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#35112 - 02/04/10 11:39 AM Columbo - Old TV Show
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I've had Netflix for quite some time and have discovered that the old Peter Falk detective series, Columbo, is available in streaming media.

Of course, I remember the character from my childhood as it was a staple in my house. I'd wager that my folks never missed an episode.

Looking back on it now that I'm an adult I can certainly see why people loved the show. Basically, the premise of the show is that it pits a highly accomplished and notable member of society who murders someone for one reason or another against Lieutenant Columbo, an LAPD homicide detective.

Viewing the character of Columbo from a Satanic perspective, there is much to learn from watching the show. Columbo is really quite brilliant but he's completely affable in his behavior and presents the image of being a bumbling detective. There are several incidents throughout the show where he is mistaken for a bum because of his choice of rumpled and disheveled clothing as well as for his lack of personal grooming with regard to his hair. I realized after watching many episodes that Columbo intentionally cultivated this look to appear non threatening in a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' sort of way. He is often under estimated and, because of that, his quarry will often tell him things that ultimately lead to his solving of the case.

Besides his cultivated appearance, and with regard to his work, Columbo also uses the resources around him as a good Satanist should. He's aware of the rules and protocols but instead of becoming a slave to them, he often bends the rules to make things work in his favor. Also, throughout the series, he is constantly educating himself so that he can use his knowledge to discover new clues as opposed to waiting for new clues to materialize by other means.

To me, Lieutenant Columbo demonstrates Satanic mastery in his consistent use of lesser magic, his undefiled wisdom, his responsibility to the responsible and his indulgences in cigars and a good bowl of Chili at every available opportunity ;\)

Anyone else seen/enjoyed this show?
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#35126 - 02/04/10 10:13 PM Re: Columbo - Old TV Show [Re: Fnord]
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I saw one episode years ago but I can't really recall much of it. However, after reading this I will have to try watching it again.

I think much of what you say about the character Columbo can also be said about Perry Mason. The only differences are that Mason is an attorney and doesn't dress like a bum. The plots are very similar in that every episode is centered around a murder, usually committed by a highly accomplished notable member of society.

Perry always ends up defending an innocent person against the murder charge. In addition to that Perry Mason also employs Lesser Magic very well; almost every episode culminates in Perry saying something that causes the real guilty party (who is always in the courtroom for some strange reason) to announce their guilt in the courtroom. The final parallel I draw between these to shows is that they are both set in LA, though Perry Mason has been known to take cases outside of LA County.
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#35187 - 02/06/10 03:57 PM Re: Columbo - Old TV Show [Re: Fnord]
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Ah yes, love Columbo. Used to be a very big show back in the old country, especially since in the old days there were only two TV channels (now they have as many as we do).

I still watch it sometimes now when I have the chance. Not only are the characters and story line interesting, but it's also fun to watch the era that the show takes place.

Also enjoyed a show called the "Persuaders" with Tony Curtis, and Roger Moore for the same reasons. Always loved the opening music too. Here it is on Youtube

Ahem, kind of see myself as the Tony Curtis type on that show ;\)
Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn't \:\)

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