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#27463 - 07/24/09 02:23 PM Cannibal Ferox Review
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From my blog:[/shameless plug]

Cannibal Ferox Review
By The Edge
Cannibal Ferox can best be introduced as such:
“Cannibal Ferox (1981), also known as Make Them Die Slowly, is an Italian exploitation film written and directed by Umberto Lenzi. Upon its release, the film made claims to being “The most violent film ever made”. Claims were also made in promotional material that Cannibal Ferox was banned in 31 countries, though the official list of countries that have banned it has never been released.”-Wikipedia

Thanks to a friend of mine I now have an overload of burned DVDs. The aforementioned friend is working on building a collection of real store bought DVDs and was generous enough to give me all the copies he’s made over the years. I decided to pick one of these DVDs for view at random, my blind choice ended up being Cannibal Ferox which I took the liberty to write a review of. I warn you this review covers graphic ground, if you’re easily offended by what you read I suggest you stop here.

Cannibal Ferox starts off with a wonderful shot of New York City accompanied by catchy funk music which provides an excellent soundscape to draw you in. The shot changes to a man wadeing through the busy New York streets. The man reaches an apartment and enters calling for “Mike.” He’s ambushed by two men asking him the whereabouts of Mike to which he denies knowledge of. One of the ambushers pull out a silencer pistol and kills him. Scene switches to NYPD arriving. A tail is placed on Merna Sten the owner of the apartment.

The scene switches to a Paraguay village where we get our first shot of the three protaganist traveling through a town, Rudy the sole male, his sister Gloria, and a blonde named Pat who was apparently dragged along under false pretenses. The three speak with some local officials to plan their trip, and Pat reveals herself to be an archetypical whore leaving with one of the officials to take a “shower.” Eventually the little skank returns and the three board a village boat to set out on their journey into the Amazon.

On the boat Gloria explains her thesis to Pat which states that cannibalism is a myth. The plan is to get undeniable proof that cannibalism is non-existent so Gloria may obtain her Anthropology Phd. Gloria also reveals herself to be an archetypical dumb blonde as she only finds the idea of getting pictures taken and finding cocaine plants tantalizing.

Next we’re welcomed to a horrible scene of a big plastic looking butterfly swooping onto the boat and scaring the protaganists silly. Luckily one of the boat faring natives captures and eats the butterfly. We’re then greeted by another on scene animal, this time real as one of the villagers hands Gloria some mammal which I’m unfamilair with, though is bares a striking resemblance to a ring-tailed Lemur. The idea is to bring the little guy along to throw to the Amazonian predators should one cross their paths. This is not a movie PETA would enjoy.

The scene switches to the three driving through the Amazon only to get bogged down in mud after avoidng a “goddamn jaywalking iguana.” They manage to free themselves and decide to take a break. While resting an allegedly poisonous insect approaches Pat who is saved by Rudy who stomps the bug into oblivion. The three then reenter their jeep and continue on their way only to be bogged down again, this time permanently. Now jeep-less the three move on by foot.

While traveling the three come across an older native sitting and eating large yellow larvae. Gloria has a bad omen and suggest they leave. The three walk past the native who acts completely oblivious to their presence. Unbeknown to them they’re spied upon by another group of natives who all pop up out of nowhere.

That night the three settle down for sleep. In the dawn an Andaconda approaches their dwindling, attracted by the Pseudo-Lemur thats been tied a few feet away. In the first of many scenes to potentially encure the wrath of PETA the little thing is constricted and eaten as the camera focuses on his graphic grizzly death. With the Pseudo-Lemur sacrificing himself like a good little soldier the three continue onward only to be greeted by two dead natives. Pat begins to panic and Rudy pimpslaps some sense into her.

Just then bushes begin to rustle and two white men, one injured, emerge. The uninjured man asks for help and states they were attacked by cannibals. The five head out to a place of safety. Secure for the time being the injured man is patched up, the other reveals his name to be Mike Logan and his friend as simply Joe. He then refers to his injured friend as a loser and then tells him to shut up, solidfying himself as the ultimate asshole. Mike denies a drink of whiskey and instead takes a snort of coke stating that that’s more his speed. He then begins to tell his story revealing they had been down there for a month led by a Portuguese emerald prospect named Solaris. Unfortunately they were attacked and kidnapped by cannibals (Indios). Gloria interjects asking how he knows they were cannibals, Mike informs her that the cannibals tied Solaris to a steak, castrated him and then had a genital eating fiesta.

