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#35812 - 02/19/10 11:00 AM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: Zakary]
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One can always debate ideas without actually saying the dreaded words. In religion present the ideas you hold but dont mention the S-word. oftentimes people react more to the language being used rather than the ideas presented.
#35822 - 02/19/10 01:42 PM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: Zakary]
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If someone were to tell me how much they love and adore the intimacy in their relationship with the Dark Lord I would be tempted to call the men in white and have them fitted for a padded room with matching jacket. Somethings are better left unsaid. That you invented the question mark or have a relationship with some sort of "Dark Lord" are good examples of such things.
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#35872 - 02/20/10 11:01 PM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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Yes 6satan6archist6 you make a good point. As most people are either indifferent, the 'good luck with that' types or the contrarian type 'well actually what you are saying there is historically and factually incorrect' or 'according to Orthodox understanding you are ideologically in error'. This why I choose to keep many views and expressions to myself as they only have meaning to me. One only needs to reflect on the way people have picked at what LaVey said about the notion of Satan as a dark force... Was he pointing to the idea of a theistic concept of Satan? On the other hand he denied the idea of an external Devil. Surely he denied the idea of the biblical devil, but what of the idea of a universal consious that was a prototypical form of the beast, the original beast, the beast that became man in flesh. Once again I am sounding airy fairy and you will suggest psychiatric intervention again I'm sure but..... Oops I think the van has just pulled up... better go!
#45392 - 12/21/10 05:35 PM Re: Satanism and the family. [Re: god.over.djinn]
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There is one side of my family I keep entirely in the dark about being a Satanist. Even if I was only studying Satanism I would keep it from them; my father's side of the family. They are all catholic and being that when I was studying wicca my father told me I was going to hell, I really dislike talking about religion with him. He can be a very calm man and I respect my father and his beliefs but narrow minded about religion or philosophies.

My mother nearly shit a brick when she saw the copy of the TSB in my room and since then we have sat in a state of agreeing to disagree. Almost like a "don't ask, don't tell". Her only thing is "don't bring it into my house", which I would never do out of respect for her own paranoia. My mother being a reborn christian.

As for my significant other (WickedPup here), he is a Satanist as well and has helped me walk through my muddled thoughts often being my only support in much of anything in my life. Which is always nice to have in a partner.

As for my children, they are not old enough to conceive of religious perspectives or philosophies and I refuse to introduce any concepts to them until they are of the age when it really actually matters to them and they can understand it. That being said, I celebrate xmas with them because in their minds it's all about the toys and the decor, not about baby jesus or anything else of the like. \:\)
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