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#32421 - 11/30/09 11:12 PM Parents Pull Child's Tooth With RC Car
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An interesting alternative to going to see a dentist. Probably a lot less costly too. Seems like a hardcore little kid - didn't show any fear in the video. I wonder if the parents will get in any trouble for doing this. I don't think this really constitutes abuse. Now they just have to hope they don't get charged with practicing dentistry without a license. \:D
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#32423 - 12/01/09 12:00 AM Re: Parents Pull Child's Tooth With RC Car [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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That article was ridiculous! Not only did the author not have anything better or important to write about, but they implied the family was "white trash" ["Watch the video while we dial the White Trash Tooth Fairy"] but they implied that this is wrong or bad parenting ["but we're pretty sure Child Protective Services might be able to recommend a more suitable dental professional]. Granted this was probably and likely was sarcasm to spice up an article on a LiveLeak video! How sad, ha ha! \:D

It's not like it was a matter needed by the dentist, it was a baby tooth. At least when I grew up, it was not an affair to go have the dentist help with. I've heard many accounts of tying the string to the tooth and a door knob or other object to pull it out. This family successfully made the task enjoyable by both the child (who was probably anxious to get the tooth out and over with!), the parents, and the viewer. A stressful situation turned into enjoyment. A+ idea to me. The kid loved it! \:\)
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#32424 - 12/01/09 12:19 AM Re: Parents Pull Child's Tooth With RC Car [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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LOL! We've come a long way from the tooth tied to a doorknob, which was the high tech of the late 40's and early 50's. Parents have been coming up with innovative and sometimes complicated ways of taking out baby teeth and while not rendering their children panic stricken in doing so for a long, long time.
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#32458 - 12/01/09 09:29 PM Re: Parents Pull Child's Tooth With RC Car [Re: Jake999]
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Der Bär is due to lose one soon...hmmmm....I may have a whole new use for that T-ball stand...

That was a freakin' HILARIOUS video, 6. Thanks.

#32462 - 12/02/09 04:39 AM Re: Parents Pull Child's Tooth With RC Car [Re: ceruleansteel]
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As a dental student I really feel I should say something negative about this... but I really can't find any issue with it, other than that it's saving work for me!

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