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#322 - 09/13/07 01:26 PM The God Who Wasn't There (Documentary )
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well i'm not good at writing summary's so i copied it from IMDB

Documentary filmmaker Brian Flemming examines the Bible and discusses the history of early Christianity, raising doubts as to whether the New Testament personage Jesus ever really existed. Flemming examines the similarity of the Jesus story to other savior myths of the time and points to inexplicable gaps in early Christian history that combine to shed doubt on the Bible's Jesus story.

Its hard to find now (it was released in 2005) but if you know where to look online you can find it. Over all its good documentary, though at the end i thought it lost focus. Just wondering if anyone has seen and what they thought about it. kind of like the Halloween thread.

Here's clip:

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#326 - 09/13/07 02:15 PM Re: The God Who Wasn't There (Documentary ) [Re: blackdragon31560]
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I saw this documentary a few months ago. The presentation was compelling enough for those coming to terms with the Christian myth. Up until the last part of the film it was good, but his personal vendetta gotcha style interview with the superintendent was tasteless.

#336 - 09/13/07 07:59 PM Re: The God Who Wasn't There (Documentary ) [Re: blackdragon31560]
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The lack of empirical evidence for the historical existence of Jesus has been known for donkey's years.
But hardly anyone, apparently, wants to know.
The Church's propaganda has been that effective.

Take the following 78-yr-old quip:

"Historically, it is quite doubtful whether Christ ever existed at all, and if He did we do not know anything about Him..."
- Bertrand Russell, speaking in his 1929 lecture "Why I Am Not A Christian"

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#337 - 09/13/07 08:08 PM Re: The God Who Wasn't There (Documentary ) [Re: Meq]
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A question my husband always asks that make me laugh is if Jesus was a carpenter, what the fuck did he build? He says (and I'll have to take his word on this, I'm not a bible reader) that there is no mention of anything Jesus built in it.

So was he a carpenter or an evangelist?

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#396 - 09/17/07 03:53 PM Re: The God Who Wasn't There (Documentary ) [Re: blackdragon31560]
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I agree with you on the loss of momentum toward the end of the documentary. If he had left out the bit about his former school I think it would have made for a better piece as a whole.

I forgot that I have that saved as a torrent on my computer from a while ago. Pulled it up and watched it again and it was entertaining enough.

It is a sad reality to embrace though I think. While mainstream christianity is an easy enough target with all of its funny parts it still represents the predominant faith in America.


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