This is a little late in the coming, but I just ran across an article from the Oklahoma City Examiner, back in September, which covers the murder of a pastor in Anadarko, Oklahoma.

The pastor's body was allegedly placed in a "crucified" position; therefore (following typical Oklahoman logic), "it must be the work of Satanists!"

Thought I'd share. Crock of shit.

On August 23, Pastor Carol Daniels, 61, was found dead in the Christ Holy Sanctified Church in Anadarko, Oklahoma. She had multiple deep cuts and stab wounds, with her autopsy report stating that she had been nearly decapitated.

In addition to the "multiple sharp-force injuries," listed in the autopsy report, Daniels’ body was nude, and her clothes were taken from the scene. Her hair had been burned, and in a very sick statement from the killer, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation told reporters confirmed that the pastor’s body had been “staged” in a crucifix position.

Full article here.

And the rebuttal.

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