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#35715 - 02/17/10 09:43 AM Self rituals
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So I've been a thiestic satanist for about a year now and I'm curently living in a small town where there's not many others. I was wondering in what ways could I peform rituals on my own if possible
#35717 - 02/17/10 10:29 AM Re: Self rituals [Re: Psychotic]
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This is the Introduction thread. Moving topic to "Satanism 101".
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#35720 - 02/17/10 11:42 AM Re: Self rituals [Re: Psychotic]
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I guess you could do them the same way you would with other people, only, on your own. I'm pretty sure you don't need more than one person to grovel on your knees to an imaginary being.
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#35767 - 02/18/10 02:47 PM Re: Self rituals [Re: Psychotic]
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 Originally Posted By: Psychotic
So I've been a thiestic satanist for about a year now and I'm curently living in a small town where there's not many others. I was wondering in what ways could I peform rituals on my own if possible

I've self-identified as a Satanist for somewhere in the area of a decade or so. In that time, I've participated in rituals involving more than one person (myself) on perhaps a dozen occasions, and those were special circumstances.

The Satanic Bible provides a pretty basic formula for the performance of rituals, either in group or solitary settings. Moreover, The Satanic Rituals, although written for the purposes of a group, can be adapted to suit a single individual, if you're creative enough.


#35778 - 02/18/10 08:05 PM Re: Self rituals [Re: Psychotic]

The Book of Belial and The Book of Leviathan in The Satanic Bible have some very good basic information on how to perform a Greater Magical ritual.

Those two books also contain advice on what tools or objects can be employed in rituals; and they also outline a number of other components, which are considered important to performing successful Greater Magic.

The three basic operative rituals in the TSB (lust, compassion and destruction) can be performed by the magician alone without the inclusion of others.

In fact Dr. LaVey suggested that individuals perform the compassion and lust rituals alone due to the very personal nature that these rituals can take.

The issue of theism may be important here. Each, in my opinion, should decide this Atheism/theism issue for themselves.

If you are a theist, than this particular outlook on the world or the universe, may have an effect on the way you perceive the nature of Greater Magic and the way it works for you.

You may wish to write your own rituals at some stage in the future. A deep study of The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals would be useful, in my view, as a study of the basics and of the classic rituals of the CoS will assist you in preparing your own.

Good luck.

#36079 - 03/04/10 06:56 PM Re: Self rituals [Re: Psychotic]
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Invocation of Satan. Just call the names of the 5 ancient Demons.
#36081 - 03/04/10 09:14 PM Re: Self rituals [Re: spiral]
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Does that necessarily coincide with the names of my five ex-girlfriends? Or just yo momma's? Just kidding. Belief in a 'pissed-off' deity is the same as being pissed off at yourself.

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#36096 - 03/05/10 04:14 PM Self Rituals [Re: SkaffenAmtiskaw]
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 Originally Posted By: MawhrinSkel
Please come up with something better than saying 'Candyman' five times into a mirror.

Well if that fails, there's always Beetlejuice. (Sorry, couldn't resist).

On the subject of solo ritual. I personally haven't had the need to perform a ritual ceremony for years - but I still know most of LaVey's main invocations by heart. Being of an atheistic persuasion, I see ritual more as psychodrama, and as closely related to self-hypnosis and meditation. All of my rituals were performed solo, which for myself was utterly necessary due to my individualistic take on the philosophy.
Each Satanist will have a different philosophical approach, which may well clash in group ritual settings, hence why I avoided seeking out others to ritualize with.

Creativity is important, as has been mentioned. Not only is it possible to adapt ANY group ritual to a solo practice - it is even possible to convert a ritual to a closed-eyes visualization, done entirely in one's head, and get the same emotional responses. (Here is where the exercise of memory may also reap some rewards.)

A visualized ritual is a form of self-hypnosis - but so is a "real" ritual. It just uses props.

Another thing I have found helpful in the practice of ritual (and essential to the purely visualized kind) is some form of meditation. Although I haven't practiced much of this recently, I did a lot of Buddhist-style mindfulness meditation some years back - mindfulness of breathing, Zazen, Kin Hin, some Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung, as well as various forms of self-hypnosis, and even bits of Reiki. All stripped of any supernatural dogma, with dogma at best seem as a temporary form of playful suspension of disbelief. I remained an empiricist at my core.

After some months of practice at meditation, I noticed that my ability to concentrate during (Satanic) ritual was greatly improved, and my mind was much more inclined to follow the ritual and become emotionally engaged with it, and much less inclined to wander.

One technique I found useful in ritual, odd as it may sound, is to play with melted wax from the candles.
The sensation of liquid wax solidifying between one's fingertips is quite novel and interesting psychologically, thus is relatively easy to focus on without one's mind wandering. (Take care not to scald yourself though, molten wax is at least 50C.)

This can be used as the basis for a short meditation before commencing the ritual proper, as a means of focusing the mind and preparing it to concentrate deeply on a ritual. Creativity and a comfortable deep concentration make the best combination in my experience.


#37030 - 03/25/10 09:01 PM Re: Self rituals [Re: SkaffenAmtiskaw]
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What is the point of a self-ritual, if not making you feel stronger? Or making you feel that you're not alone?
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