That night our Anthropologist friend’s world comes tumbling down as she contemplates her cuddley tribal people actually being penis devouring savages. Meanwhile Pat hits on Mike, who in turn shows being held captive by cannibals does nothing but build up intense sexual frustration. Mike immediately gets down and dirty in front of everyone; apparently the two never heard the expression get a room.

The next morning Rudy wakes up to find Gloria missing. While calling her he disturbs the love bugs who come out to see what the ruckus is. Mike calls over Joe and lays down the gameplan, splitting up the group between Rudy, Joe, Pat, and himself. When Joe remarks that he has no weapon Mike points out that Rudy has a machete, the obvious kryptonite to wild animals and flesh eating cannibals with a taste for genitals.

The two parties embark on their rescue mission. Soon we see more material to piss off PETA as a Jaguar snatches up a hapless monkey. Eventually Rudy and Joe stumble upon the cannibal village at which point Joe suggests they turn back. Rudy notes that the village looks deserted and with his mighty machete goes off to check it out. Upon entering the village Rudy notices the mutilated corpse of the Portuguese. Joe again pleads for them to leave. Rudy dismisses Joes warnings and continues to proceed into the village finding a dead tribesman. Finally Rudy notices several older tribesmen sitting some feet away watching him quietly.

The scene switches to Mike and Pat who find Gloria stuck in a trap hole along with a small hog kept at bay with her foot. Mike pulls out his gun to do away with the hog but then decides its funner to stab the little ungulate to death. Gloria is removed from the hole and makes a remark of Mikes brutal methods. Mike responds in ultimate asshole fashion and they leave to join the others.

Back at the village the reunited group discuss the perculiarities of the tribe as the previously mentioned older tribe members continue to keep their distance as if afraid. Doing the discussion Joe faints and is brought into one of the huts where it is determined he has blood poisoning. Mike suggests they leave Joe to which the others protests. Mike proceeds to pull out his revolver and state his case to the others, the group comes with the genius plan to stay at the village and let Mike shoot it out should the younger more dangerous tribesmen return.

Later Mike and Pat being the sex-crazed freaks they are decide to rape an Indio girl. The two ambush a young boy and girl Indio and prepare to have some fun. The Indio boy gets loud prompting Mike to draw his pistol. Pat has second thoughts allowing the Indio girl to attempt an escape only to be shot dead by Mike. Rudy drawn by the gunfire appears and attacks Mike. The two duke it out with Rudy knocking away Mike’s gun and grounding him. Mike manages to get ahold of his gun and threatens to kill Rudy.

The three return to the village hearing Gloria call to find Joe having a relapse from the antibiotics he’s been pumped full of. Poor Joe’s blood poisoning is spreading. Mike says his asshole piece and then goes off to find a plant that can bring Joe’s fever down. Gloria inquires about the gunshot and is informed by Rudy who states he’d put “nothing past that bastard.”

That night there’s more unadulterated animal gore as Rudy watches the Indios butcher a turtle. Joe begins to hallucinate and then awakens to inform Rudy and Gloria that Mike’s story is untrue. According to Joe he and Mike came to the area in search of emeralds led by a Portuguese speaking Indio they met at a village. A team of Indios aided Joe and Mike in searching for emeralds but when none came up Mike snaps and turns on “portuguese” and his Indio counterparts. Coked out of his murderous mind Mike ties “portuguese” to a steak and tortures him to death in a graphic eyeball gouging scene. Armed with their new information Rudy and Gloria decide to make an escape, but they must first locate Pat, only to find that she and her lunatic boyfriend are already two steps ahead and have left.

Scene switches to New York where the police have apprehended Merna Sten for questioning. She’s asked what she knows of Mike Logan and states she knows nothing. With no leads the cop lets Merna go, but not without putting a tail on her.

Back in the jungle Joe is dead. Rudy decides it’s best to leave and suggest the two of them head upstream in search of other villages. While leaving they come across a rotten fruit meant to put a curse on them. Just then three younger Indios return and stumble upon Joe’s corpse. They drag his body out of the hut, rip his gut open, and begin to fist on his organs.

