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#27177 - 07/16/09 05:26 PM Enochian Orthography
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So I've been delving into Dee 'n Kelly's works as of late; and have been looking at the mechanics of the Enochian language itself, and was wondering... is the Enochian script properly written left-to-right like most phonetic alphabets, or is it right-to-left like Hebrew and Arabic? I've seen it written both ways in modern occult texts, so I was wondering if anyone knew which was the proper direction... (ie, which way they were written in the original manuscripts or something).
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#27203 - 07/17/09 09:18 PM Re: Enochian Orthography [Re: The Zebu]
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Either way is fine – it depends if you are more comfortable with Hebrew, Latin or Asian texts. The point is that the language is intended to be visualised or spoken, although both concepts would fail to exist without first reading. I have been looking into the tonal qualities of the language lately, with the process now heading for an oscilloscope. One interesting discovery I made with my students just the other day was the similarity in tonal qualities between Crowley reading the Keys, T.S. Eliot reading his poetry, Churchill's 'Beaches' speech, and Hitler addressing the masses. Food for thought.


#27204 - 07/17/09 10:36 PM Re: Enochian Orthography [Re: Mercury_Templar]
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Interesting, MT! While you're throwing ingredients into the soup, try also comparing LaVey's reading of the keys as well. It's in a whole 'nother ballpark from Crowley's inflective interpretations. Where Crowley's is often sing-song and lilting, LaVey's is like an anvil crash.
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#27214 - 07/18/09 04:19 AM Re: Enochian Orthography [Re: Mercury_Templar]
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When speaking it is not the frequency of how you speak alone.

When speaking any language one must alter his voice depending what he/she is going to say. When someone is a leader he'll adress his people with a voice soaked with self-esteem. His words will be well chosen. Certain words during the speech will be stressed to give a certain effect. When being a leader of a company or president most words like "I", "You", "we", "they" are almost always stressed. To give a deeper meaning and hold the listeners attention.

If you have your oscilloscope you'll clearly see that the words mentioned before have an increasingly bigger amplitude then the rest of the sentence.

When pronouncing words you actually are performing some kind of lesser magic. To take LaVey and Crowley as an example.

Crowley was more "hippy", when he was pronouncing the keys it was to come into a trance. Therefor when he pronounced them it sounded more "chanting", softer,...
LaVey on the other hand can be considered more as a "showbizzman". He used his keys to impress, to give it a darker sphere. Therefor he let them sound as "an anvil crashing".

The way someone speaks is very important. Someone with a high pitch voice will almost always fail to have a leading function. Someone with a loud voice will impress and will be considered more as a leader. This based on natural instincts wherein "the bigger the noise, the more it becomes dangerous".
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