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#35659 - 02/14/10 07:09 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Fnord]
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Room101, if you haven’t heard of it read 1984. Please, you’ll be a better person for it.
"Nothing is your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull." - George Orwell (1984)

#35661 - 02/14/10 10:50 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Room 101]
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A Zebu is a big, long-horned cow from Africa and the middle east. They have humps on their back. They're pretty cool.

Long ago in middle school, I picked "Zebu" as a random word out of the dictionary to use as my screenname. In high school some of my gamer friends began calling me Zebu in person, and in college, nearly everybody knows me as Zebu. So it's pretty much stuck.
«Recibe, ¡oh Lucifer! la sangre de esta víctima que sacrifico en tu honor.»

#35663 - 02/14/10 11:42 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: The Zebu]
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Mine's pretty obvious but I'll state it anyway: 'Shaun Of The Dead' is one of my favourite movies.

'The Dead' part reminds me that humans can become zombies metaphorically.

Room 101- I've read 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' but your username also reminds me of Neo's apartment number in 'The Matrix.
"The snake will always bite back."
"Every moment is an experience."
Jake 'The Snake' Roberts

#35664 - 02/14/10 11:43 PM The Name Game [Re: Noctuary]
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I have always felt that I should take personal responsibility for everything I say and do, thus have never used a screen name or pseudonym.

My legal name "Michael A. Aquino", which I was not pre-consulted about, always struck me as amusingly ironic: "Michael" is of course the Archangel who was the great enemy of Satan, and our Italian-side family name goes back to the Catholic Church's most revered theologian St. Thomas (whom we revere as the white sheep of the family).

Oh, well, I could have been named "Anton", which derives from the Greek anthos = "flower".

The "A." is just an initial, though my parents used it to nickname me "Archy" [after the cockroach]. Doubtless this presaged my later interest in Xeper, the Egyptian scarab.

I have considered going back to the Scottish side of the family, "Rachane", and changing the "Michael" into the old Scottish "Meikle", and let "M.A.A." go spinning off into 20th-century mythology. At least it might cut down on all the junk mail and death threats. Only problem is that "Meikle" means "great" and "Rachane" a "ferny place", so that would make me "Great Swamp Thing". I'm not so sure that would be an improvement.
Michael A. Aquino

#35665 - 02/15/10 03:25 AM Re: The Name Game [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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Wow, very interesting stories behind your names! I used to go by a few different screen names. But Noctuary is my lj handle and my pen name for my poetry website. There is a writer by the name of Thomas Ligotti. He wrote a book called Noctuary.

My full lj and website are called Noctuary: Voice of the Dead. Noctuary is a journal of the night..or what passes in the night. For me as a writer it fits.
Devils speak of the way in which she'll manifest

#35666 - 02/15/10 03:32 AM Re: The Name Game [Re: Noctuary]
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I don't know how many other people do this but I actually use 2 screen names. The Blackangel, I have already explained. But if I don't want something to be connected to my website or such, I use the name Legion. I like it simply because I think it's a neat name and also because it defied christ in the bible. It's a generic bit of goofyness, I know but what the hell. I'm not trying to impress anyone.
Don't dance with the Devil if you don't know the steps.

#35934 - 02/23/10 06:25 PM Re: The Name Game [Re: The Blackangel]
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I got babylonian dream from the fact that I was a babylonian pagan for a while, as an outlet for my creativity, and I thought that gods don't seem to exist outside dreams, so I put the two together and got babylonian dream.
"We are a way for the cosmos to know itself" Sagan

#36017 - 03/01/10 11:15 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Noctuary]
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My life in the military is like a circus. I am the Ringmaster of my life. Nothing too deep but there it is.
Get off the cross and save yourself, I feel no pity for the cries of a weak man.

#36019 - 03/01/10 11:47 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Ringmaster]
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Full username is Avus Wake.

It's a long story
To love a stranger, one's love must be cheap

#36020 - 03/02/10 12:00 AM "Legion" [Re: The Blackangel]
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 Originally Posted By: The Blackangel
... I use the name Legion. I like it simply because I think it's a neat name and also because it defied christ in the bible. It's a generic bit of goofyness, I know but what the hell. I'm not trying to impress anyone.

The name "Legion" has another, and I think more interesting connotation:

 Originally Posted By: M.A.A., Scroll of Set 8/83
Book Review: Legion by William Peter Blatty

When William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist came out, it was fashionable for sophisticated Satanists to speak condescendingly of its simplistic, medieval-Catholic premises of “demonic possession”. This didn’t prevent us from trying to capitalize on the notable success of the novel and then the overwhelming success of the movie. Yet the feeling remained that The Exorcist was little more than a boogey-man scare story, and that Blatty’s contribution to Satanic philosophy was nil.

Hollywood’s Exorcist II movie did nothing to dispel this notion. A confusing, ill-edited attempt to serve a second dish of pea soup, it flopped badly at the box office and relegated poor Pazuzu to the murky mists of Mesopotamian mythology whence he came. And that seemed to be the end of The Exorcist as well.

But nothing is certain in this world, and now Blatty has popped up with Legion, a sequel to the original story which delicately avoids reference to the ill-conceived Exorcist II. Regan and her mother do not appear in Legion; it is essentially a story involving some of the more peripheral characters of Exorcist, notably Police Lieutenant Kinderman. The search is on for a sadistic murderer prowling the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C.

