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#2680 - 12/10/07 02:03 AM Politics and the New World Order
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It is imperative that a New World Order arise in the world of free men and women. Contemporary society is plagued with the shadows of history, religious world wars, and already lies upon a threshold of experiencing a dire tribulation of a most dreadful nature. The inherited malediction and pestilence of the Old World Order evokes abominations of political anarchy and the ruin of humankind. The parasitic masses bred by a failure of democracy are unaware of the ineluctable initiation of the world into a new paradigm of history, the root of their slave-morality and spiritual lack of vision lies in the failure to accept the dramatic changes now being initiated in the human condition. In these days of ordealistic strife, men and women are now on the verge of a Third World War, more insidious than any ordeal in the history of mankind.

Inheritors of a Dying World have within our dominion the creative execution of the revolutionary Laws of Imperial Liberty to overcome our dire desolation and ruin in this emerging historical paradigm. Initiated Oracles journeying on the Path of Forgotten Knowledge know a Great Ordeal of purification and consecration overshadows history; and that the profane masses would become slavishly appalled by this Initiation of the World. Out of the fires of purification and consecration, a New Order would then arise, promulgating the revolutionary precepts of the Libertine, the privileged, the patriciate.

The Patriciate, the secret few, the sanctity of Elitism heralds a New World Order of self-government, self-legislation, and s-elf-discipline. Inscribe this into your Undying and Secret Souls with the sacramental blood split upon the holy lands, O' kindred of the earth: patriciate is the progeny of a republic. Democracy is a vice to Imperial Liberty - the Grace of Destiny is of the elect. Dominance and submission hearken a new dichotomy in human society; there is a master, there is a slave. Duty, character, and gentry reciprocate the graces of destiny, and the empire of Will.

Today the mass of humankind are slaves whom slog through Life in a Trance of Sorrow, and a Lie of Christian monosexual deity. Most of the so-called institutions of government at present perpetuate a servile breed of horde whom mires in the suicidal futility of herd-consciousness. It is a veritable infamy, this deplorable horde whom has failed to rise above a fractured world of unequal slavery, herding submissively into a sepulcher of revolutionary liberty. The illusions of partisan democracy must be banished lest the swine of apathy and despotism secure a debt to future generations that cannot be paid.

The human condition dwells upon the threshold of desolation and ruin, hordes of men and women have evolved into fallow slaves of subhuman types of virtue and tempest. Fraternity and Sorority are dead fantasies of idealized religious history. The dead Ćon has spawned Inheritors of a Dying World whom are religious scientists and Artisans. Initiates are those wise men and women whom Work under the lucent light of Illuminism in "causing change to occur in conformity with the Will.” The tribulations of Christianity and the extension of the Dominion of imperial Love and Liberty will manifest a Rising Tide of enlightenment foreign to western civilization since Medieval Christendom.

Ill-regulated power in religion and government submits one to a mastery of nothing save a Void of amelioration of Mankind. Such ill-fashioned compassion and vice bring about the cruelty of severity and tepidity of mercy. Despotism has its tentacles in fear and apathy. It is because severity and compassion are ill regulated that revolutionary libertarianism proves a failure amidst fallow ideologies of conservatism and liberalism. The progressive march of elite women and men must blaze with the guiding lights of the occult arts and sciences. Such examples of brotherhood and sorority are the guiding lights that strive to grapple flesh to flesh with Fate, dare the face of risk, ruin, and the terrors of manifest destiny.

The immense swamp of the greedy, loathing, noxious slavery to the elite lay in great caverns of hatred beneath society; in a hideous degradation of false Love, in squalor of religion, wretchedness, and destitution of the soul. Such a fog of the low men welcomes vices and crimes that reek and simmer below the people of Duty and Destiny. The low men invoke ghosts of imperial Liberty as every man howls; every woman gropes and gnaws the True Will. Ideas are ignored, as diablerie dictates a state religion of fear and leprosy of Art. This populace is parented by fear and apathy. Vice swiftly has become a guiding succuba, for the appetite, alone men and women crave the power and sensation of national dignity.

