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#3072 - 01/01/08 08:59 PM Re: my blood drawings [Re: foras]
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Why what?
#3075 - 01/01/08 09:33 PM Re: my blood drawings [Re: xear]
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ever heard the expression "pouring out your soul", think about it (not just blood, but the way blood is gracefully portrayed, the pain to draw out and at the same time to express and portray as the artist seemed fit..its only what someone with spiritual insight can recognize.
#3084 - 01/02/08 06:49 AM Re: my blood drawings [Re: Raven]
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Blood is come by easy enough, it's no big deal. Nothing special... Unless!!! Unless this particular monster decided on carving his flesh with a razor!!!! That, now THAT would be someting, go on kids, follow along. If this were blood from his... say, femoral artery... then it might be a tad 'redder' if you get my drift... if this is from some pussy cuts in his arm... well, then, you've got to give MORE of yourself when it comes to ART. How about cutting a major artery? Brachial, Radial, oooohh, Carotid... then try to give us a good look at what you've done, if your still alive - in (hopefully) a better style then you've done in the past. I'd even accept a good dosing of venous blood, as long as it's from the vena cavae...

Anyone can get "blood" - by the way... anyone want any blood?
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#3087 - 01/02/08 10:19 AM Re: my blood drawings [Re: onemind]
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Your artwork has a primitive quality to it... A few of the small designs that you have worked into your art might make good tattoo designs...

Keep doing what makes you happy... Keep doing what you do as long as you use your own blood...

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#3109 - 01/02/08 11:50 PM Re: my blood drawings [Re: ta2zz]
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... ... ... . thank you very much in suggestions and comments...

... in my feeling... art is a true-hearted-beauty star... that i could not reachig to..... .
... am not understand this ... true-hearted-beauty all...
... and wish that one the mistic time... i will can understand this true-hearted-beauty star...
... and can make just an(only one) art (work)... ... ... .

... in my vaque thaught of feeling of mine...
... am just as a blind in a misty cave ... ... ... .
... want to do something for someones...for myself...that is..."onemind"(maybe)

(... am sorry.. i used incrrect words-meaning and grammar...)

#3117 - 01/03/08 12:56 PM Re: my blood drawings [Re: onemind]
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Interesting, using various fluids to paint with or add to painting materials has a long history.
I've done some stuff like that in the past (mixing blood), as well as using egg temperura in paintings.
Egg temperua involves using the raw yellow part of the egg mixed into the paint medium. This was done often in midevial times with the "holy type" paintings in churches, and triptics.
I think that the fluids sometimes just something to the images.

(sorry about spelling rough day)

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