As detective stories go it is awkward and unrealistic. One doesn’t quite understand how Kinderman gets from point A to point B. The surprise discovery is pleasantly nostalgic, after which the novel ties up its loose ends and draws to a back-to-normalcy close.

If that were all there were to Legion, I wouldn’t advise your buying it, at least not in hardcover. But there is more to it. Probably as a consequence of criticism concerning the lightweight, medieval theology of Exorcist, Blatty has read some books and done some thinking on cosmology. He has made a careful and introspective attempt to understand the rationale for the existence of God and Devil, and through the mediums of Kinderman and the other actors of Legion he offers his conclusions. Particularly interesting is Kinderman’s dream of the initial estrangement of God and Satan in a sequence suggestive of George Gamow’s “Big Bang” theory.

Legion’s cosmology is still far too primitive to compare with that of the Temple of Set. But it’s a step in the right direction for Blatty, whose view of the cosmos has gone beyond that of the Jesuits. Perhaps the Prince of Darkness quietly decided to show the author of The Exorcist that things are not as simple as the Holy Bible would have him believe. There are a few moments of old-time demonic possession in Legion, but one suspects Blatty inserted them so as not to disappoint panting readers who got off on Regan’s crucifix-masturbation scene.

I don’t think Legion is a classic, nor do I think that your personal library would miss the hardcover edition. Its philosophy makes the eventual paperback a good buy, however If Hollywood makes a movie of it, I predict you’ll see the splatter and possession scenes as ghouled-up as possible, and that if the cosmological philosophy appears at all it will be simplified to a token level. And that will be a shame, since the philosophy’s the true merit of the book.

Good for you, William Peter Blatty!

Incidentally I was right on both counts: Hwood did make a movie of it - Exorcist III - and all of the philosophy was left out of it in favor of murder & mayhem. What was great fun about that film, however, was that its scenes were crammed with all sorts of "peripheral vision surprises" - spookyweird items and actions that if you weren't alert you'd miss. The best "trick" film of this sort since The List of Adrian Messenger.
Michael A. Aquino

#36026 - 03/02/10 05:30 AM Re: "Legion" [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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My nick was originally a charachter that I made up as a child. I remember even back then that I wasnt happy with the name or the charachter which at that time was called The Insane Swede (hey bear with me it is awful but I was about 10 when I came up with it).

Then I went online on IRC (chat-room/file-share thing) and needed a nick name. I didnt know what I was going to call myself but this old childhood charahcter of mine came to mind. However IRC only allowed a certain amount of letters in a name so I had to shorten it. Hence TheInsane.

There was a time when I was using my real name but decided it wasnt a good idea in the long run when people look it up (future work etc). Still I never experienced any problem during the time I used my real name.

I used this name so much and I met people through the internet in real life and we often called eachother by out internet names (which is how we knew eachother) so with time I kind of became one with the name TheInsane. Been using it for 9.5 years now. A fluke turned into a personality I guess you could say \:\)

#36211 - 03/11/10 03:51 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Noctuary]
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In Mandarin, Lao (Old) and Xiao (Little) are used to create nicknames for two people with the same name. So if one had two people named Cheng working at the same place, the older would be called "Lao Cheng" and the younger "Xiao Cheng."

My name is a tribute to the Southern Mongolian writer Ma Bo, who wrote a scathing critique of Maoist China called Blood Red Sunset. In China, he used the pen name "Lao Gui" (Old Devil) to avoid being caught for what he wrote. Xiao Gui, thus, means "Little Devil," or imp. It's a screen name I've had for years before I ever became interested in Satanism.
I am on nobody's side, because nobody is on my side

#36238 - 03/11/10 10:39 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: XiaoGui17]
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I registered SleeplessNyte for The 600 Club. When Xear was contacted by a friend of mine, to see why my registration app hadn't gone through in almost a week, Xear used Nyte for my "viewable" name and left off Sleepless. It's all good with me, because I use to visit a Satanism chat quite some time back (under a screen name that included Nyte at the end) and everyone use to call me Nyte in there. It stuck and just about any board I have posted to, I've been called Nyte, even when I didn't make it a point to use that for short for my screen name. I found it interesting that Xear didn't know me and yet set my registration up with Nyte as what everyone would see. Seemed more than just coincidental but in a very, very good and comfortable way.
If only just for today.....

#36248 - 03/12/10 05:50 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: XiaoGui17]
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"Lao" was also used in classical Chinese, for example "Lao Tzu" means "Old Master", the title given to the legendary author of the Tao Te Ching (Wiki entry).
"Xiao" also saw ancient use, such as in the Confucian Xiao Jing (where the term implies respect for elders as a virtue for the young).

My username is a shortened form of a name that first occurred to me in a dream around 16 years ago.
The short form was later coined by members of 600.

However, it frequently gets mistaken for "Meg" by copious amounts of male fuckwit guests passing through the chatroom looking for somewhere to wank.
I consider that a "fucktard filter"...

#36282 - 03/12/10 08:46 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Noctuary]
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My name basically means that the darkness in my body is externally covered in dust!!! " exadust"
Herein you will find truth and fantasy. Each is necessary in order for the other to exsist.

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