Rudy and Gloria promptly make their escape only to be captured by the Indios who have also captured Pat and Mike. Mike is tied to a steak while the other three are imprisoned. In probably the most graphic scene of the movie Mike has his penis cut off and eaten in plain sight.

Back in New York Merna is confronted by the two pistol wielding men from earlier with intentions to kill her. Before the deed can be done the police arrive and the pair make their escape. The cops bring Merna back to the station where she’s informed that Mike ripped off a Brooklyn mob. Merna finally cracks and reveals that Mike left for Paraguay. The cop asks to have Interpol trace Mike, he is then informed that Rudy, Pat, and Gloria are also reported missing in Paraguay.

Back in the jungle Mike is being tortured into the night. The scene switches to the four being taken by boat down river by the Indios. Back in the village the older Indios are going through the items Gloria left behind. The scene once again switches to the boats, now Rudy and Gloria concoct a plan. Upon reaching shore Gloria yells and jumps into the water allowing Rudy to escape into the jungle. Rudy hides in the river behind underbrush but a wound he’s opened on his leg attracts flesheating Pirhanas. Rudy reveals his position to the Indios yelling for help receives a dart to the chest killing him. Mike, Pat, Gloria, and the corpse formally known as Rudy are brought to a different village where they are imprisoned, Mike seperated from Gloria and Pat. Mike begins to shout for water and make threats, I guess once an asshole always an asshole, even with no penis.

That night while the Indios slaughter a small Crocodile Mike makes his escape by digging out of his enclosure. Meanwhile the young Indio boy from earlier attempts to pull Gloria and Pat out of their prison with rope, returning the favor to Pat for her change of heart. Before he can suceed he is driven off by a machete wielding Mike who cuts the rope and runs away. In the jungle Mike spots the rescue plane boarded by Merna and company but is recaptured by the Indios who cut off his hand.

Back in the village Mike, Pat, and Gloria are about to meet their horrible ends but the Indios are interrupted by the worthless rescue plane which flies overhead and doesn’t even notice them. Instead the plane lands near the previous village where the older Indios are questioned. The Indios tell the rescuers that five people in a canoe were eaten by crocodiles, feeling there was nothing left to do the rescuers turn back.

Meanwhile in the village Mike and Pat meet their end in graphic fashion. Gloria is spared into the night where she is rescued by the young Indio boy who intends to lead her away. Unfortunately Glorias young savior is impaled by a booby trap and dies leaving her stranded. After hopelessly wandering around the jungle she is found by three men involved in the exotic pet trade and is returned to New York.

Score: 2.5/5

Summary: Cannibal Ferox has no real depth to it, with a badly devised plot that serves no real purpose other then to offer visceral scenes of death and torture. With that said horror and gore fans should rejoice. Indeed if not for this movie being packed with such visceral scenes the score I gave it would have been quite lower. And with that said heres a list of the various poor animals that met their untimely deaths in chronological order.

1. Insect killed by Rudy
2. Larvae eaten by old native
3. Unknown mammal eaten by Andaconda
4. Monkey eaten by Jaguar
5. Pig stabbed to death by Mike
6. Snake killed and eaten by Iguana
7. Turtle butchered by Indios
8. Crocodile butchered by Indios

All of these animal killings offer nothing to the plot and are only there to be gore for the sake of gore.

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#27489 - 07/25/09 02:23 PM Re: Cannibal Ferox Review [Re: Morbid Rex]
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Thank you for posting such an indepth review. I have this dvd sitting in my livingroom, and have no reason to watch it anymore since your review gives away everything.

I think I will still see it to look at the nyc pictures since the city has changed so much over the years.

Is the animal killing/gore shit real and thus the reason for it being banned in so many places or it obviously faked?

The same question in regards to the sex that happens?

I can guess that the penis removal was faked since I saw this done in a stage show years ago.

Thank you,
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#27492 - 07/25/09 05:42 PM Re: Cannibal Ferox Review [Re: Morgan]
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The sex is off screen, though there are a few boobie shots. The penis removal is fake, though very realistic looking. All of the animal killing is actually real. The best thing about this movie is the real and realistic gore which has turned it into a cult classic. Though technically not a good movie I can see myself watching it again if I ever want some gorey entertainment. The characters are also believeable with solid acting all around. The guy who potrayed Mike actually said he regreted taking the role.

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