Dear members.

I have just listened through a very interesting piece of music.

The Norwegian band Shining released their album "BLACKJAZZ" yesterday, an d a grand album it is.

Being far from a hard-core black-metal fan, (although I will admit to nursing a fondness for the more artistic accomplishments within the genre), I have always been interested in the musical "ripples" made by the impact of Norwegian BM.

There are several examples of "contemporary" (read: officially authorized and educated) composers, who admits to using the delightfully fluctuating musical expressions wich BM gave birth to as a major musical influence. "Art-Bands" like Cloroform, Noxact, not to mention the fabolous Deathprod comes to mind.

Yet; here comes Johnny!
Shining is incredibly well played, and well produced.
Although recorded entirely in Norway, the album is mixed in LA, at the hands of the infamous Sean Beavan (NIN, Marilyn Manson and Slayer).

Btw; Shining has been working with Enslaved for some time now.
Grutle is in fact doing the vocals on two tracks on the album.
I have heard rumours about a double-concert coming up.

May we live in interesting times, Ladies & Gentlemen.

Shining Home Page

Live performance on Norwegian television: here!


Contra Mundum!