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#35772 - 02/18/10 07:19 PM Man flies plane into IRS building in TX...
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Sorry some are saying this reminds them of 9-11, I see very few if any similarities between the two.

His website was taken down on request of the FBI. His suicide note has been saved and can be seen here at the


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#35773 - 02/18/10 07:28 PM Re: Man flies plane into IRS building in TX... [Re: ta2zz]
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Only similarity that I can see is that the buildings both smoked because of the fires.

The guy will probably become a cause celeb for the Tea Party. Guess he got his 15 minutes of fame...
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#35775 - 02/18/10 07:50 PM Re: Man flies plane into IRS building in TX... [Re: ta2zz]
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Oddly enough I didn't hear about this until I read this thread. I would have thought for sure this story would be on Yahoo (the default page that pops up when I open Firefox) but instead the story was concerning some "dirty words" Shaun Whites coach said to him that were *gasp* broadcast on TV. Oh no, cover little junior son of a bitch's ears lest these words warp his fragile little mind.

Apparently the Department of Homeland Security is not considering this an act of terrorism according to this story. That seems a little odd, I thought for sure "they" would love the opportunity to reinforce the belief that terrorists are not only out to get us at every turn but they look just like "us". I guess that makes this a suicide then.

A man can only take so much abuse. This man did what he felt he needed to do. Probably not the way I would have handled it, but then again I am not in his shoes. From reading his "suicide note" it seems like he was hoping to instigate a revolution with this act. FAIL! Maybe that is why I haven't seen or heard anything about this until now; suppression in order to keep any would be revolutionaries from getting any bright ideas.

Strange times indeed.
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#35782 - 02/18/10 08:35 PM Re: Man flies plane into IRS building in TX... [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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He was at the end of his rope, and chose to do something instead of going quietly into the night. I guess he thought his final act might wake up some people and fuel changes. I think we shall see how this plays out over time. Will the government suppress all of it, thus in a way proving him to be right? Or will it just be something that runs its course because aside from the one crazy red-neck no one else is paying attention because American Idol is on.

Fucking idiot government, fucking idiot masses. They deserve each other.

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#35783 - 02/18/10 08:43 PM Re: Man flies plane into IRS building in TX... [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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I listen to a lot of talk radio. It has been on NPR and ALL OVER the conservative talk radio shows. The major new services are reporting it. And, much to my surprise, most of the news services are reporting that this was 'caused' by his frustration with the IRS.

Stand by for copy cats, blowback, unintended consequences, and the usual obligatory feckless knee jerk over-reaction by the Central Authority. Oh happy day!....
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#35802 - 02/19/10 06:38 AM Re: Man flies plane into IRS building in TX... [Re: Morgan]
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 Originally Posted By: Morgan
Fucking idiot government, fucking idiot masses. They deserve each other.


Ha, that's one of the truest statements I've ever heard.

The news will follow this until some new story comes along. Either some celebrity gets caught with coke or a hooker. Possible some cute kid goes missing. Just anything they can dramatize. Then people will forget it ever happened. The populus is basically like a five year old with ADD.
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