This was considered the definitive text on Medieval Witchcraft used in a graduate level course I enrolled in. It is sure to be hated by all Wiccans because the author (Robin Briggs)does not believe that modern Wicca has any connection to what was considered Witchcraft in the Middle Ages. In fact, Briggs believes that all the talk of nocturnal assembles and Sabbats did not exist. However, he does believe that magical practices, of both the "white" and "Back" variety, did exist, but it was usually the well protected "Cunning Folk" who practiced it and they, unlike suspected witches, were not burned at the stake because they had wealthy clients to protect them.
One thing that makes this book a gem is the actual testimony from medieval court cases. You will learn what motivated a person to accuse another of being a Witch and why some people, who were never accused, willfully and joyfully, turned themselves in, even knowing it would condemn them to a burning stake.
I should also add that not all Witches were females, in some nations (Such as France,) those who went to the stake were majority male.