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#35871 - 02/20/10 10:32 PM It is more reasonable..
Dan_Dread Offline

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Here is something I wrote a long long time ago. I thought it might be interesting to post it here.


It is more reasonable to believe there is a man hiding in the bushes outside your house than to believe in a deity.

This is my proposition. Now I will attempt to support it.
Here goes.

-There is evidence that bushes exist. We have tested bushes, and know they are in fact bushes.
-There is no evidence, testable or otherwise, of a spiritual realm (where a deity would live, right?)

-There is precedent for people hiding in bushes. I myself have hidden in a few bushes during childhood games of hide and seek.(which also supports that people do, and can, in fact hide;supporting another part of my proposition)
-There is no precedent for the existence of a deity. Nobody has observed one existing. Not even in the bushes.

-There is understandable motive for someone to hide in the bushes. Maybe they are voyeurs or perhaps hiding from the law. Perhaps they are a serial killer.
-There is no understandable motive for a deity to exist. Who created it? A motive must be intended by an outside source, unless of course deity 'self created', but if so how did it have a will to be before it existed? A mind boggler.

Clearly, it is far more reasonable to believe there is a man hiding in my bushes than it is to believe in a deity. Still, I don't believe there is a man hiding in my bushes.

But lets go further. Believing in a deity is one thing, but believing in a deity and then further going on to define his attributes, absent of any evidence, is problematic.
Now I would have to believe the man in my bushes had a 12 inch knife, had escaped from a very specific sanitarium, and was on a mission to cut out my liver and sell it on ebay. Still, believing all that is more reasonable than believing in an all powerful, all loving, personal god that 'wants' us to follow jesus.
Why? as well as all the above reasons for a 'man in the bushes'(sans knife and murderous intent), there is also precedent for things such as the existence of knives, homicidal behavior, and organ removal.
Again, there is no precedent for the qualities 'all loving' 'omniscient' 'omnipresent' or pretty much any of the other attributes most believers assign their deity.

Therefore it is MUCH more reasonable to believe there is a maniac in the bushes outside my house right now slathering over the acquisition of my liver through the most brutal means possible than to believe in a personal god.

Somehow I doubt I will lose any sleep worrying about that possible maniac, and given no reason to believe he is out there, why would anyone believe something far less reasonable?

#35880 - 02/21/10 02:38 AM Iamheasyouareheasyouaremeandwearealltogether [Re: Dan_Dread]
Michael A.Aquino Offline

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 Originally Posted By: Dan_Dread
It is more reasonable to believe there is a man hiding in the bushes outside your house than to believe in a deity.

That's because men hide in bushes frequently, but deities only do it once in awhile.

But in a more existentialist sense, it is the bush that hides in the deity or man. And sometimes there is no difference between the B/D/M, as in the above link, wherein the voice of the BB was provided by Charlton Heston as well as that of his Moses character.
Michael A. Aquino

#35883 - 02/21/10 02:57 AM Re: It is more reasonable.. [Re: Dan_Dread]
Simon Jester Offline

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I once had a neighbour who insisted there were 'black men' residing in her attic, that they ravaged her every night. When the police stopped responding she called the fire department...neither of which coud do anything to roust her crafty squatters.

She may have been less alarmed if they were hovering about in the shrubbery. \:\)

#35892 - 02/21/10 05:49 PM Re: It is more reasonable.. [Re: Simon Jester]
Space Monkey Offline

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I had a customer come into our store handing out letters about the voices in her t.v set controlling her actions and all she wanted to do is get someone to help her. She called the police and they wont. She even wrote her senator. MANY times to the point he wrote a letter back asking her to stop mailing his office and asking for help. Letter was included as proof that the voices were put there by the government. I just love how sometimes the evidence to disprove something can be used to prove things. At least in some ones own crazy head.
#36023 - 03/02/10 03:48 AM Re: It is more reasonable.. [Re: Space Monkey]
Miss May Offline

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It is logical to believe in something you have learned to be possible through experience. When a scientist has a hypothesis, they conduct a series of tests to prove or disprove it.

Believing in something that you have never seen or experienced because you want to believe it on the other hand, is nothing but an abstract fantasy. A person who believes something they are told without truly being able to relate it to an experience has no proof. Without proof, nothing can exist outside of opinions.

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