The ordeals of purification and consecration are at present initiating the world to partake in the revolutionary influx of a New World Order that shall release humankind from its foul pretence of altruism, its obsession of spiritual materialism, and ecclesiastical segregation. This philosophy of Illuminism, of Religious Science, essentially is a Philosophy of imperial Liberty; it is a Eucharist of ordained knowledge. Free-Willed citizenry of a New World Order know themselves as Masters & Mistresses, Artisans of Religion, Mystagogues of Mysticism, and architects of Fraternity and Sorority. Men and women must act upon that knowledge in Sacramental Silence to execute the Great Work of manifest destiny.

The grace of destiny implies that the multiverse of each noble woman and man is a unique bounty of possibilities. "Thou hast no right but to do thy will.” The sacrament of Will is a grace innate only to the strong, the purified and consecrated Man and Woman, bound in the Blood of Elitism. It is the titanic apathy of a slavery of the low men that breeds the fortifications of tyranny and absolutism. Imbalanced democracy results from a deformity of inalienable rights. It is the deformity of liberty in the hearts of men and women that is the thrust of despotism, collapsing the sacrality of inalienable rights. Dungeons of democracy have failed to create a holy hatred of slavery, of weakness and apathy; strength of duty and character is tainted with vice and lust for power, not peace. It is the low men that seek either peace or war, and the elite that breed the necessity of both.

A popular Will, invoked in the force of the elite, desires liberty unregulated by the unfit; this is the bane of imperial Liberty. It is the unfit, the clods of religion and government whom bellow possession of a True Will, moreover in reality such deformities are exorcisms of the elect. Those low men whom obsessively proclaim their True Will unveil they do not have one, and cannot Love unless Will and Law surmount Love. The weak and vicious must not be protected and perpetuated from the futile results of their self-inferiority. A perpetuation of the unfit low men, the false scarlet woman, of deformities of democracy merely casts "pearls before swine.” Democracy is invariably a child of despotism in one form or another. It is imperial Liberty that shall invoke and solidify cultural, social, economic, and political aspects of a New World Order. Civil and religious liberties are reciprocal, yet those who substitute each for security deserve not the auspices of imperial Liberty. The eternal maxim "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” ever holds true for the elite and the libertine.

Paradigms of elitism and imperial Liberty were modified by the religious institutions of the native countries to whom they were introduced. Applications of Law to every Woman and Man according to condition are fundamental. "A democracy is impracticable beyond the Limits of municipality.” {Thomas Jefferson to Isaac H. Tiffany, 1816}. Independence of the Will of a democratic society is a solecism in the privileged Patriciate. It is the elite and elect right of a society to change political principles and constitutions at Will to serve the greater good. The goal of the Elite, of the Patriciate is to convoke theoretical politics and government to the forefront of society, be it against the Will of the low men or not. Governments and religious institutions, it is true, have failed to mark the subtle evolution and dire tribulation of the initiation of the world, which is taking place under their vigilant eyes.

The problem of government therefore is to seek out a design of religious science with ecumenical precepts. This design is revealed by concepts of Patriciate and in the lodges of Freemasonry. Let this design be amended to constitutions of every government. Furthermore, it is not enough to amend a Law that merely is a vice of imperial Liberty. The Will of the populace and of the Man of Earth is surmounted by the Lover whom annuls the difference between Lust and Love. The natural Laws of the New World Order are consecrated unto this canon under the guise of the architects of our history.

Imperialism of a Patriciate unveils a religion, which fulfills all necessary conditions; it is the culmination of human Initiation into this Ćon. The Law of the Elect binds free men and women to dare and do our True Will, to execute our chosen and secret destiny, to accomplish the Great Work as free and educated men and women in an Illumined Society of Fraternity and Sorority.

Great skill, potency, and silence of Will is required to tread the Path from slave to Master then to tend to one's "Garden" in society. Secret Societies of elitism, of educated {be it private or public}, and privileged Women and Men are necessary to ensure survival and propagation of enlightened religious and political endeavours. The Great American Endeavour was well preserved via a noble and subsurface class of Fraternities. "As revolutionary instruments (when nothing but revolution will cure the evils of the State) [secret societies] are necessary and indispensable, and the right to use them is inalienable by the people.” {Thomas Jefferson to William Duane, 1803}.

