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#32906 - 12/14/09 03:07 PM Demonolatry and Atum
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I stumbled upon this about a year ago. I studied it for awhile, read a few books about it. The underlying belief is Hermetic. It is their definition of Satan I find odd. Obviously deities are abstract, to each their own.

They theorize Satan is equal to Atum, the Egyptian Creator God. That Satan is the whole of the Universe, even as far as saying Divine. There is very little about Satan being adversarial or even Left Handed. They almost use "Demons" in a Right Handed style.

Really the only Demonolatry resource I ever found was...

Anyways, I found it very odd and was curious of others opinions. To each their own perception, but some perspectives are just damn odd to me.

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#32911 - 12/14/09 05:35 PM Re: Demonolatry and Atum [Re: Natalia666]
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I dunno. I've never really thought of Demonolatry as being much more than a quasi-pagan form of spirit worship. Its presence seems primarily limited to the internet, in either case.

I don't see the point of using the term "Satan" at all unless it is adversarial in some way. Trying to redefine Satan as some transcendental creator-god makes no sense either, and is most likely a symptom of merely trying to paint a white-light god black.

I read some of their devotional material a while back, and to put it lightly, it made me puke a little, seeing that they seem to regard Satan and His legions as benevolent little house-elves that you worship and pray to like any other boring deity. Not LHP in the least.
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#33112 - 12/21/09 09:22 AM Re: Demonolatry and Atum [Re: The Zebu]
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Certainly some would disagree, but I think one cannot call him/herself a theist, even a Satanic theist, without at least a little RHP creeping in. The theist’s focus cannot help but shift from self-centeredness to other-centeredness, asking for friendship, guidance, favors – something – from the other. I’d be happy to hear other perspectives on the subject.
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