and use that to all possible advantage.

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#34320 - 01/21/10 09:04 AM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: Fnord]
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Well, when I first discussed the issues with my family, I was a teenager. It was ages ago, and of course (like most average American families) they were horrified and convinced I was "going to burn in hell" and in general, had no idea of what I was thinking.

I tried to explain it as best I could to them, but the truth is that a lot of people will ALWAYS judge it from the Christian point of view, no matter what you feel or believe. You can talk into you have no more voice and a lot of them won't listen.

#34446 - 01/23/10 07:06 PM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: 111Cal]
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My family always knew about my philosophical leanings. I told them right away. Well I told my mother because she is interested in those things and we can talk about them. My father doesn't care, or doesn't want to care. He never discuss any philosophy or religion at all. He just doesn't care.

Now this was many years ago and nowadays when I see my mother we can talk about current things and how we view things that happens etc. The discussion are never about the philosophical principles themselves though as they were when I was still living at home. Now its more a discussion and reflection on how we view things. Of course its closely connected to what she and I believe but as I said we don't actually debate the core anymore but more how we put it into practice in everyday life.

While I have realized in my later years that religion was more important to my mothers parents than I thought I was always raised pretty much without religion and I feel like I was encouraged to try things out as long as I also was critical and not swallowed it whole. And since I lived in the family I lived in and in the society I lived in that was and is very secular no one has ever condemned me for anything.

#35726 - 02/17/10 02:41 PM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: god.over.djinn]
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It´s not simple. My girlfriend is an Atheist and does not have really solid knowledge about what Satanism really is.
He thinks I belong into some cult or I am some kind of zealot.
But I just told her I was already a Satanist 20 years ago and I would not change into anything else that who I already am.
Still trying to tell I am as atheistic as she becomes difficult
because of her attitude and disinformation.

#35727 - 02/17/10 03:02 PM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: digitalbeat666]
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Hmm, well I don't hide my status as a Satanist. But nor do I talk about it either. I think my tattoos already give me an air of being of something 'other'. My friends know. Which is fine. All have been open minded. I mean if they weren't I wouldn't have chose them as my friends. I don't have contact with extended family. Never have. I have my mother. She is Catholic. But she is also 72 and mentally ill. So to her, I am just wonderful daughter who is her guardian. She says God bless me every time I say goodbye. I say the same thing back. It's no biggy.
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#35749 - 02/18/10 02:27 AM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: Noctuary]
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I find this to be an interesting topic because it does force some introspection. I have often thought about talking to those close to me about my journey along the LHP and my relationship with the concept, state of being, archetype, primordal force/entity we refer to as Satan or Lucifer. However, it would be extremely difficult in one sitting. So I choose not to at all. I also love and adore the intimacy in my relationship with the Dark Lord and enjoy the creative spiritual latitude it offers.
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