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#33590 - 01/06/10 09:02 AM An Experiment in Sound...
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While we keep an open mind, let's not rush or false assumptions based on simple lacks of understanding.

The communication between animals, for example. Most of what seems to be telepathic abilities break down to communicative frequencies that we as humans just can't hear or mimic. The communication of elephants is a good example of this. They emit a low rumbling sound that falls very close to the range of infrasound that is difficult for the human ear to detect, but travels for miles, allowing herds to communicate.

Whales and dolphins... round the globe communication in high frequency bleeps, chirps and moans that we can scarely understand. Birds in flight... flocks of thousands turning on a dime. Telepathy COULD answer it, but if you hear hoofbeats, think of horses, rather than zebras. Their communications are most likely out of the range of our abilities at present.

Mariah Carey... notes that only dogs can hear...

Which brings us to our four-footed friends. Dogs most probably do communicate with higher frequencies. A good indication of this is the good old dog whistle. Most humans hear nothing, but a dog can hear it for a long distance. Dogs also have the ability to home in on very specific sounds in the midst of a cacaphony of sounds, much as they can isolate single scents in a world of odors. This would allow them to hear their owners approaching from a long way off, being able to associate the sound of their car from others. They could also smell the approach of their masters... lots of possibilities that don't need to be mystical. They're mystifying enough as they are.
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#33591 - 01/06/10 02:29 PM Re: An Experiment in Sound... [Re: Jake999]
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Whales and dolphins... round the globe communication in high frequency bleeps, chirps and moans that we can scarely understand

I highly suggest that any one who dives in the marine environment to put on a dry-suit and get hit (sonically) by a sounding fin-whale. My ears are still ringing, 9 years later, and it was a small female several hundred yards away schooling some euphausiids!
Ow! I got drunk the night after that! And the bartender told me to stop yelling, and I told her I wasn't. ;\) If she'd been any closer when she 'barked', my skull would've been in several distinct pieces.
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#33601 - 01/06/10 05:14 PM Re: An Experiment in Sound... [Re: GillesdeRais]
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I have tried moving these posts to the 'The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence' thread, but this is as close as I can get them - perhaps a less retarded Mod could give it a better go than I ;\)


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