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#32429 - 12/01/09 03:14 AM Sophies World
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If this book have been discussed before, I am sorry, but I were not able to find it.

Have anyone even read Sophies World?
And what do you think about it?
And seeing as I posted this in the phil. section, what do you think about the book as a book on philosphy?

I found it to be a good book, learned alot from it, and it was wonderfull to be able to read such a book in my own language, when it was also written in the language I speak.
I brings up alot, and I love that also Jean-Paul Sartre and the existensialism are mentioned. I had some issues with the ending, I found it a bit.. I don`t know.. weak? At least if I see the whole book under one. The figures in the forest were alright, but when they find all these creatures behind the cafe-building and all that.. I was a little bit to childish compared with the rest of the book.
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#33111 - 12/21/09 09:00 AM Re: Sophies World [Re: Fredenburgian]
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I read Sophie's World years ago. English is my first and only language so I read a translation.

I know very little about Philosophy so I'd say that the book is a reasonably good introduction to the subject. I'm a member of the 'Philosophy's For Everyone' club as opposed to the 'Philosophy's Strictly For University Smarty Pantses' club.

Since I read a translation I can't comment on the story as written in Norwegian.
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#39417 - 06/19/10 10:37 AM Re: Sophies World [Re: PeteOfTheDead]
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My professor made sophie's world as our textbook in intro to philo class and i think its a very useful book. It makes people gain insights in philosophy because it was written in a way that people would have interest in it compared to seriously termed philosophy books that a lot of people find it boring to read. But ofcourse it cannot replace books which are more detailed and analytical in nature.It's a perfect beginners book \:\)
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