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There is no such thing as free speech. No society can tolerate free speech; if it did then it would quickly descend into anarchy. Hell, this very forum does not tolerate free speech. Trolls and idiots are warned and, if necessary, banned if they donít tow the line. This is as it should be.

The guy was clearly asking for trouble, so he got it. I hope they prosecute him to the full extent of the law, if for no other reason than being a moron.

Free speech - as it was written in the 1st amendment, (not how it is often interpreted) does not convey the freedom to "say anything anywhere, with no possible consequences". It is the idea that the state/government should not be allowed to punish for speech alone.

I agree with "free speech" only to the degree that the state itself should not be the sole pursuer of retribution.

If the group or individual who is affected by abusive verbal ejaculation wishes to sue or press charges against the guilty party, that is different, but I still do not think the state should be able to pursue the case alone and independent of a defendant.

In this case - Elton John was not the one pressing charges, and he could probably care less about the comment. If you read the guys comments its obvious that he is a moron - and only someone as ignorant as himself would find anything of interest in his ranting. Until he acts on his words, his words are just words, the state as no business pursuing such matters, unless those words are direct threats to the state or the public, or direct plans to actually do something destructive (a fine line, but a line, never the less.)