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#7613 - 04/13/08 01:37 PM Re: Media Room [Re: reverand]
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I'd say anything that is difficult to find, either online or in stores, whether it be audio, video, or ebooks. Erotica, anything concerning the Occult (please make sure it is of good quality, not just a bunch of garbage that no one could use), art, interviews, articles, etc. Stay away from mp3's, just in case some record label stumbles upon the site and has a fit about it. Be careful about all copyright protected material. The last thing we need is a lawsuit! I'd submit everything to Xear and get his approval first.
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#7618 - 04/13/08 02:53 PM Re: Media Room [Re: Nemesis]
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I second Erotica! lol, i think that was the second time i saw you bring up erotica Nemesis \:\)

And maybe writings with a different point of view of Satanic philosophy, so we can see the different arguments; like things that are anti-Rand and anti-Objectivism... anti-Nietzsche. You know. Healthy productive criticism.

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#7654 - 04/13/08 09:48 PM Re: Media Room [Re: reverand]
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I'd like to see some stuff by Kenneth Anger - like "Fireworks", or possibly "Lucifer Rising", "Inauguration at the Pleasure Dome" with Anais Nin...

Just my two cents.
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#7655 - 04/13/08 10:07 PM Re: Media Room [Re: daevid777]
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Most definately I plan to send all submissions to Xear to upload into the media room upon his approval. I would not want to be the cause of a copyright battle over this community sharing ideas back and forth.
I firmly believe the best way to prove we are better then others is to be more educated then them, and this seems like a pretty smart group as it is.
So far there has been some good stuff mentioned and I'm sure I can find it amungst my collection. Keep the suggestions coming and I will forward all I have to Xear to meet his approval.
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