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#32387 - 11/29/09 07:50 PM Anyone Ever Take A Personality Test?
Morbid Rex Offline

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I've taken them several times and always score as an INFP. I was curious to know if there may be a personality type thats most common amongst Satanist.

If anyones interested in taking one I suggest the Carl Jung based Myers Briggs which you can easily find on Google.
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#32392 - 11/29/09 08:22 PM Re: Anyone Ever Take A Personality Test? [Re: Morbid Rex]
CJB Offline

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The problem with personality tests like these is that they're all dependent upon the person taking the test to be truthful and factual about their answers. Saying that...I actually do enjoy taking tests like these, so let's see what I come out as...

From OKCupid's testing thingy...
You are more introverted than extroverted. You are more intuitive than observant, you are more thinking based than feeling based, and you prefer to have a plan rather than leaving things to chance. Your type is best described by the word "mastermind", which belongs to the larger group called rationals. Only 1% of the population shares your type. You are very strong willed and self-confident. You can hardly rest until you have things settled. You will only adopt ideas and rules if they make sense. You are a great brainstormer and often come up with creative solutions to difficult problems. You are open to new concepts, and often actively seek them out.

All in all, sounds about right...
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#32395 - 11/29/09 08:30 PM Re: Anyone Ever Take A Personality Test? [Re: Morbid Rex]
Dan_Dread Offline

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I always seem to get ENTJ.

Considering ENTJ is supposed to compose about 3% of the population, they seem to pop up a lot on these Satanic type forums. I don't know if there is any one M/B type that holds the lions share of Satanists, but the number of ENTJs in Satanism is certainly disproportionate to the 'norm'.

#32397 - 11/29/09 09:10 PM Re: Anyone Ever Take A Personality Test? [Re: Dan_Dread]
Wicked Satanist Offline

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I've become more ISTJ.

Of the 4 posts here, none are the same.

The TJ in ISTJ is Thinking and Judging, which should be rather typical of a Satanist regardless of the duration on their path in life. It's what should be a dominant quality(s) in any OPEN MINDED or FREE THINKING individual.

I am willing to wager... 20 people can do this test from these Forums and youd get close to 20 DIFFERENT personalities. Which would not come as a complete surprise.
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#32412 - 11/30/09 08:22 AM Re: Anyone Ever Take A Personality Test? [Re: Wicked Satanist]
Room 101 Offline

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The last job I had “HUMANMETRICS” played a large part in your acceptance into the company.

The first stage of the interview process for the role of systems architect involved this kind of thing, the second round was an aptitude exam based on the subject matter of the position.

I was never told what personality type I’m in possession of, nor do I know if this test was the same as the Carl Jung based Myers Briggsone mentioned in this thread.

But here goes...apparently I’m an ENTJ.
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#32413 - 11/30/09 08:34 AM Re: Anyone Ever Take A Personality Test? [Re: Room 101]
Jake999 Offline
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I'm simply JAKE. My personality is adaptable and manipulable to fit the situation and the need of the day.

Over the years, I've had to take various "personality tests" and the like for jobs, assessments, etc. They're manipulable as hell, once you find the bias. I don't take too much stock in them.
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