Temporal and spiritual despotism emerges from gospels of those institutions and martyrs propagating plebeian democracy. Patriotism is the pariah of false elitist pride. True patriotism safeguards national integrity and love the bounty of one’s native country. Elitism and the matronly elegance of Women in a New World Order sustain the truth of Imperial Liberty as an ecumenical force. It is the elite and elegant in a New World Order that annuls the illusory difference between pariah and potentate as viewed upon from the lesser.

The perpetuation of fear, pity, pain, a trance of sorrow, ecclesiastical segregation and all the other deplorable shells of democracy will be banished as the plagues they are in by a society of the Willing, Potentates whom partake in the reformation of the world under the theistic designs of Christian Illuminism. The perfect gift of the metaphysical triad of Maiden-Mother-Crone is the successive overthrow of each by the former; it is the gift of manhood to the youth, and Matronal Graal to the maiden as seen in the Apocryphal relationship between the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene.

It is part of this elite heritage that propagates the patriciate to an eventual overshadowing of democratic despotic deformities. The human condition as understood by Initiates of our era is swiftly approaching a path and crossroads of great reckoning. The early decades of the Twenty-First century will assuredly be an era of convulsive warring over which path to take at such global crossroads and paradigm shift. Religion and politics have reached a stasis, which allows for a merging of religion and science in what Adepti termed "Scientific Illuminism," or rather a lesser sensational term, theistic science. It is the inalienable liberty of every Woman and every Man to secure freedom from mob and prelate, furthermore to secure environment and life granted by heritage and privileged work and education.

Labour and education are the interplay of the privileged, seen as neither save as Art rather than mundane toil and drudgery. When countries gravitate toward the truth of elegance and eminence of elite Liberty, distress from religious tyranny, partition of liberties to satiate the security of a fallow lot of people shall release the Great American Endeavour into a New World Order of liberty and self-government under Confederacy rather than deformed Democratic Republic.

It is genius that begets power and Will that breeds liberty, there is no place for the slave here, lest he, or she, gnaw and claw upon the perilous path to self-mastery. The low men and nations always stand ready to sell their souls into slavery to ameliorate fears and satiate passions.

Free governments are forged and free constitutions are framed under a misguided sense of representative democracy, rather confederacy of self-governing countries. Under the auspices of Fraternity and Sorority is found an elite sense of democracy and liberty, which incessantly invokes a fetish of fear amidst a petty constituency. Subterfuge! Subversion! is the incessant bawl of the fearful and weak-willed, the innocent, the corrupt, and fallow of destiny.

A misguided faith in a purity of democracy is leprosy of a convulsive Will, and the melancholic gasps of a beaten populace. Democracy is a decomposed corpse under the auspices of an emergent New World Order. The fate of nations is susceptible to imperial Liberty. Sovereignty, mastery of the self is called "Liberty," sovereignty of the Will of a Confederacy is called imperial Liberty.

The greater good, the summum bonum of Hermetic philosophy, is that high patriciate that does not abdicate dignity and integrity to government erecting constitutions and political principles at will. The greater good is at harmony with the elite, the elegant, those fitted to their environments make no concessions to imposed equality, and such is the law in an unequal world. Imperial Liberty is latent only in the elect, the silent few whom do not abdicate the Will to fear, ambivalence, and woe.

The difficulty in approaching the thesis set forth in this treatise lies in the convulsive democracies of failed national endeavours longing for the Imperial spectres of Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Damascus. No less the despotism of Commodus, Caligula, a Trotsky, a Pope Alexander VI, or a Nero than such shadows conjure the elite Light of Julius Caesar, a Marcus Aurelius, Attila the Hun, a Ramses the Great, or a Pope John Paul II. Hence, the demagoguery of democracy induces a latent desire for Imperial Liberty, never truly shunned over the centuries of renaissance, reason, despotism, and enlightenment. History tends to punish the despot in favour of crucifying democracies, a contemporary fetish in the present religious world wars. A crucified democracy weeps tears of blood for it shall not resurrect as Rome arose from its ashes.

Leprosy in the form of political partisanship and contrariety, makes for the dull dim-witted constituency with Liberty as a living carcass rotted by syphilis called democracy. The Art of self-government is a craft left to the zealous, the secret few whom do not divorce political science from theistic science. Political science is an abstract science and the temptation to misuse the art of government to cast sloth and swine into the Elect and privileged is great for its architects. Caprice and envy often lead the patriciate to cast the little and weakest of the constituency into architects of Liberty, a brutality of a democracy occurs, with tyranny in place of imperial Republic.

