I thought I might start another TV/Film related one.

I recently watched Apocalypse Now once again. I hadnít watched it in years, but a newer version of the film called a Redux version was released and I had to buy and watch the thing. The additional scenes included in this Redux version really didnít add much to the original, in my opinion, and in fact at times seemed really out of place.

I donít know if this movie bears much relation to the Vietnam War and what that conflict was like for the people who fought it, but I enjoyed the colours and light of the movie and the strangeness of the scenery and of course the music.

I loved Robert Duvall in this movie and Sheen was just genuinely damaged. Apparently that movie was a nightmare to make.

I also liked the premise of the film Ė the journey into the heart of darkness and the whole Conrad angle of the thing.

I also watched and quite liked The Deer Hunter and Platoon with Charley Sheen.

Did any of these movies have value for you? I liked them, but again am a civilian.

P.S. On a different note Ė how good was Fritz Lang! He has to be the best director of them all, closely followed by Coppola and Wells. Would you agree with this?

P.P.S. I am off on a four week break and wonít have access to a computer during my travels. I want to wish everybody the best.