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#39491 - 06/22/10 03:17 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: bl1ndeathwatcHer]
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You replied to say nothing and babble forth much nonsense, fucking awesome like cancer. Not that I expect very much in this thread.

Stop taking hard drugs, listen to your doctors and please keep taking your medicine.


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#39498 - 06/22/10 10:30 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Fnord]
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Last name is Miles. So, ineveitibly I was called kilometers, which lead to clicks. I usually go by Miles, but among the people who know me better I go by clicks.
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#39511 - 06/23/10 05:33 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: ta2zz]
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 Originally Posted By: ta2zz

 Originally Posted By: Knievel74
When he passed a few years ago, he was literally one of the last of the real men to ever walk the earth.

But I don't know, why did I reply... Perhaps it is because to me a man is someone who can grab his balls and do what he needs to provide for him and his. Acquiring fame or seeking an adrenalin rush by risking "your life" run quite opposite to being a man in my book.

How did Evel not provide for his family? At the height of his fame he and his family lived like royalty. I'm not saying he was an angel. He had many faults and ended up pissing away his money. But when you take a guy who lived in poverty as a kid and almost overnight becomes rich and famous he's going to lose touch with what's important.

I never understood people who think that fame is bad. Since when? I can't tell you how many people I've met - both men and women - who gave up their dream to start a family and now they're miserable because they realize it was the wrong decision and it's too late to do anything about it. Or, at least they think it is.

And what's the definition of a "real man"? Whenever I hear someone say, "Well, I gotta be a man and do what's right". What I really hear is, "I have to bow down and do what someone else thinks is right even though I know it's wrong and I really don't want to do it". That's not a man, that's a slave.

And I'd much rather be an adrenaline junky than work in some office for an asshole supervisor, who, because he couldn't play Third Base for the Dodgers, is taking it out on me.
"Man was meant to live, not just to exist". - Evel Knievel

#60030 - 10/13/11 02:02 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: jesusbeater]
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"dust-e sheytoon" means, "I'm a friend of Satan," in Persian. There are several different ways to spell Satan in Persian. Sheytaan is more formal, while Sheytoon is more colloquial and includes the characteristic of having a dark sense of humor.

"dust-e man" is a more common phrase, which means "friend of mine."

My choice of Persian in this instance is somewhat a Sheytoonic reference to "Great Satan," the name that the Islamic Republic of Iran government uses when speaking about the U.S. government within a bombastic and propagandistic context.
Fly for your lives! A great magician comes! He summons armies from the earth itself! ~ ArabianNights

#60031 - 10/13/11 02:38 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: dust-e sheytoon]
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"Rein", an attached piece of leather or other materiel attached to a horse bit or bridal to issue subtle commands to direct motion or action.

It has been my past time both as a child and now again as an adult to find the reins that different people, organizations, or situations have in order to create a positive outcome for myself. While it is not always possible, it is a learning experience every time to try and find the smallest cues that can turn the situation to my favor. Something new is learned and adapted each time a failure happens in order to learn and grow that ability.

That trait and habit of mine has shaped a lot of my present and as such it makes a fitting username for my steps into Satanism.
"Responsibility to the responsible"

#60039 - 10/14/11 08:35 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Rein]
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I got mine from a name generator and used it ever since..

My other favorite username is CripledCyclone (My XBLive Gamertag)

#60043 - 10/14/11 06:34 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Managor]
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My name rhymes . That is why I use it . And I intend to legally change my real name to Zach Black one day.

#60082 - 10/15/11 11:49 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Zach_Black]
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raid: 1) a sudden, hostile attack, esp, by troops or bandits. 2) a sudden invasion of a place by police, for discovering violations of the law.
RAIDER relates to these definitions. If I'm 'backed against a wall' or fed up...1) applies.
2) I've been on this end too.
RAIDER suits my personality, and I love dramatic events.

#60366 - 10/23/11 11:25 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Fnord]
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my means the gift that satan has given me, the gift of the black light to light the world with full of his darkness.
#60368 - 10/23/11 12:13 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: blackflamedemon]
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Mine is pretty simple. I am a female adversary, a female accuser, a female Satan. My entire approach to the LHP is based more around things that are traditionally feminine.

Plus, it's awful. It's not poetic, it's not pretty just boom in your face.

#60369 - 10/23/11 01:34 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: blackflamedemon]
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Blackflamedemon, please write your introduction in the Introduction thread. Say a little about your interest in Satanism/LHP philosophy and what brought you here.
"Here's to Artifice!" - Anton Szandor LaVey.

#60394 - 10/24/11 03:36 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: felixgarnet]
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Chaos in the name of Order; complete and utter duality. A sane insanity; the idea that good and evil are too often one and the same. It is generally far too easy to guise one thing as something else thus I prefer to be man enough to admit it. I am only half chaos. That is what my name means.

I will probably move on to another name in a few years but I will keep this one for a while because I only recently began using it.

#60416 - 10/25/11 01:00 AM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: halfchaos]
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Many many sun cycles ago, I called a friend of Mine at home. He wasn't there, but his father was. Now, his father had never met Me or even really heard of Me much before this point, and further was a bit hard of hearing. When I left My name, therefore, and didn't spell it for him, he wrote down 'Vondraco' as My last name (which admittedly is vaguely similar to what it is in real life).

My friend told Me of this, and I found it amusing. So much so, in fact, that I started using it as a 'handle' on the then-fledgling Internet and BBS boards ... and it went from there.
Mathematician by training, Philosopher by nature
Genius by genetics, Hedonist by desire!

#60430 - 10/25/11 02:41 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Noctuary]
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I am Latvian from Latvia and I'm quite proud abut my nation and my language. There are about 1.4 million native Latvian speakers in Latvia and about 150,000 abroad... It's reason why I use Latvian as my username.

I'm not sure, that I'm only Latvian in the 600 Club.
In Sorte Diaboli

#65684 - 03/24/12 10:17 PM Re: The meaning behind your username [Re: Latvian]
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I am Neurosys.
I posted a longwinded explanation to this thread many years ago.
Then I might have been Neurosis or MrCode/MrC0de.
Its weird I couldn't find my old username, so I made this one, but even weirder is that I can't find my old posts either.
Does anyone remember me? If I am correct Morgan runs this place now, any insight on... where I went? lol.

Well, I should answer the question as it is relevant now, but its not nearly as good a tale as the one I posted years ago.

Godaddy stole my identity of MrC0de when they hijacked my domain where I attempted to consolidate my 'internet persona'. I had to find a new one that I could live with even though I really identified with the whole MrC0de name and things I had created as Mrc0de(I'm a programmer).

I wanted something with a nice sound to it and I wanted to start hosting websites (I do that now, yay) so I thought Neurotic Networks would be cool kind of like "we're crazy about our servers" you get the idea.

"Neurosis is a class of functional mental disorders involving distress but neither delusions nor hallucinations, whereby behavior is not outside socially acceptable norms."

"It is also known as psychoneurosis or neurotic disorder, and thus those suffering from it are said to be neurotic. The term essentially describes an 'invisible injury' and the resulting condition."

Compelling for obvious reasons.
I never really connected neurotic networks with the hosting company (called it something more vanilla) and Neurosys is how I spell it when I have to permutate the username to register somewhere. It's become me instead of the thing I tried to create I guess.
The Emperor Has No Clothes.

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