The constituency of the little can never act imperious or magisterial, for such an imperious Will would be made to bow unto canaille and fear. Representative democracy and despotism are both frauds of imperial Liberty. In political science, these two forms of government are ignoble means of cyclic greed and partisanship. An Imperial Republic becomes idealized, conceptual and intangible, left to historical fantasy. Liberty divorced from Will and devoid of intelligence degenerates into failures of political science. History exalts imperial republics.

Representative democracies that satiate the lesser Man and massage the will of the populace is a contagion to Liberty and self-government. Governments that cater to partisanship and do not promote imperial Liberty should be amended or abolished by right of the Elect. A government crafted under a deformity of democracy is predestined to wither from the inside, destitute of principles erected in its constitutions, left to decompose for Patriciate. Imperial Liberty is the "manifest destiny" of the Elect and patriciate. The harvest of Liberty knows no breech, its taste is insatiable to the free Woman and Man. The verdict of history shalt exalt imperial Liberty rather than lament over deformities of state and republic swept away by negligence and irresponsibility.

The Elect souls that are purified and consecrated as architects and overseers of imperial Liberty do so by right of manifest destiny. Decrees of Fate dictate that the low men must toil to cultivate their sustenance, while Empire is customarily erected by Will of the populace seeking to escape woes of suffrage. It is not inconceivable for Empire to act as Republic, if history favours the pre-Christian Roman Empire. The unconditional freedom of a woman or man lies in the Will and audacity of a soul that embraces destiny. It is the unmovable Will of Man and Woman that is the shaper of destinies placed at their bidding, for unbalanced mercy in government is the fading of Will, and a cancer of Liberty.

The weak and popular cry of democracy fears Imperial Liberty, consigning nations to a sluggard soul in the shade of history. Democracy is a social fiction presented as republican vestures of the greater good. The greater good is the relief of the elite and elect whom see truth as a metaphor, political science as a tangible means to Imperial Republic that echoes the once great manifest destiny of Rome. Democracy is a vice of psychology, a mockery of political science because Liberty and self-government only is eminent to souls of countries that embrace a greater manifest destiny. The will to an intangible system of government displays a lack of integrity upon the populace.

The shepherds of countries as those men that realize the eminence of manifest destiny and the alienable right to imperial Liberty. Unbalanced partisanship stirs passions of revolution by the sluggard masses. In his “Twilight of the Idols,” Friedrich Nietzsche offers, “If I am canaille, you ought to be too"--on such logic are revolutions made.” Such are revolutions by the low men, the hysteria of the populace in the face of imperial Liberty, for they are as the revolutions of a Castro, Mao Tze'Tung, a Che Guevara, a Leon Trotsky, or a Hitler. The Will to tradition, to ennoble enlightenment presents itself in a desire to found a semblance of imperium romanum.

When ecclesia and empire appeal to democracy, there is a fiction of universal suffrage. A sovereign Will must never consign itself to the hysteria of the populace. Those governments whom move not forward on the path of manifest destiny, stand still in the past. Faith will not ruin humanity in contagion, religious tyranny abetted by political science will. For the elect, and the Patriciate, democracy is not a sin, but the negation of imperial Liberty. Antinomianism is the vehicle of self-government, of liberty, and of a free will. A Christian instilled democracy would be a corpse of Liberty, a system of blind faith and vulgar credulity to the calamities of the populace. Imperial liberty is intrinsic to the elite and the willing, those whom "Know," "Dare," "Do," and "keep Silence.” To keep silence is an archaic nobility of the Soul. These woman and men have received the sacred initiation, embrace destiny and practice true piety, hence forever are they the Elect Overseers of destinies.

In the perilous march through light and darkness, the Elite whom have kept silence always have embraced the grandeur of their manifest destinies, and have seized fate. When the Light of these men and women withdraws from the world, the Hermits and architects of Art, government, and the liberal sciences become an abortion of genius. Hence, the hysteria of partisanship and populace creates some of the abominations of government, and religious institutions stressed in this thesis, whereby only Hermits and Architects of imperial Love and Liberty can consecrate abomination from genius, deformity from elegance.

