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#3035 - 12/31/07 02:23 PM Psychics and the Catholic church Unite!
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Has anyone else noticed a renewed interest in the paranormal in pop culture of late? I can't turn on my brain stasis box without finding some "reality" show on haunted houses, psychics, or other paranormal claptrap.

Those that new me as krash on the past forum board probably saw me as a bit of a Christian apologist, as I am a big fan of the bible. Which I guess is true to a point. However lately I've been bitten with a sort of conspiracy bug. Here is my idea:

I have noticed that the new pope, since coming into the Roman throne, has shown himself to be a man very bent on returning the Catholic church to its place of political power. He has gone out of his way to further aid the alienation of other sects of Christianity, Islam, homosexuals, and even his own clergy from his new church. He is reviving archaic ideals and basically undoing everything that his predecessor tried to do to bring Catholicism into the 21st century. Is it possible that the Catholic church has entered the forum of reality television to promote it's power?

There is one show in particular that caused this bite from the conspiracy bug. The show is called "A Haunting". The basic premise is that each week a haunted location is showcased. The program interviews witnesses, shows dramatizations of supposed true events etc. Typical haunting show right? Not quite!

Most paranormal type shows in the past always showcase your traditional "psychics" running around, feeling presences, being possessed by the dead, etc. Almost invariably the psychics are new age nut jobs talking about the "spirit world" and demonstrating marked pagan ideals. Not so with "A Haunting"! Invariably our experts, although still "mediums", "spiritualists", etc, are brandishing heavily Christian ideals and even calling in the Catholic church to the rescue on occasion.

A new type of expert has even emerged (and I have seen them on a few shows). This is the Demonologist. From my days as a roll player I remember a demonologist as a mage who summoned the powers of demons to do his bidding. These demonologists are "experts" in the study of diabolical forces and masters of ridding areas of the forces of hell.

These shows have changed from the reinforcement of pagan new age ideals, into posters for the power of arcane Christianity. I can't help but think there might be a correlation between the Catholic churches new idealistic pope, and the sudden appearance of Catholic power demonstrated in "reality" haunting shows. Haunting shows which I have noticed are seemingly fairly high budget, and very well marketed.
Isn't being a Satanist against the ideas of Satanism?

#3040 - 12/31/07 03:45 PM Re: Psychics and the Catholic church Unite! [Re: birdstrike]
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I'm not familiar with the television program (don't really have much time for TV myself) but it wouldn't surprise me. The Catholic church has been losing followers and they're doing what they can to bring up the numbers.

My guess is, it won't last.

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