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#37148 - 03/30/10 05:32 PM Just wanted a cheeseburger.
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Is it wrong to laugh at people acting like idiots? \:D
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#37154 - 03/30/10 07:59 PM Re: Just wanted a cheeseburger. [Re: Shadow Dragon]
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All I can say to that is this;

What the fuck? XD

That was so hilarious in a stupid way. It's a wonder that the fat guy hasn't died of his own stupidity yet.
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#37155 - 03/30/10 08:05 PM Re: Just wanted a cheeseburger. [Re: DistroyA]
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Aw man. If the cheeseburgers don't give him a heart attack his anger will.
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#37157 - 03/30/10 09:54 PM Re: Just wanted a cheeseburger. [Re: Shadow Dragon]
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Which idiots were you laughing at there were so many? Three of those men should have just picked that boy up and put him in the dumpster instead of posing for the camera.

I noticed early this month I had to tone myself down a notch, as everyone is in hyper freak out mode. Not really wanting to shoot anyone, I couldn’t let myself get into such a simple altercation. I no longer allow myself such banter with drunks or assholes I fear it could be seen as instigation should I have to shoot a man charging at me.

The kid who talked back was not a fighter but at least he had the balls to do whatever that dance on the floor was. Maybe he could take a lesson or two from angry beard guy. Then again maybe he should have just ran off with the drunk guys pants and his cheeseburger…

Now realize what we really saw was the aftermath of this man being told to leave and the female manager blabbing about it to whomever not thinking this man could still hear her. It clearly reads how do you piss off a drunken asshole? Perhaps she could use some training in how to be/speak less ghetto or standard manager training.

Wait this was a burger joint NVM...

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