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#36000 - 03/01/10 01:11 AM Australia bans A-cups.
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What the hell Australia?

To sum up the article, they are cracking down on porn/erotica featuring small breasted twenty-somethings because they may look too young to some people. As such some will be labeled as kiddie porn. Whether she is of legal age or not is irrelevant.
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#36001 - 03/01/10 01:51 AM Re: Australia bans A-cups. [Re: Shadow Dragon]
Meq Offline
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And what's this about female ejaculation?

According to Patten, female ejaculations films are being Refused Classification on one of two grounds:

- That the depictions are a form of urination which is banned under the label of ‘golden showers’ in the Classification Guidelines or
- Female ejaculation is an ‘abhorrent’ depiction...

Content Refused Classification will be blocked to Australian adults under the Government’s planned Internet censorship scheme.

Ejaculation is a form of urination?
Looks like those whose job it is to enforce censorship need a little educating about the birds and the bees...

#36002 - 03/01/10 07:43 AM Re: Australia bans A-cups. [Re: Meq]
Wake Offline

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We are entering a dark age of internet red-tape.
Honestly, what do they hope to achieve out of all this?

Making Australia seem even more idiotic?
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#36021 - 03/02/10 12:17 AM Re: Australia bans A-cups. [Re: Wake]
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That's really going to cause some problems for the companies whose shtick is young looking girls and/or female ejaculation. Personally I see nothing wrong with either of those. The youngest women are ever said to be in the videos is 18, and I am sure many of the girls are older than that.

If they were saying the girls in the video are supposed to be younger than that I could certainly see how it would be objectionable. Perhaps not warranting prohibition but certainly walking the line. Some guys just prefer girls with small tits too, regardless of how old it may make them look. Not to mention I think this whole thing says more about the people who see a girl with small boobs and automatically associate them with being underage than about the people who make these movies.

This is going to suck most for the small breasted actresses who aren't good at anything besides taking a shot to the face. Are they to be expected to have breast augmentation surgery in order to maintain their careers? What's next, are they going to ban porn featuring guys with huge cocks because it may look like the chick is getting railed by a horse? Some people never learn how to pick their battles.
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#36027 - 03/02/10 07:27 AM Re: Australia bans A-cups. [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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Well dammit, there goes my shot at a career in Oz. How in hell am I supposed to get my work visa now?

I've seen 16 year old girls walking around with C cups and larger. So if they could get a hold of some falsified documents and show them to a potential porn director/company, they'd be in like Flynn. Basing ANYTHING on a woman's cup size (aside from personal aesthetics of course, if you're an "any bigger than a handful is a waste" kind of guy) is ridiculous.

The world doesn't need any more law "makers", it needs law "reviewers". Let's hope this one gets repealed for it's sheer stupidity. Some of these old fogeys must simply have nothing better to do. Or maybe small tits just offend their delicate sensibilities.
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#36041 - 03/02/10 08:18 PM Re: Australia bans A-cups. [Re: Nemesis]
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The world doesn't need any more law "makers", it needs law "reviewers".

I was always of the opinion that any sufficiently large body (company or government) would benefit tremendously by having a subcommittee whose sole purpose was to review laws, rules, policies, et al., and recommend the removal of those deemed obsolete or irrelevant.

Too many laws means everybody is a lawbreaker, and that way tyranny lies.
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