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#29094 - 08/31/09 10:56 PM Re: Do you use a wand? [Re: The Zebu]
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I use a selenite wand every now and then. I've had great banishing and clearing of the mind success with it. I think channeling your energy through a wand says something.

 Originally Posted By: The Zebu
No wand; that feels too "new agey" for me, even though they've been used in ceremonial magic for ages. Reminds me of Wiccans and Harry Potter too much....

Wands date back to Ancient Egypt where they were used by magicians. They would carve them in the form of a cobra. This was done in honor of the goddess Wadjet.

You may recall the biblical passage where it comments that the sorcerer's wands turned into serpents. There's some truth in this. Archeologists believe the biblical passage was referring to th fact the Egyptians had wands shaped like serpents.
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#30109 - 09/27/09 01:42 PM Re: Do you use a wand? [Re: Mercury_Templar]
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I'm planning on picking up a pretty badass looking sword next Friday. Its folded so when it shines I has a rainbow effect on the blade.


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#30114 - 09/27/09 04:55 PM Re: Do you use a wand? [Re: FlameReborn]
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My apologies to everyone for the one liner ;\) I have witnessed this effect before and it was fairly awe-inspiring. I have seen a 20 fold Katana shimmering as though it was made of some alien metal never before seen on earth. Way out of my price range though \:\(

#30414 - 10/10/09 09:52 AM Re: Do you use a wand? [Re: Mercury_Templar]
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I prefer a sharp metal object most of the time. To me wands just don't seems as powerful and therefore lack the appeal that's necessary to successfully complete my ritual. A brutal staff, however, could be different.
#32102 - 11/22/09 10:08 AM Re: Do you use a wand? [Re: Miss May]
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From what I understand, sorcery is all about focusing attention, archetypes, and strong emotions.

Wands are simply an effective means of focusing attention with a laser like precision, and are still used for just that in classrooms all over the world to this day. Laser pointers are the latest evolution of the magic wand.

The difference between wands, blades, and staffs are the archetypes they naturally invoke. I consider wands to be neutral, or at least I have no personal meanings ascribed to them that I'm aware of. They are usually small, thin, and unobtrusive so that the wand is not the object of focus, but rather what it's pointing at. Blades and staffs on the other hand, are meant to be the object of focus.

Blades invoke the archetypes of separation (cutting), and can also be used for darker more nefarious purposes. The reason Italians require a token form of payment when gifting someone with a knife is to absolve themselves of the associated baggage and archetypes that blade carries. Otherwise, giving that gift knife would be the equivalent of cursing someone, which is the exact opposite intention of the gift.

To me, Staffs seem more solemn and ceremonial. Again I don't have a very well defined archetype for staffs, so that would probably render them pretty ineffective in my hands.

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