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#2987 - 12/28/07 09:14 PM Fact or Fiction?
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This is a repost. I kept this post from the last incarnation of the 600 Club and thoroughly enjoyed the responses I received by others who have read the book as well as other books by the author and other books on the topic. For your consideration...again:

The concept of Enki ( is a somewhat popular belief in certain satanic circles. Some view him as the (possible) original Satan personified. The Enki myth has been discussed and researched in many papers and published books. I recently read Zechariah Sitchin's book on Enki and had the following thoughts...

For your consideration:

There has been an academic interest surrounding the similarities between Sumerian and Biblical/Talmudic histories for some time. In some satanic circles, this has also been a significant point of interest over the past few decades. The similarities obviously spill over into other Abrahamic religions as well. In fact, one can draw parallels to many religions and mythologies when compared to certain Sumerian tales. For the purposes of this piece, I would like to focus on the prophet/god Ea/Enki. Comparisons to other histories will be made, but only to illustrate both consistencies and inconsistencies of recorded religious history in their relation to Enki. The timeline of ancient societies with regard to their various accounts of creation are somewhat skewed, but the similarities between nearly every pre-Christian civilized religion hold some startling similarities. I will attempt to address these similarities and their possible connectivity to each other, while raising questions of my own for you to consider within the context of Enki.

My starting point for this piece refers to Zecharia Sitchin’s writings on Enki, specifically, his book, The Lost Book of Enki: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God. The book is written for the layman, but my immediate issue concerns the lack of references to his facts and alleged histories and translation. Vague citations of stone tablets from ancient Sumeria (apparently on display at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England) were used but no specific credits were listed as to where he received his information or for the conclusions he drew. Nor was there any reference to his academic expertise regarding Sumerian language, only a vague reference to him as a “biblical scholar.” Further research led me to discover that his only credentials in ancient Sumerian have to do with him growing up in Lebanon where he apparently “picked it up.” In this light, it is very easy to dismiss his writings as pure eccentric fiction. However, keeping in mind that the book was written to be easily read by John Q. Public, I’ll put that aside for the moment.

According to Mr. Sitchin’s translation of the Lost Book of Enki, humans are the result of cross-breeding alien species and native Terran hominids. From what I gather from Mr. Sitchin’s vagaries, the earth was originally populated with two races of visiting aliens from the 12th planet in our solar system called Nibiru. The Anunnaki mined gold for the ruling class called Nephilim. (The Nephilim are mentioned in passing in the book of Genesis, 6:4 as “the sons of God came into the daughters of men.” This could easily be interpreted as some kind of cross-breeding, and has even been exploited within Christianity by the Raelian Church.) A revolt broke out between the two factions resulting in some kind of pre-historical nuclear holocaust. The new race of humans was then enslaved to mine the gold while the majority of the Anunnaki returned home to Nibiru. Nephilim and Anunnaki are possibly synonymous according to some interpretations (Elizabeth Prophet’s book, Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil: Why Church Fathers Suppressed the Book of Enoch and Its Startling Revelations.) and both were considered god-like, or even one singular race. He also draws vague conclusions regarding these histories possibly being hidden in historical texts including the Epic of Gilgamesh, in addition to citing pseudo-historical volumes which may have allegedly existed but were lost in the fire at Alexandria’s Great Library; The Atra Hasis, Erra Epos, Secrets of Thoth, Book of the Wars of Yahweh, and others.

Enki is allegedly the first born son of the Nibiru ruler, Anu. Enki’s children are cited as Marduk and Ningishzidda, which are historically viewed as Sumerian gods. Furthermore, Marduk and Ningishzidda were apparently synonymous with Ra and Thoth in Egyptian mythology. Unfortunately, Mr. Sitchin offers no evidence as to how he concluded this or if the two pairs were truly reciprocals of each other.

The majority of the book after the Forward by Mr. Stichin contains the alleged written accounts of Enki concerning the history of the alien involvement on earth. I’m reluctant to comment on any of this writing because there is NOTHING to substantiate its validity. While it’s certainly entertaining, and perhaps even a notable history of select mythology, it’s no more enlightening than Harry Potter.

There are some on this forum who have likely studied Enki outside of Mr. Sitchin’s work. If there is more to add to this editorial from others I certainly encourage it. As always, your comments and input are appreciated.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

#3115 - 01/03/08 12:42 PM Re: Fact or Fiction? [Re: Octavius]
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I have not read Mr. Stichin's book. Enki and Enlil were the division of the True Name. In studying Zohar it seemed to me that this was what allowed us to exist for it forced a division and thus a definition from the one Elohim. From this division came other divisions, thus creations. It is important to note however that neither deity, or for that matter any deity of the time is referred to as good or evil.

I firmly believe that the study of the Hebrew faith is a very interesting history lesson. The Jews did not, even by biblical accounts, exist until the exodus of moses. Prior to this they were one of many polytheistic wandering tribes. Nomads who had seemingly come out of areas such as Mesopotamia and Sumer. It has been surmised that Abraham was indeed a prince in the city state of Ur (this is by no means sourced reliably). Early Jewish deities definitely mimicked in many ways those of earlier people. There are many Canaanite, and Sumerian god forms mentioned by name in the Torah. Even in some earlier translations of the New Testament we find Jesus himself speaking the name of Astaroth, and Baal (both simply referred to as Satan in later translations). Both gods found to be Canaanite, and sourced even earlier, showing roots older than the writings of Egypt. The jews spent their entire history either enslaving, or being enslaved by just about every culture that has ever existed. They seem as a people to sort of weave the traditions of all into themselves. I wonder how many cultures would have disappeared into oblivion had it not been for this practice?

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Isn't being a Satanist against the ideas of Satanism?

#3341 - 01/11/08 01:14 PM Re: Fact or Fiction? [Re: birdstrike]
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Could you fuckin imagine, humans as decendents of aliens. Wow that whole idea makes me wonder if or when these aliens will let themselves be know to everyone in all nations. Nostrodamaus prediced some arrival time the aliens would "come back", i'am not real sure exactly what he said about it right now, but like this siubject, i can spend hours of my day pondering all the what if's of Aliens, and their significance to the human race.
#3559 - 01/17/08 03:39 PM Re: Fact or Fiction? [Re: Bridgett Leavitt]
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I guess I could "fuckin imagine".

Has anyone noticed that little research or publications relating Sumerian mythology were published until the book Snowcrash came out?

Snowcrash was also the source of the word "avatar" being used to mean a digital representation of a human being on the internet, or in a virtual reality environment.

#3642 - 01/22/08 12:19 AM Re: Fact or Fiction? [Re: Mac]
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 Originally Posted By: Mac
I guess I could "fuckin imagine".

Has anyone noticed that little research or publications relating Sumerian mythology were published until the book Snowcrash came out?

Snowcrash was also the source of the word "avatar" being used to mean a digital representation of a human being on the internet, or in a virtual reality environment.

Snowcrash? You mean the "Gibsonesque" by Neal Stephenson?
If that is the case you will have to give me your theory as to how it relates to Sumerian mythology...


Contra Mundum!

#4295 - 02/17/08 06:46 PM Re: Fact or Fiction? [Re: Bridgett Leavitt]
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If those alien ancestors of ours are out there, then they haven't discovered radio frequencies yet, or learned how to use them. I mean shit, Nibiru is just 10 planets away, right in our own solar system, and SETI still can't find them! Those darn Annunakis!
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