Written by Gaven Baddeley. First printing 2006.

This is an up to date book about the History of Satanism. From the back cover: "Is the first popular history of Satanism: From the Old Testament lore to the most infamous Black Metal bands, all is made accessible...." etc.

I found it to be an interesting read for the most part. The subject of the Left Hand path is covered in enough detail to be informative, yet doesn't go into so much detail that it becomes boring.

The only negative thing about it, in my opinion, is that it covers way too much information about music as related to Satanism. Some of that is interesting, such as background information on the band "Black Sabbath," and a few lesser known bands as well.

However, to me, Music does not have as much to do with the history of Satanism, as the author seems to believe. I might even accuse him of using the musical influence as filler for the book, in order to make it have more pages.

This is personal taste, and people who are interested in music would find the book even a better read then I did.

The author provides quite a few pages though out the book, of excerpts with interviews that he did with Dr. LaVey.

The book is slanted in the favor of Satanism, and the author openly admits in the Introduction, that he himself is a Satanist.
"Since I started researching this book, some years back, I've thrown in my lot with the unholy opposition. I'm now a Devil's advocate, a card carrying Satanist, an ordained Reverend (though I prefer the title 'Irreverend' of the Church of Satan. My book will obviously reflect this. Donít go thinking however, that my perspective has been distorted by Satanism. Rather, it became apparent long ago that my sympathy for the Devil was predetermined by the perspective I already held. But don't worry either about me setting out to convert you-as this book will show, it just doesn't work that way." --author.
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