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#28072 - 08/07/09 12:24 PM Re: Why a Texas woman mutilated and ate her baby [Re: SkaffenAmtiskaw]
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 Originally Posted By: MawhrinSkel
The Scandinavian student system is unlike the British and the American ones. In Norway (and most likely Denmark, too) [...]

Yes, the Norwegian and Danish systems are more or less the same, thank you for explaining it.

One could also add that so called welfare state in Norway, Denmark and Sweden are very similar - especial if your compare them to totally different systems like the American. What system you prefer depend on political views and local conditions. I personally would not want to live in the US for different reasons (including crime, poverty, religious views etc.)

This said, I think I have one final post to add to this topic (the original topic about insanity, that is):

I think cases like the one about the mother who ate her baby and the kid who killed his farther are interesting for several reasons. Those include psychological reasons (knowing about anomaly also shows you something about human nature), and reasons connected to how popular culture works, as when the media focus on the religious explanations or the nature of the delusions involved.

Discussions killing or not killing insane murderers is a moral question, and moral questions can be fun too - unless it boils down to a question about who is right and wrong. People can be wrong on the data they use to support there arguments (like data about statistics or prevention efforts, or diagnoses), but in the end moral values boils down to subjective values. As far as I can see all those who wanted to discuss the part of the subject I found interesting has left the discussion and it has turned into a discussion about the value of political systems and/or the size of ones dick. Funny as this could be, it is off topic and not something I guess we will ever agree on.

I will return to this discussion if it turns ontopic again. If not, have a ball attacking my personal views, hygiene, looks or what ever you decide to find worthwhile.

- Amina

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#28073 - 08/07/09 12:50 PM Re: Why a Texas woman mutilated and ate her baby [Re: Amina]
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Again and again you and your dark Hillary Clinton seem to dodge the questions. Again and again I ask to back up what you are proclaiming and each time I read a lot of words and a "poor me" but no fundamental argument. Even your p(r)etty short explanation here shows nothing else but you desiring protection from the state. Which is... Le Sigh.

Ah well...


#28074 - 08/07/09 01:20 PM Re: Why a Texas woman mutilated and ate her baby [Re: Amina]
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Fuck's sake Anima; enough with the pissing contest already. This is 2 threads that I've seen where you're out to prove you or your country is more this, this and this. Bored now.

This is one reason why I don't post on here much.
"A man chooses, a slave obeys." - Andrew Ryan of Ryan Industries (Bioshock)

#28077 - 08/07/09 02:09 PM Re: Why a Texas woman mutilated and ate her baby [Re: Amina]
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Arguing with you reminds me of arguing with a small child. They can't back up their arguments with facts either, and if they fail to recognize logic when it stares them in the face, I quickly become annoyed.

Discussions killing or not killing insane murderers is a moral question

No, it's not a moral question at all. You are trying to turn it into a moral argument because that is the only way that you can bring in all your unrelated pseudo-logic, but essentially, it is not a question of morality at all, it is a question of what will most benefit the group. That has more to do with *gasp* eugenics and attempts at a logical decision based on probability than anything else.

**You argue that loonies should be allowed to survive because sometimes they can be medicated into holdind down a job.
**You argue that this is a fraction of the population.
**You argue that Denmark needs the warm bodies and go further to say that the quality of births is less important than the quantitiy of births.
**You argue that an axe-wielding psycho is less of a danger than a liquor store.
**You argue that free will is a pipe dream and we are all bound by some type of uncontrollable force in our heads that makes us do...whatever...and we are not responsible for our own thoughts.
**You try to say that mental illness can be cured. Show me a schizo who has been "cured" instead of just doped into submission.

And you interchange, bring in new and unrelated bits of information, and whatever you can do to avoid actually defending your leftist bullshit ideas. You have yet to actually address something that someone else has put forward withouth throwing in something like, "well what if it wasn't that and was this?" The topic at hand doesn't have shit to do with drugs. It has to do with people who are so crazy that they pose a physical threat to ANYONE around them.

If you have ten thousand people and two of them are a danger to society, tell me what damage it's going to do to the economy if they are removed from the population.

If you want to talk about economics, it makes more sense to remove them from the population than to support them in an asylum for the rest of their life. Aside from the cost of feeding them, etc. There is the cost of employing security guards and whatnot. You think it's cheap for your taxes to pay for a million prozac prescriptions and everything else that is involved in setting the mentally ill straight? Get real.

18 year olds as investments: You know what? Sometimes you make a bad investment and have to cut your losses. A friend of mine spent thousands of dollars putting his kid through technical school, paying his living while he was going to school, and helping him get a rather envious job in that field only to see his kid lose it all by getting strung out on drugs. You know what? He cut his losses. There comes a time when the nipple must come out of the mouth. No coddling. No "poor baby"-ing. Here's your foundation for productivity and if you can't hack it then it's your problem, not the rest of the world's.

