My favourite warrior from literature is Achilles. I have always found him to be greater; faster; more skilled and a more ruthless killer than any other warrior figure I have encountered in the pages of a book or in a film.

The figure of Achilles frightens and fascinates me and I have found that film representations of Achilles have never truly reflected his greatness and his dark nature.

I saw the movie Troy when it first came out some years ago and was disappointed in what I saw. Now and then during the course of the movie I caught glimpses of the real Achilles in what Brad Pitt did, but very rarely.

I was also disappointed in the portrayal of Odysseus, as it made him out to be a weak manipulator and appeaser. This portrayal was ignoble and unworthy of Odysseus in my opinion.

Also Agamemnon appeared as a stupid yet greedy oath, which was unforgiveable and I did not see Ajax enough.

Maybe I shouldn’t expect much from Hollywood, but I would have thought that one of the greatest works of art would have received better treatment.

One thing I did notice in the film, and this may sound silly, were the walls of Troy. This was the one aspect of the film which really struck me and honestly frightened me.

The Iliad holds a special place in my affections and the giants and heroes in its pages storm and rage across my imagination sometimes.