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#37475 - 04/09/10 06:13 PM DA threatens teachers:
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The District Attorney of Juneau county, Wisconsin, Scott Southworth threatens teachers who teach safe sex with criminal charges. More specifically, with aiding in the delinquency of a minor:

Mr. Southworth, a Republican and Evangelical Christian (shocking I now), did this in responce to the governor recently signing a bill, forcing schools to teach safe sex. So, he's putting the school children within his county at risk and threatening teachers, for the sake of his idealogy. This is utterly despicable in my opinion. Particularly since statistics prove that areas that teach abstinence only have a higher rate teen pregnancy rate.

Since I now some out there may argue that point, I will provide evidence to back that claim:
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#37479 - 04/09/10 08:31 PM Re: DA threatens teachers: [Re: Shadow Dragon]
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I read about this yesterday. However, since the teachers would only be following the law if they taught sex ed like they're supposed to do, this DA has nothing concrete to base a case on.

So basically, yet another die-hard blowing smoke up everyone's ass, just for the sake of it.

This DA reminds me of this urologist in Mt. Dora, FL, who put up a sign on the front door of his practice that said, "If you voted for Obama seek urologic care elsewhere". Now, he's not saying that he'll deny treating someone (that would be illegal), but he's fine with patients being offended and leaving.

Does anyone have any true principles anymore? Or are they all just for publicity and votes? The lines have blurred so that they are now indistinguishable from each other.
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#37480 - 04/09/10 09:30 PM Re: DA threatens teachers: [Re: Nemesis]
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And in Wisconsin?!

Anyways, just goes to show you where the country's education system is headed. Right to a third-world education with 15th century reasoning. Welcome to hell folks, hope it's everything you ever wanted.

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