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#34547 - 01/25/10 01:18 PM Re: Did your personality change? [Re: TheInsane]
Fabiano Offline

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The initial question was aout personality change. Some said no, some said yes, some others are half-hearted and seem to don't know.

I think it's more due to the lack of a common understanding of personality than to various experiences...

For instance, if the personality is understood as "what the other percieve about us" (Nem) then it can only be the behavior bacause it's all what other can see about us : what we say, what we do, how we say it, how we look, how we move our body, our attitude... Others cannot know what we think, other cannot have access to our map except by what we say about it...
So, our behaviour is always changing, in particular depending on the way we percieve the world (our map).

However, I think there is something that does not change. For instance that undefinable part which makes some to born as Satanists and others not.
I don't think you can start your life as a coward and end it as a brave...

#34685 - 01/27/10 11:21 PM Re: Did Your Personality Change? [Re: Diavolo]
Guido Offline

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No, nothing change from my satanist "conversion". My parents noticed because I told them (i was born in a catholic family). Of course, they didn't like this, but I didn't let that change any of my aspects.
#34880 - 01/31/10 08:35 PM Re: Did Your Personality Change? [Re: Guido]
Babylonian Dream Offline

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My mother always viewed me as possessed, so I don't think her view of me changed any. No one else really knows, I haven't told them about my life's choices. I just don't feel like bringing it up if it hasn't come up.
"We are a way for the cosmos to know itself" Sagan

#35362 - 02/09/10 09:53 PM Re: Did your personality change? [Re: coelentrate]
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My personality hasn't nor will it ever change. I do not believe that, (actually let me rephrase that for this somehow exuberates uncertainty) Satanism WILL not distort my current personality. What Satanism will do is bestow upon my mind an intellectual seed of which will grow paper flowers of unparallel enlightenment. If my personality were to change it would not be of character, it would be of mind and spirit. I am very dedicated to who I am and I WILL NEVER allow any external being, belief, philosophy, change the content of my character.

My individuality is the fabrication of my essence.
Though I have an infant knowledge of Satanism it would
seem to me that Satanism does endorse individuality.
And for me, to distort my current personality would be
as kin to changing my individuality. For I believe that
prsonality is a branch of individuality.


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#36607 - 03/16/10 07:48 PM Re: Did your personality change? [Re: coelentrate]
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I know this is an old topic but I'm going to reply anyway.

My personality has always been the same. Reading the TSB basically just gave me a realization to my nature.

I've always known I was a better suited to handle what life threw at me than other people.

In a way it's weird that some of the statements made therein the TSB like "Do unto others as they do unto you" is the way I've always lived by.

So to answer the question no my personality hasn't changed and never will.

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Herein you will find truth and fantasy. Each is necessary in order for the other to exsist.

#36612 - 03/16/10 09:42 PM Re: Did your personality change? [Re: coelentrate]
Vlad Offline

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It simply put a name on my beliefs and way of thinking. I knew I was "outside" mainstream thought on most issues, especially in the heavily Christian conservative South. Did it change the way I act? No, not really. It has allowed me to understand better how I think and thus, has allowed me to analyze my actions within a Satanic context, which helps me to better determine whether a decision or choice was good or bad.
#36614 - 03/16/10 10:11 PM Re: Did your personality change? [Re: Vlad]
exadust Offline

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That's exactly how I feel.

I'm constantly surrounded by Bible carrying miscreants who have nothing better to do then getting their trucks stuck in the mud.

I've always been seen as the outsider. My beliefs never fit the status quote and since I don't bow or conform they feel threatened.

The only thing I can honestly say has changed is that my convictions run deeper!
Herein you will find truth and fantasy. Each is necessary in order for the other to exsist.

#72391 - 11/02/12 06:50 AM Re: Did your personality change? [Re: coelentrate]
Dimitri Offline

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We're 4 years later now since coelentrate made this post.
I can admit upon beginning to be more "active" on boards as these there has been a change in personality.
My Satanism now is different from the one I started with upon applying membership here. Parts became more meated out, others started to get more refined and others simply disappeared and recognized as the mistakes they were.

Attitude also changed a bit, also due to real life "accomplishments" and positions as both the progression of my "philosophy" due to mentioned progression. Discussion with DD, D, JK, Morgan resulted in having had my ass served a few times but getting over it and changing things a bit.

