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#2754 - 12/14/07 11:06 PM THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB
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I am so happy and glad this GREAT and underrated band is back!!!!!!!! They will play a one/off show in st pete florida on april 30!!!
#2966 - 12/27/07 11:23 PM Re: THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB [Re: Varg]
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I believe I've heard a song with this name in it.
Dance with the devil 6th gate.. I think it was called.
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#2985 - 12/28/07 08:53 PM Re: THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB [Re: LadyChaos]
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Nothing like Satanists from Kenosha Wisconsin!
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#6342 - 03/25/08 01:20 AM Re: THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB [Re: Octavius]
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What? That's cool.
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#6406 - 03/26/08 03:44 AM Re: THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB [Re: Engel08]
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#6859 - 03/31/08 04:55 PM Re: THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB [Re: rubaestellae]
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What genre of music do they play?

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#7097 - 04/02/08 11:50 PM Re: THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB [Re: Pan420]
fakepropht Moderator Offline
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I would classify them as industrial. They used to be on the Cleopatra label. I once got to hang out with Thomas Thorn after a show. We eventually ended up puking in the alley and stumbling around rather drunkenly. At another show, I "outted" a Christian band I spotted hanging out in the after party. I recongnized them from a video I had saw. They didn't seem to be too comfortable after I called them out, ended up distancing themselves from me, and hopped a cab to God only knows where. Good times.
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#36575 - 03/16/10 02:21 PM Re: THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB [Re: fakepropht]
111Cal Offline

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Are they gone again? I have heard the band is no longer actively together.
#37400 - 04/05/10 08:42 PM Re: THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB [Re: 111Cal]
The Zebu Offline
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Ol' Wikipedia has this to say:
Early 2009 brought about the reactivation of the band in earnest. In January it was reported at and on the band's MySpace page that preliminary work had started on a new full-length album, which would mark the band's first studio album in seven years. It also saw Charles Edward from the Denver area gothic rock band Seraphim Shock join the band as guitarist, replacing long time band member Ricktor Ravensbruck. Original drummer Eric Peterson rejoined the band in February, reuniting half of the band's original lineup.

So, my guess is, "hopefully". They're a great band; looking forward to more music by them if they do end up sticking together. If not; oh well, another great gig bites the dust.
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#37724 - 04/17/10 06:06 AM Re: THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB [Re: The Zebu]
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yes, definately industrial.
this industrial club I've been frequenting quite a bit lately has played them on a number of occasions.
I'm not very much into indstrial music.. but I liked this band a whole lot. they remind me alot of sleep chamber, another good band.
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#48088 - 02/05/11 07:15 AM Re: THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB [Re: 111Cal]
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 Originally Posted By: 111Cal
Are they gone again? I have heard the band is no longer actively together.

Last I heard they got some new guy on guitar.
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