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#26882 - 07/06/09 03:24 PM Re: Atheistic Satanism [Re: Impius]
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While Satanism does have room for individual interpretations to a point. If you take away too much of the core structure of Satanism then your just left with nothing but another plain "ole" ism.

In saying that, too me you have to fit within certain perimeters to call yourself Satanist. While you do not have to fit them all, unless you fit most you cannot just change the perimeters to fit yourself and call it the same. As at this point it is clearly something different a new title is needed.

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#26888 - 07/06/09 05:24 PM Re: Atheistic Satanism [Re: ta2zz]
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Of course, but to me nearly all of which was written by LaVey is just his own interpretation of the core philosophy, which consists of The Eleven Rules Of The Earth, The Nine Statements and The Nine Sins.

That's why you can still disagree with some of his points of view expressed in his essays, since you recognize yourself in these 3 basic texts, you can call yourself a Satanist. That's something that's worth being discussed, but however, here's my opinion, as I already explained it before \:\)
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#26892 - 07/06/09 05:44 PM Re: Atheistic Satanism [Re: Impius]
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 Originally Posted By: Impius

"Dogmas" means the ritual/stuff part ? I thought it means the "rules" & principles of Satanism. I'd better work my English out a little more ;\)

Hi Impius,

No, your English seems okay. You have not misunderstood the word dogma. But like any other language, the rules get broken in English.

Jester, I guess, was not really correct in conflating ritual and dogma, but he wasn't incorrect enough for someone to jump on him for it \:\)

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