In general I can say, it affected a bit my personality but the grand lines remained the same. A lot more has been learned and my personality matured a bit faster. But that's probably not an effect of choosing to wear the label.
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#72496 - 11/04/12 01:10 AM Re: Did your personality change? [Re: Dimitri]
RAIDER Offline

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I've been 'practicing' Satanism for less than a year, but I have definitely been noticing changes...ones I like very much. It makes sense to me, as adopting a new philosophy is bound to help you bring out things in yourself you've been suppressing that need to come to the surface, and help you to rid yourself of ideas that no longer work for you...and maybe never did.
It's not just the label's what you do with the new ideas available for your consumption.

#72502 - 11/04/12 04:52 AM Re: Did your personality change? [Re: coelentrate]
D_Kindle Offline

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Yes,definitely. I was raised xian and that kind of shit sticks with you as you grow older. Lavey pulled down the vail,to coin a phrase,and I began to see things in a much different light. Although I'm theastic in my nature and practice,I pay Lavey with bringing Satanism out of the dark ages,coined another phrase,and onto the surface of societies consciensenous. I'm much more cynicle and straight to the point these days.
#72553 - 11/04/12 10:37 PM Re: Did your personality change? [Re: coelentrate]
maha666 Offline

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my personality has definitely changed once i accepted the truth about myself that i am a satanist and i have followed the left hand path for a longtime..i am more comfortable in my skin i am developing a sense of pride and inner strength that was always there.i am getting to know each day who i really am.

i think twice before i make a bad decision i don't just settle for less i want the best i can get.

#72726 - 11/09/12 06:32 AM Re: Did your personality change? [Re: coelentrate]
Stick Offline

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Well my temperament did not changed much I think, but my character certainly did.

Some things I am concealing more, and some I stopped doing so.
There is that internal space, were thoughts pop up, theories are tested.

The moment I think a theory is solid can put into practice there are a few trials and when they have a response which gives me advantages they become part of my character.

So when I test these thoughts and theories in a environment which has a "satanic" flavor to it or even an environment which is just the opposite, it sustains or has a negative feedback loop on what my character or personalty eventually will become.

So the answer is Yes.


#73048 - 11/19/12 12:11 AM Re: Did your personality change? [Re: Fist]
Madhatter770 Offline

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Realizing I was a Satanist didn't change the way I spoke or acted, it created a flood of "this is what the fuck I am". It was a realization of some sort of connectedness to an idea of disconnectedness. It was a euphoria created by the hindsight of realizing I'm anti and that's alright. Living in opposition offers little comfort, and it was this slight comfort that I grasped from stumbling upon a philosophy that cultivates my nature. Even after tasting this simplicity and fetal tranquility I found myself hating its conformity. I hated its satisfaction and I wanted to rebel against its complacency. Yet here I am, a victim of something human, and not entirely Satanic and still hating. I'm still uncompromising and opposed to Sanati, preferring in sanati
You see I escaped from the grave so I have to give something to the grave in return. I'm giving you.

#73073 - 11/20/12 02:12 PM Re: Did your personality change? [Re: coelentrate]
OrgasmicKarmatic Offline

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Loc: Michigan, USA personality at first didn't change at all. I was just as self righteous and a giant ball of nervous/stubborn energy. Mostly labelled between a troll or tenacious. Being neither and both at the same time. Standing on the edge of the fence as often as I could.

Later on, it did change.. I got louder and more obnoxious. Fighting with anyone and everything. It got worse before it got better. Definitely.

Then I found even more. I'm no Satanist and fly the flag of Chaoist/Discordian now but I have to say without that first step, I wouldn't have made it. I jumped in with many expecting me to sink.. I eventually learned to swim.

Thus bringing me to current affairs.
I am a ghost.x

#73081 - 11/20/12 08:12 PM Re: Did your personality change? [Re: OrgasmicKarmatic]

Org you legend, welcome back.

I find that I'm still the same ole sleepy sort that I always was zzzz(falls asleep)zzzz.

No, but more seriously. I found that my personality didn't change all that much. I still tended to be the same sort of critical and pleasure seeking bugger I always was.

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