Of course it will effect you. The energy you put in to it is important, but the Satan in others will likely fear it and challenge you. If you're not prepared for it then the experience will likely do you harm. However, if your goal is to separate yourself from the energy of others it could be useful. Having it in a place no one can see might be amusing. Give you the sly sensation you're getting away with something, and translate into a naughty confidence that can improve your lesser magic skills. Depends on what you plan on getting from it. The energy is there but its your responsibility to decide how to use it to your benefit. Responsibility to the responsible.

If you're looking for the right "satanic" mold for magic your thinking needs refinement regarding what Satanism is. All these symbols are just jumping off points for you to manipulate the magic. Otherwise the symbol becomes the God rather then you, and you're making the tattoo artist or whoever responsible for the energy put in, and that opens you up to a lot of dangerous petty magicians out there.