Please see Facebook Event page for full details:

For those of you who are planning to attend the August 30 Nine Inch Nails concert in Ontario, Canada or anyone in the area of the city of Orillia who wants to come camping for the weekend, I am throwing an end of summer party from the evening of Friday, August 28 until anytime people feel like leaving on Monday, August 31. This is not a Satanic event per se, but I am a Satanist and there will be other like-minded people in attendance. If enough people feel like coming this could very well end up being a Satanic get together, and if all goes well this will become a yearly weekend party to end the summer. I just moved out of the downtown area of the city of Peterborough and into a spacious property on the outskirts of the city of Orillia. When I found out that Nine Inch Nails (and a few dozen other bands) were coming to play as a part of the Virgin Festival in Oro Medonte (just a short drive from here), the idea to throw a party for the weekend came to me. The Virgin Festival is charging upwards of $180 to camp on their property, whereas I am offering space for people to camp here for free. We are carpooling from my property over to the concert on Sunday.

I have at least one confirmed DJ for the evening of Saturday, August 29 and am looking for others. The eqipment is being rented, so if you are a DJ playing gothic, industrial, trance, triphop, etc. music and are available that day please get in touch with me via the methods listed on the Facebook page. You just have to bring your music and a tent (camping supplies), all other amenities will be provided for you (food, drinks, shower and a place to stay). We will likely be picking people up from the Greyhound bus station for anyone coming into Orillia that way. I could get into all the details of what's going on, but I would simply be repeating everything laid out in the Facebook Event page linked to above. So please check that out and contact me if you have any questions. RSVP online, invite your friends. I would like to see some Satanists at this event!