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#37424 - 04/06/10 10:36 AM Sony remotely removes Linux support from PS3s
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Full story

One of the original selling points of the PlayStation 3 was its ability to install Linux. This turns the games console into a full computer, with the ability to run office applications, edit pictures and audio, develop software, play Flash and Java games, run emulators for various machines (allowing old games to be played), and so forth.

The newer "slim" PS3s had this feature removed, but those who had purchased an older PS3 could still use it as a computer.

That is, until last week.

Sony has released a firmware "update" which completely removes this feature from the PS3. Those with Linux installed will find it never works again. What is more, the update is compulsory - without it, users are locked out of all online gaming - and what is worse, new games for the PS3 will refuse to work at all without it.

Sony's reasoning behind this is that this feature is potentially able to be exploited by hackers in order to pirate games. The decision was spurred by a hacker's recent success in hacking the PS3 utilizing its Linux support. By removing this feature as a "security concern", Sony hope to take a pre-emptive strike at the pirates - albeit at the expense of many legitimate customers who use the PS3 for a bit more than gaming.

Needless to say, many PS3 owners are pretty pissed, and even looking to sue Sony for removing a feature which was not only part of the expensive product they purchased, but a deciding factor in their decision to buy it.

There have already been attempts to hack around this, but it's likely that the hackers will be playing catch-up with Sony, as they further insist on more firmware updates which break the hacks.

#37425 - 04/06/10 11:01 AM Re: Sony remotely removes Linux support from PS3s [Re: Meq]
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Not owning a PlayStation 3 or anything manufactured by Sony, I have no stake whatsoever in their actions and quite frankly couldn't care less, but in the spirit of general distaste for the company...

I'm tired of Sony's bullshit.

Nihil sit tam infirmum aut instabile quam fama potentiae non sua vi nita.

#37436 - 04/07/10 04:49 AM Re: Sony remotely removes Linux support from PS3s [Re: Zophos]
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This perfectly falls in line with Sony's new policy of releasing everything half done and then immediately shitting on the good half. Any PSP owner knows exactly what I'm talking about. The general mentality of sony over its systems is "You may have bought its not yours."

Just another product of the modern gaming industry mentality. It seems every big company the industry is doing everything they can to kill quality gaming. It's no longer about creativity and unique game designs. It's all about higher res textures, more dynamic lighting, greater draw distance bullshit. Personally I'm a lot more concerned with the actual play of games and not which one has the brighter shiny-metal effect. Remember when the xbox came out and since it had a better metal effect than the ps2 every game made nearly EVERY surface really shiny metal? This is apparently the method of determining how "good" a game looks

Games have become hollywood. Higher standards for technology means bigger teams and higher. Bigger investment means these companies are less willing to take a chance on something that isn't 100% guaranteed to make money. So games are based on the lowest common denominator. This of course means catering to mindless "BOOM-HEADSHOT YOU GOT PWN3D NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER" half-gamers (I like to call them halofags) that can't wrap their baked brainless heads around deeper games.

I think it's becoming apparent the idea of a game console is just outdated. What sony is doing here is the perfect example. Game consoles are nothing but fancy computers with intentionally limited functions.

Funny, microsoft is trying to do the same thing with computers isn't it?

#37467 - 04/09/10 02:05 PM Re: Sony remotely removes Linux support from PS3s [Re: TV is God]
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Sony vs The Customer, Round 2

Looks like Sony just took a killer special attack from the legal moves of its enemy (its customer)...

Although this looks likely to hit retailers first, I doubt Sony will avoid feeling the sting.

For anyone here who has a PS3 and wants this feature, there is still hope, provided you haven't installed the latest update - there are patches available. If you have already installed the latest firmware and want this feature, you're fucked. There's currently no way to revert the features.

For gamers, the best reason to run Linux on a PS3 is the wealth of 2D emulators available for older games consoles (Game Boy Advance, Sega MegaDrive/Genesis, SNES, Amiga, Atari, etc.), as well as the ability to run Flash and Java-based online games. None of these are in the same league as PS3 games (and usually in 2D - PS3 Linux lacks 3D acceleration but can still handle basic 3D), but are still entertaining to many, and a feature they'd gladly keep.

The Wii has a Virtual Console feature which offers much the same thing. What sucks is that the PS3 had much the same capabilities before Sony removed the feature. (Unless you have a crippled PS3 without the update, or use an 'unofficial' patch...)

While the gamers will install this update and possibly lament losing a feature they paid for, the real hackers will continue to hack away on PS3s without this official update. And now with Sony's treatment of the consumer, they are going to hack away as hard as possible...

#38696 - 05/20/10 12:53 PM Re: Sony remotely removes Linux support from PS3s [Re: Meq]
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Lawsuits in the works???
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