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#3339 - 01/11/08 12:57 PM Fragmented thinking
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I am interested to see if anyone else here has had the experience of what I call fragmented thought. I will explain.

Fragmented thought is where your mind begins to see clearly different possible answers to given questions or situations all at once. In many cases these thoughts are opposed to one another, yet they all seem right. If fact the concept of right and wrong begin to disappear entirely. Realistically you are completely rendered unable to function in what we deem reality. Reality itself begins to unravel itself. All partisan ideas begin to seem foolish!
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#3345 - 01/11/08 02:57 PM Re: Fragmented thinking [Re: birdstrike]
Morgan Offline

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I tend to look at this differently.

I think the ability to look at an idea from all the different possible angles makes for a better decision.

There is no right and wrong sometimes, just choices as to what is the right solution to a problem.
By seeing the different avenues, and understanding them, then acting upon a choice you make would make you stronger to act in reality.

I think you got disturbed and stopped by all the possible outcomes or choices. I think you have to take the next step of being more aware of them and then doing something, like making a choice or decision in regards to the given situation.

Hope that helps,
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#3396 - 01/12/08 03:44 PM Re: Fragmented thinking [Re: Morgan]
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A wise person once challenged me to try and stop measuring my decisions by "right and wrong," and start measuring decisions by what is "productive and counterproductive" to my needs and desires. This change in thought made decision making much easier for all things.
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#3404 - 01/12/08 06:38 PM Re: Fragmented thinking [Re: Octavius]
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The situation you describe is a familiar one. Rational inquiry alone is insufficient to determine "right" from "wrong". Without a firm set of values to bias the outcome, all solutions become equally viable, and equally worthless.

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#3429 - 01/13/08 05:01 PM Re: Fragmented thinking [Re: birdstrike]
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Seeing different possibles for situation or a question at once is normal to me.
If there is a problem, I see all possible solutions nearly immediate and at once. I pick up the best one and use it. If there is no one, I work on many solutions at once until a good one is ready to being used. It's rarely that at first I see only one solution. The other ones I keep until I have finished my work, because I often change my solution way during my work. After working, I kill the unused solutions completely. I use it multible, when I do more than one work at same time. But physically I can work on only one work at the time.
My mind is for me like windows for computers. I'm sure you know, the pictures and noises you can imagine in your mind. The "inner screen and loudspeakers". I use it every time for notices, physical experiments, electrical circuits, just for fun and many more. Each work gets an own box on screen like in windows a window so it doesn't collide with other works and I can it handle like a window. It is like "multitasking" in windows. My mind will be slowier during running time, because I forget to close those boxes, because they are behind active ones but it is still working and I don't feel it :-(...
A box like this is a good and legal cheating paper for exams. Last time I painted the chemical system of periods on one like this and I used it as well in chemical exams.

I thought, that, what you claim "Fragmented thinking" is normal to everybody and every minds work on many solutions at once . I didn't thing about it may not be usual. Is this "window"-thing normal to you?

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