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#36295 - 03/13/10 02:59 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: exadust]
reverand Offline

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I got bored one night a number of years ago and i registered online with the Universal Life Church as a minister. So i started making friends and co-workers call me reverand.
Call it paradoxical or just plain sarcastic I couldn't believe that it was so simple and "legal." I figured it was a rather apt indication of what they have done to their own religion to just have anybody regardless of faith or qualifications able to preach their bullshit.
It was like the final straw, admiting to the world that religion has always been a money grab.
the best part was when i recieved my certificate at my jesusdeservedit email
I never really hated the one TRUE god, but the god of the people I hated.

#36316 - 03/13/10 12:03 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Noctuary]
Ruwan Offline

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I came up with this name when I was still writing a lot. I loosely based it on the Japanese word Ronin which is basically a Samurai with out a master. Ruwan has always been my main character and he is in every one of my works in some form.

Ruwan has evolved from there he is my alter ego. I believe that everyone has three faces one that they show the world, one they show to there closest relation's, and one that they only show them self’s. That is who Ruwan is and he affects my actions on a daily basis. When I am put in a situation of extreme stress Ruwan comes out in full.
So I figured that if he is the face that only I know in depth he must be the truest form of my personality.
It's strange I know but hey it just felt right.
The man who choices to ignore the value of his own life, Is not worthy of it.

#36520 - 03/16/10 06:38 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Noctuary]
GiantRubberDuck Offline

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I looked around my room, and the first thing I noticed was a big, yellow, rubber duck.
There you go.

#36523 - 03/16/10 08:34 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: exadust]
Simon Offline

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Mine is taken from the king of the witchelves, a race in the ever epic warhammer. It is one of the many names for the witchking...
-I am the drinker of worlds-
- Slaanesh

#36533 - 03/16/10 09:41 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Simon]
felixgarnet Offline
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 Originally Posted By: Simon
Mine is taken from the king of the witchelves, a race in the ever epic warhammer. It is one of the many names for the witchking...

Wait, wait . . . a King of the Witchelves is called Simon???
What are his brothers called - Alan and Ken?
Sorry - had to be said! ;\)
"Here's to Artifice!" - Anton Szandor LaVey.

#36536 - 03/16/10 10:27 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: felixgarnet]

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Solerift was the name of my old metal band that I played with back in high school - it means "the individual space in between" OR as I like to say it - "the singularity void"
#36540 - 03/16/10 12:21 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Noctuary]
BelialsGal Offline

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Belial is a personal favorite of mine symbolizing independence and personal accomplishments in the Satanic view (things I find important), while representing corruption or the devil himself in the Christian view.

I'm from Oklahoma and I have an accent, so Belial, correctly prounounced like Bee-lial, comes out of my mouth as Bay-li-Al. Therefore, BelialsGal rhymes when I speak. I thought it was very clever at the time, but later realized it is only clever to those with pronouce his name incorrectly.

#36878 - 03/21/10 11:41 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: BelialsGal]
TV is God Moderator Offline

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My username is actually not in reference to any of LaVey's or Gilmore's writings about the television being god although it gave me laugh when I first read them.
This title was actually a name of an independent video game developed by someone I know. (It was a comedic rpg about a man's journey to murder television executives for canceling his favorite show.)
I was making the soundtrack so when I typed up the mp3 tags the artist name was TV is God. Well the game fell through but I decided to continue making these songs under the title TV is God and started using it as a username.
I'm also working on a concept "album"(if you can call a free download of mp3s that) all centralized around a videodrome-esque television mindcontrol that tells people to bring about the apocalypse.

#37100 - 03/28/10 12:03 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Fist]
Fist Moderator Offline
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 Originally Posted By: Fist

And the whole of the Law is Love...

Oh, I also forgot that my name is English for Faust. Get it? Yeah, this works on so many levels.
I am the Devil and I am here to do the Devil's work.

#37131 - 03/30/10 02:52 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Meq]
Zophos Offline

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As anyone who has spent some time with a foreign language will tell you, there are invariably words which either cannot be translated into one's native language at all, or else, if they can, lose the specificity of their cultural or connotative meaning in the process.

The ancient Greek word zophos can be translated simply as "darkness," but refers more properly to the chthonic darkness of the underworld. Since this concept is among the most innately universal in the history of humankind, reflecting our finitude, neophobia, hatred of the unknown, fear of change, and ultimately the dread of mortality, its affirmation as the fixed center of human life allows for the transcendence of these restrictive elements which otherwise poison the capacity to embrace our own volition.

Apropos of my historical interests, the convergence of Greek, Latin, and Hebrew in the Italian Renaissance has always fascinated me, not leastwise because of its far-reaching critical and philosophical impact. Thus although my chief reason for taking the Sigil of Baphomet as my icon is obvious, an immediate secondary reason is its use of Hebrew, which together with my Greek username and Latin signature lend a classically-oriented Italian aesthetic sensibility to my profile.

Nihil sit tam infirmum aut instabile quam fama potentiae non sua vi nita.

#37409 - 04/06/10 03:31 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Zophos]
Doomsage680 Offline

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I used to write/draw my own comic books of mainstream superheroes in my own stories. It was pretty fun. I also played this free online RPG called RuneScape(please don't look it up) where I had a character I named Doomsage680. The name is supposed to be Doom Sage, like one of those old sages who preaches the coming of doom and the apocalypse, but it also seems to look like Doom's Age, also apocalyptic.

Having quit RuneScape due to massive noobishness(theirs and mine) I made the story of Doomsage into a comic. He's this really cool guy who was a Salem Witch in a fantasy-medieval style early America who has his whole Coven betrayed by a greedy member. When a member of the Coven dies, their power transfers equally to the remaining members. Therefore, sadly, Doomsage becomes a lone wolf seeking revenge who has now become much more powerful at the cost of all those he cared for. To do their memory justice he begins a journey of vengeance where he rediscovers friendship and love, all while being cloaked in darkness.

Whenever someone threatens him he manipulates the elements and maybe even consumes them in a tornado at a moment's notice. Sure he's not the most original hero/character but it's fun. I might start that story again. I even considered making that my rapper name but I preferred Rage Incarnate, which I'm sticking with. Pretty similar concept though. Thinking back on this, I was more Satanic in early highschool than I realized. Doomsage is a badass who wears a big black cloak/robe, and his eyes glow red through the obscuring shadow of his hood. He has this cool demonic looking staff.
"I who have nothing but the comfort of my sins"
- Vinny Paz

#37416 - 04/06/10 04:35 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Doomsage680]
Dakota Offline

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Dakota, is the first name of Dakota Moss, a character Lindsay Lohan played in "I know who killed me" she played a stripper.

Edited by Dakota (04/06/10 04:35 AM)

#37428 - 04/06/10 01:55 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Noctuary]
sata Offline

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Loc: Lebanon
In the beggining I was confused about what user name shall I chose.But later I choosed sata as a user name taken from satan.
#37432 - 04/06/10 06:02 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: sata]
BloodRaven Offline

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Loc: Tucson, AZ
Blood Raven is a character in one of my favorite computer games, Diablo II . I thought it was a nifty name and it just stuck.
#37481 - 04/09/10 09:53 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Fnord]
jesusbeater Offline

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Loc: Ireland
Started off as a nickname over 15 or maybe 20 years ago because I was so anti -christian. Then it became a name people were taking the piss out of cause it does sound kind of stupid, and then it just kind of stuck. Every one I know knows me by it now, so its just a weird nickname that always stuck so I always use it on forums and the like, cause I am Jesusbeater, in a weird kind of way.Was always surprised that no one else actually used it.

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