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#28859 - 08/24/09 12:02 AM Yezidis ?
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Their are sevral different theories pertaining to their religion (sure you already know that, well most of you anyways). Well, I forgot all about them until yesterday when it just hits me. I don't know alot about them and maybe some of you do. I'm just curious and if you know anything other than just basic info I'm sure others would like to know also.

Thanks in advance.
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#28862 - 08/24/09 02:26 AM Re: Yezidis ? [Re: godam666]
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There's a lot of great information on the Yezidi, if you want to take the time to research them on the web and in libraries. Whether or not they were properly called
"Devil Worshippers" is a matter of some conjecture, since history is of course written mostly by the victorious.

I've been interested in them since I was stationed in Turkey and managed to become acquainted with them through a civilian worker I met while stationed at Incirlik. Eventually, after a long period of time talking and mostly listening to his rememberences of his childhood in Diarbakir, Turkey, we chanced to talk about his religion, which he said was "like Muslim, but not like Muslim at all." We spoke of Melek Taus, and we spoke of the Zirrah, (also known as "Coom,") temples of the Yezidi and of the place where they believe the universe was first created at Lalish, now in Iraq. (Western translators call it Lalesh.

Lalish is about 50 miles north of Mosul, between the small towns of Ain Sufini and Atrush and is still a Yezidi settlement to this day, where they live in guarded detent with the predominant Kurdish people. It is here at Lalish where they consider the universe to be born and here stands Perisgeha Lalish temple. There are many historical ruins in the area.

Interesting factoid is that the US Army visited the Yezidi temple at Lalish and participated in the traditional festooning of the structure with colored ribbon, a tribute to Melek Taus.

This is one place in the world that I have wanted to visit, but because of the geopolitical entanglements of the past 50 years, it's been something that's not quite possible, and hazardous at the least. Hopefully, one day.
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#28864 - 08/24/09 02:56 AM Re: Yezidis ? [Re: Jake999]
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The Yezidis have been prosecuted a lot by the al-Qaeda (in one attack more then 400 Yezidi where killed), so the UNHCR keeps an eye on them. The UNHCR only has a bit of info on there webpage, but I guess they have some of the most updated info on the group, if one wants to know how there situation is today.

- Amina

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