Imperial Liberty must not be crucified nor redeemed under obsolete systems of political science, it is perfect and noumenal as democracy is an abortion of reason; and reason is the cry of puppetry in power. When inalienable rights are not guarded, imperial Liberty becomes an infidelity of the patriciate, the populace becomes rank and luxuriant, slothful and lazy. The old inheritance of imperial Liberty ordained to us by the silent Magi of Egypt, of Chaldea, of Hyksos, Alamut and Alexandria is a dowry of manifest destiny, and must never be forsaken for comfort or security.

It is the elite that dare to contemplate to what end the elect and secret Will be done. It is not enough to know and dare to do the true Will, for only can the elite soul ordain the means and ends that justify his, or her, manifest destiny. The strength of manifest destiny exalts the concept of imperial Love and Liberty, for these are the chrysalis of art and religion. The plenitude of imperial liberty, of patriciate, is a polemic, for democracy and tyranny are both bountiful, nevertheless, it is the elect that must ordain the inimitability of such an imperial Republic, for history breeds both majesty and infamy.

For the low men, vice and virtue are as distinct as democracy and despotism, and yet for the elect whom embrace their destiny, such are devices of the sovereign and elite Will. The system expounded in this thesis is one of the last vestiges of Light in the World. For the elite and "secret few" adhere only to their manifest destinies, and such is the Way. The potency and auspices of manifest destiny are of the elect, as destiny is limited in the shape of Will alone, as the Will of Deity and Man is Keter, the Crown of the Qabalistic Sefirot.

It is the unfettered and carnal Will, the primal force in man, and woman, that embraces manifest destiny and ordains ones place in a New World Order. A patriciate, governed by an elite sense of manifest destiny is equilibrium of liberty and power.
Under the auspices of manifest destiny, men and women whom embrace this thesis of imperial Love and Liberty are beasts of a higher Order. It is the latent Lust for imperial Liberty, for patriciate that sustains even the most unrecognizable of democracies. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote in his "The Wanderer and his Shadows" that "Democratic institutions are quarantine arrangements to combat that ancient pestilence, lust for tyranny: as such they are very useful and very boring." This is the "wretched contentment" of the dread of partisan democratic institutions.

The preservation of social welfare in a democracy often arrogates the welfare of the individual, yet a lust for tyranny by the submissive constituency sacrifices both. Desire for patriciate is undermined in democracy by a lie of the equality of souls drafted from the promise of inalienable rights to a populace that turns revolutions of democracy into carnivals of blood. Democracy with its trappings of partisanship, intangible liberties, and constitutional insecurity is a revolt of the lower fools against the patriciate. Democracy is a fraud of the law of inalienable right, and the great American experiment has become a swindle of manifest destiny. A redemption of the latent depravity of democracy is the lust for imperial Liberty under confederacy of free countries.

Loves is apotheosis of Will, and fear its lethargy, fear of imperial Liberty treads upon the elegance of manifest destiny. The secret and silent Elect need not proclaim a true Will, it is the weak that must verify the Will under fatality. True Will is illusion to those whom "Know," "Dare," "Do," and "keep Silence." The Canticle of Love surmounts Will, Love as ye wilt. The grace of destiny is of the elect. This is the secret of the Fall of the Angels and Demons in lore into the black earth. The secret few and silent elect are the overseers of manifest destiny, whom Know and Dare the antediluvian bidding, "ye are gods," verily and so mote it be, for they are the "elder brethren of a new race.” Liberty is the sentiment of tyranny, lusted after as a concubine across the shades of history.

From the bosom and voluptuous breech of the Mother of Harlotry and of Abominations of the Earth, the Ćon of the Conquering Childe is Initiated by a New World Order. Consecrated to the laws of imperial Love and Liberty, a New World Order will overshadow the United Nation and constitute illumined men and women whom will reform the world under the Light of Imperial Love.

Frater Annuit Coeptis
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Could please do us a favor and post your own work? Nothing wrong with a citation but a pure cut-and-paste?

What to you think about the NWO? Do you thing the UN should be kicked out of the US? Do you think we should abandon international trade agreements and go back to tariffs and protectionism?

