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#28517 - 08/16/09 08:35 PM District 9--Spoiler!
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This movie turned out to be better than I'd expected. The b/f wasn't particularly thrilled with it, thinking the aliens were too passive when they had so much weaponry on hand to trade for catfood from the Nigerians.

I had no idea it was a "low-budget" film (ONLY $30 mil ;\) ), and I thought what digital effects they used (sparingly) were great, the story itself evolved from something like a documentary and gradually shifted into being told from the main character's POV. It was also a visually graphic film, with Wikus' (main character) transformation into one of the "prawns", and how his gov't agency captures and experiments on him while he's in the critical transition phase. Not to mention what the alien weaponry was capable of, which was basically making things splatter 50 feet in all directions. That was pretty fucking cool.

The aliens were also portrayed in a more realistic light, the writer having taken into account how humans have treated each other over the years, and brought into play our inherent xenophobia, our prejudices and hypocrisies.

The ending was also different than expected. It was almost like a "1984' type ending--not a happy one.

Anyone else see it over the weekend?
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#28584 - 08/17/09 09:49 PM Re: District 9--Spoiler! [Re: Nemesis]
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Just back from looking at it myself. Absolutely loved it, would highly recommend it.
If you liked the movie, you'd probably like the short he did a few years ago, which District 9 is based upon.The link is below.
Blomkamp was originally involved with the Halo movie and did a small amount of test footage for it,however, legal issues got in the way and because it was such a fucking mess, Peter Jackson feared that Blomkamp might shy away from movies so , he basically payrolled District 9 on the back of the short.
Below is the link to the Halo short, which is amazing.He also did the transformers Citroen ads a few years back that got him noticed.He is definately a director to watch out for and it goes to show that you can throw all the money you want at making a movie and still get a turd like Transformers 2, but give a guy a bit of freedom and he'll come up with something amazing like District 9.

#28666 - 08/19/09 09:40 PM Re: District 9--Spoiler! [Re: jesusbeater]
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I saw it with a friend. Loved it, very visually striking movie with an interesting story. District 9 was actually the first movie that got me to go to the theaters in months.

Now that you mention it the fact that their were Alien weapons scattered about that the Prawns didn't use but instead traded for cat food was a MAJOR plot hole. I mean they could've easily gotten a militia together and fucked up their human captors and then make an escape themselves. Then again in the beginning of the movie it was stated that most of the Prawns were workers who aren't really capable of much independent thought so maybe their catfood addiction was just too much to handle.
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#31993 - 11/20/09 08:06 AM Re: District 9--Spoiler! [Re: Morbid Rex]
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Saw this a while back, and thought it was fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the way the previous lower class population of the shanties revelled in their elevated status above the “prawns”. It was also an interesting twist that the “humanitarian aid” situation quickly digressed into a free for all grab for technology and alien resources.
It was an interesting mix of human psychology and “the big what if” questions that so many science fiction films ask by fail to answer.

Like Nemesis’s b/f I was a little annoyed by the alien’s lack of resolve when it came to fighting their oppressors, but this was explained in part by the stories narrative with the aliens “controller”.

I would recommend the film to anyone that enjoys science fiction, as well as anyone that is interested in social dynamics.

But like all concepts this far out, its best taken with a pinch of salt.


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