You act like Europe is so fabulous...a land where you often cannot criticize your government or religion. Where muslims invade your country and start calling the shots. A place where you give up half of your income to pay taxes to subsidize programs for those who are unwilling to be as productive as you are. Free medical and free education seems great on the surface, but when you consider the impact it has on the overall quality of the citizen it churns out, giving a free liver to an alcoholic and a degree to a raving lunatic does nothing but cheapen the liver given to the pious housewife or the degree given to the student with dreams of improving the world around him.

We have to fight and compete, we don't get free rides. We are not born to think that simply because we exist we are just as good and worthy as everyone else.

Back on topic: People who are a danger to society should be removed from society in the most efficient way possible, whatever that way might be. If the danger is simply that their breeding is incapable of producing something that can stand on it's own, then they should not breed.

I would rather the older population leave us with only half of what we started with than have a bunch of loonies and physically incapables running around. What is the point in maintaining the population when you are injecting it with more and more mediocrity with every generation? Selective breeding should be the first thought of the responsible adult and should be the overall concern of society because indiscriminate breeding is what is going to lower the quality of the citizenry overall.

Quality should always take precedence over quantity.

I am finished debating with you. It makes me feel like a playground bully, pushing the smaller and weaker around.

#28124 - 08/08/09 03:12 AM Re: Why a Texas woman mutilated and ate her baby [Re: Amina]
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If we ignore the part about your offer being in the line of some kind of silly threatening statement, what IS your point? If you believe the US has less crime then Denmark, be my guest. But if you come up with some statistic to prove it, you would really surprise me. But hey - go google baby!

Not really a threatening, only a method to bring you ignorant flooting feet back to the ground. As D pointed out, US has more citizens and as I also pointed out: economical heavyweight.
If you are so-well educated as you and your baldy claim to be, you should have known that statistics barely hold truth and ALWAYS can be adjusted in such a way that the results fit.


Yes, it IS "hard to get". Issues like this is about morality, political views and arguments based on more or less relevant data. There is not an objectively right answer, only subjective ones - unless you think God or other sources of objective morality is involved.

Made me frown... are you really a Satanist or just a bad wiccan?
Morality my ass, most morals are based on feelings of MISPLACED guilt. I don't work with false morals or feelings. I only have standards and facts which work pretty decently and without any failure. It is thanks to people like you that fucked-up people are roaming free. It is thanks to people like you that society in a whole is numbing down. There only is progression in technology but when it comes to mental and physical level almost everyone is "weakening".


Everybody have some sort of malfunctioning or irregularity. If we only include those who get diagnosed with a mental problem that would be 1/6 of the population or so. Wow, and I worried abut the birthrate dropping!

Google a bit more about culling, standards are a keyword here.

If we believe genes and upbringing makes a difference (or memes now we are at it), the belief in a totally free will has to suffer the consequence. Beliving everyone else are slaves of those things, and that you a unique and above all this is an illusion at best. Man is just another animal.

Why are you evading the question about "free will" and start about herd mentality by saying the obvious? Free will means speaking your mind, having a will of your own, making choices of your own and so on..
Did "father" prohibit you to talk about it?
Ut vivat, crescat et floreat

#28137 - 08/08/09 11:27 AM Re: Why a Texas woman mutilated and ate her baby [Re: Dimitri]
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Oh, dear....

I wade into this nonsense with some trepidation but I feel that given the level of bad information I must lead the congregation into the light.

Look, America is an impossible place to 'civilize' by European standards. We were founded by all of the malcontents of Europe. Wave after wave of pissed off people have come to America's great melting pot and added to the national character. We came to this country, killed or displaced it's original inhabitants, overthrew the govt of King George in a series of wars, and fought the bloodies war in our history amongst ourselves! In just over 200 years we have fought more major military actions than any other nation in the Western World.

James Webb covers this to some degree in his book "Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America." America has a naturally combative nature. Our most popular sports today are NFL Football and MMA. Ever watch MMA? That is America! We own guns, LOTS of guns. Our two favorite drugs are cheap beer and methamphetamine.

Now we are facing a new wave of Third World immigration. And so to, an increasing number of Third Worldisms will influence our culture.

It is simple population dynamics. We have a naturally violent culture that has reached it's carrying capacity. Every species has a mechanism to survive this event. When mankind reaches it's carrying capacity the results are usually war, plague and famine. Infanticide is nothing more than a hard wired response to environmental taxis. Some people choose a medical abortion, and evidently, some people prefer the direct approach.

In Howard Bloom's excellent book "The Lucifer Principle" he covers this dynamic in depth. Our genes have us hard wired to propagate 'our' kind. Evolution does not care if a few individuals die, only that the greater genome survives. As individuals we like to think how much power we have over ourselves, but, in the end, Freud was right - it really is all about sex and death.
I am the Devil and I am here to do the Devil's work.

#28333 - 08/12/09 07:37 AM Re: Why a Texas woman mutilated and ate her baby [Re: The Zebu]
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This actually happened about four blocks from my house. The woman was suffering from post-partem depression, which resulted in hallucinations. A week before, her husband left her. The sister of the woman, took care of the newborn, until her sister was ready to care for her. She was returned to the mother the day prior to the savage act. A sad, sick end to a life that had just started.
"To thine own self be true." William Shakespear

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