Do you think that the power of coercive force should rest in the hands of the people themselves? In other words, do you think that free people have the right to arm themselves against the usurpations of the State?

Somehow I doubt it. In the end, after all of your ranting, we will find that you will gladly turn over all of your freedom to your masters for the precised security of a national health service, pension, the dole, and more 'crime prevention' measures.

"Give me convienence or give me death!"
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#2686 - 12/10/07 09:59 AM Re: Politics and the New World Order [Re: Annuit Coeptis]
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Your wording was a bit cumbersome and pretentious, so let me see if I understand correctly...

Am I correct in assuming that you would like to see the current political paradigm replaced with a "new" one based on Thelemic allegory and Illuminati mythology?

Why do you feel that this is (a) necessary and (b) desirable?

#2699 - 12/11/07 01:49 AM Re: Politics and the New World Order [Re: Annuit Coeptis]
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Ah but still, even your words, as truthful as they are, still ring with a certain moldy overtone....

dance into the future, not march....

and those Artisans you speak of WILL be seducing the Scientists...we'll make a religion of hot fucking, how's that for starters?


I love it though! Truth as a metaphor! Yes and how blatant they are about it! The eyes see, and soon they'll realize...we have two hands.

Politics is only a staging ground, and politicians easily swayed by any force. Corporations shan't have it long, there are no pleasures greater than truth and honor, pure love and sex with witches...

Inheritors of a dying world, or inheritors of a life-rich world teeming with a dying breed? Homo sapiens, the next Stegosaurus, the next Austrolopithicus....on and on the elegant machinations of nature go! How fortunate we are to behold it! To see the doom wrought by our own hand, or her hand, or his hand! Nature: stardust and extinction.

I shall call the transhumanist, Homo satanas!


#3780 - 02/02/08 03:34 PM Re: Politics and the New World Order [Re: Fist]
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 Originally Posted By: Fist
Could please do us a favor and post your own work? Nothing wrong with a citation but a pure cut-and-paste?

What to you think about the NWO? Do you thing the UN should be kicked out of the US? Do you think we should abandon international trade agreements and go back to tariffs and protectionism?

Do you think that the power of coercive force should rest in the hands of the people themselves? In other words, do you think that free people have the right to arm themselves against the usurpations of the State?

Somehow I doubt it. In the end, after all of your ranting, we will find that you will gladly turn over all of your freedom to your masters for the precised security of a national health service, pension, the dole, and more 'crime prevention' measures.

"Give me convienence or give me death!"

Personally I think the United Nations is incompetent. Its become a support group of faulty democracies and poor nations riding mooching off of wealthy nations; but I support the World Court. I think the US needs to get out of the UN, we haven't been paying our dues in a while anyways.

As for the "New World Order" I personally thinks its done and over with. People should have been reacting to it like 300 years ago when freethinkers were rebelling against the Old World Order where Church and Kings controlled the lives people from cradle to grave. This thing we take for granted called Liberty and Republics is a new idea in this world and I like it. It might not be perfect, but I like it.

This "illuminati' shit and a One World Government is plane crap. It's a great idea, but even if it was real and a "new world order - one world government" was established, it wouldn't last very long cuz the earth is going to hell in a hand basket. You'd think the "illuminati" were smart enough to know not to invest all that time, money, and energy, in a fucked up earth that's getting worse as the years goes on by...

I mean we're at the verge of having 7 billion humans on this earth. Thats seven billion people taking shits which is dumped into the ocean. I mean the earth has her natural ways of degrading the sewage, but 7 billion shitters? Plus all the man made chemicals we put into our food now - our shit is basically toxic. Our oceans are 80 percent dead and the protozoa are now dying off. Once their gone the oceanic food chain is gone, and our major source of air is gone. If the Illuminati exists they're a bunch of idiotic hopeless romantics.

More people on this earth means more natural resources are going to be depleted... more stupid people going around kicking shit around and starting religious wars.

In an over populated beehive that doesn't swarm, the bees commit mass autogenocide and suicide. Its unlikely we're gunna build a great big space ship and colonize the nearest planet any time soon.

What the fuck happened to common sense these days man? This new world order shit is old.
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