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#27652 - 07/28/09 06:32 PM The Arts
Jesse Offline

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A previous post in the thread about your favorite way to wind down gave me an idea on this new thread.

I believe art is an expression words alone can't capture, but it is the beauty and elegance of art that separates it from any other human institution.

My question is simple enough. What is your favorite type of art?

I have already shared mine in a previous thread but I will be kind enough to repeat.

I am very fond of the art of music. It is a very unique art because it not something everyone is a part of wether they are a musician or just a fan of music.

The evolution of western music came with the advent of modern music theory which I find fascinating beyond anything I have seen. 7 notes, chords, scales, harmony melody, major, minor, sharp, flat, octaves, arpeggios, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, harmonics, texture, four part writing.

It's all there to just create. Now people who paint, and draw are artists aswell, but I find those forms of art to be so dull because you need to interperet a painting, you need to look, it's just not interesting to me. Sure there's many dynamics to paining a picture, but music just delivers a more broad appeal because music moves you.

Classical music is... Words just can't describe classical symphony orchestra. Composing the music, the tempo, key, variation, instruments, coordination. It just blows me away. And the people back then in those time were absolute musical geniouses. I find the Baroque period to be my favorite time for classical. And even then, paintings and other forms of art had their times. And I still find it un-interesting.

I also don't feel the need to buy expensive paintings because you can't play a G major Arpeggio on a painting, at least the last time I checked.

#27662 - 07/28/09 11:03 PM Re: The Arts [Re: Jesse]
a. don Offline

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i like classical music myself. unlike any other musical genre, it provides an infinite amount of space for creativity. you can quite literally get away with anything in classical music. i like the post-romantic, modern and cotemporary eras. but the other peridos are just as good and impressive. it's funny you should mention the baroque, i recently played in bach's 3rd brandenburg concerto, and a trumpet concerto by an obscure czech composer named jan krttel jiri neruda (also johann baptist georg neruda), from the classical epoch. that is some seriously technically demanding shit, but completely worth it.
#27668 - 07/29/09 12:29 AM Re: The Arts [Re: a. don]
The Zebu Offline
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First and foremost is a tie between comics and animation.

Second is music.

Being an artist myself- primarily visual- I learned how to create music and for a few years found myself completely swept up and absorbed in writing songs. However, I eventually realized that I could never be comfortable with expressing myself through just music, and found myself drifting back to drawing and painting.

I used to do animations as well-- if I had as much time as I did when I was in middle/high school, I'd make an entire animated series- and compose the score for it as well. But for now that's just a dream until I can better my means.
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#27669 - 07/29/09 12:31 AM Re: The Arts [Re: a. don]
Morbid Rex Offline

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you dont need to play a G Major Arpeggio on a painting, their two different things.

My favorite arts are literature and music. I never really got into visual art, though I can appreciate a meaningful painting and have been put into awe but what I saw in some I just never really got into the whole scene.

One big reason why I never got into art is because I can't draw myself, even though I used to like to draw crappy stick figure type stuff and color a lot as a kid. I guess I should've kept it up, maybe I'd be something in that field today \:\)

One thing I started young that I still enjoy doing from time to time is telling a good story.

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#27672 - 07/29/09 12:42 AM Re: The Arts [Re: Jesse]
fakepropht Moderator Offline
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Mine would be visual. I find beauty and art in antique cars. The lines, the way a person has modified it, the colors they have chosen to paint it.

I also like architecture. I can also find beauty in the way a building has been designed. The lines and flow. I find Frank Lloyd Wrights works to be the most appealing to me. The way he incorporated the surroundings. Almost a total environment.

Interior design. Building on the achitecture appeal. I like to see a clean interior that says something. The way a person or business has incorporated their environment and enhanced it. Myself, I have tried to build a total environment to reflect my attraction to the 50s. Much of my house is adorned in 50s kitch and antiques. I also took my attraction to all things Halloween and constructed a "Halloween" room. The entire room has been painted in a Halloween themed mural by a local artist. I have an antique child's casket in there. Tons of antique and current Halloween decorations.
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#27694 - 07/29/09 06:27 AM Re: The Arts [Re: fakepropht]
Jesse Offline

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It's great to see everyone has there own appeals when it comes to art. Because art we use our senses, and everybody has differant tastes.

I find architecture to be fascinating aswell. But I see it as a lost art these days. I would feel the need to travel to see the marvels of historical architecture. I find those historical castles and Cathedrals have a breathe taking aspect to them, just in the labor. They had no modern tools to use, it was an everyday hazard. But there are also some modern marvels of architecture that are truly great.

#27700 - 07/29/09 10:02 AM Re: The Arts [Re: Jesse]
ZephyrGirl Offline
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There are many types of art that I like, but my favourite to do, is performance art. Dancing, singing, story telling, or just acting out to get an emotional response from someone.

My favourite performance artist is Penny Arcade or Sussana Ventura. One of Andy Worhols former students. I worked for her once in Australia, albeit as a go go dancing in her show, Bitch Dyke Faghag Whore. It was one of the best experiences of my life and gave me so much inspiration when it came to my own performance art and ideas.

I love shocking people, but in ways that are not so much obvious taboo. Like how unattractive a women getting ready to look gorgeous can be. The shaving, plucking, girdling etc, that goes into some of those looks behind the scenes, being performed in the middle of trendy nightclubs etc....

It's easy to shock with the shocking, but shocking with the mundane is a concept that I really dig.

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#27703 - 07/29/09 11:09 AM Re: The Arts [Re: ZephyrGirl]
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Tan, you should check out the Glass Lounge in NYC, if you like that particular kind of voyeurism. Both the women's and men's bathrooms have one-way mirrors that face out into the sidewalk. The people inside are looking at a mirror, checking their makeup, primping, all that typical bathroom stuff you do before you go back out to the lounge, while the people outside on the street are able to watch everything they're doing.

One guy found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. He saw her making out with some dude in the bathroom while he was standing outside the club. Ouch.
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