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#37622 - 04/15/10 02:32 AM Destruction Ritual- Victims knowledge
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A question arose from again reading the segment in the Book of Belial about the tribesman who runs to the shaman, etc. i reckon we all know.
But the scoffer pushes the acceptance of the curse into his subconscious where it festers which causes them to be more self destructive. Now this is a realistic result from a destruction ritual setting asides more mystical ideas.

So in this, wouldnt the victim need to be aware of the curse for it to be possibly destructive (on a realistic psychological) level?
But then they might try to find countermeasures to put them at rest, so its kind of a chance thing (though most would scoff) But then not saying means one must rely on emotional energy to manifest reality to your will, which though i believe, i believe the psychological effect of KNOWING and then rejecting the curse to be more effective, especially in conjunction with emotional energy.
Also, it isnt general conversation to say 'btw i conducted a ritual against you last night'

I hope i have worded this correctly, but basically im asking, for a particular ritual to be effective, would the victim need be aware of it, to have a subconscious effect?

#37643 - 04/15/10 09:55 PM Re: Destruction Ritual- Victims knowledge [Re: Atralux Lucis]
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Depends on how you feel and the individual situation.

Someone knew I did something to them.
The next day, they fell down a flight of stairs.
They swear someone or something pushed them, but no one was home.


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#37908 - 04/20/10 05:09 AM Re: Destruction Ritual- Victims knowledge [Re: Morgan]
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I agree with morgan on this one.
you have to find your combination lock principle. what works for someone might not work for you, and what works for you isn't neccesarily going to work for others.

I'm a natral adept, what works for me is extreme emotions and being very visual about it. I was so angry at someone one time and he had no idea what I was doing. I vented my frustrations in my ritual chamber, stabbed a picture of them with a knife. But I stabbed it so fast that I ended up stabbing the person's leg in the picture before I burnt it.

next day he was cleaning his gun and accidently shot himself in the leg. he was on alot of blood thiners at the time. so he bled to death.
they never found the bullet.
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#37931 - 04/20/10 01:00 PM Re: Destruction Ritual- Victims knowledge [Re: Atralux Lucis]
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When I was a young man my mother had some interesting books on magic, one proclaimed Black Magic right across the cover. One night my best friend at the time picked it off the shelf and reading from it to my mothers complaining and warning he cursed me. Well a few days later he was horsing around with his boss they fell down and he busted his ankle. He spent that whole summer in a cast unable to drive his car a built up 72 firebird and was forced to drive a Plymouth horizon.

Now do I believe that this was,

a. Caused or influenced by his curse backfiring because it/he was not serious.
b. Mere coincidence
c. Caused by the fact this kid was a goofball that fucked around doing a lot of stupid shit.
d. Or should I just believe that my Satan power trumped his vuju curse because Iím simply a natural or made mostly of spiritual rubber.

Of course he and my mother believed it was his misuse of a curse when it was unnecessary. Me I got to bust his balls all summer with him gimping on crutches. I simply chalked it up to him being a goofy ass at the time. Of course he feared and respected my mother differently after that incident. He also paid her for card readings after that point. I guess mystery, posturing and manipulation are the keys to being a successful magician. Should you need to call yourself one.

Many things have been used in the past to put people in a receptive state to think they were cursed or being watched. A fish in a newspaper would send a hell of a message to the right person. I would do something as simple as sending them blank paper in an envelope addressed to them from different areas. Maybe use nice letterhead from different local motels? Anything else added to the envelope may cause you trouble later on so I would refrain from doing anything illegal. I mean really that is why you are cursing this person and not just outright smashing them down right?

With that thought a bunch of cut up letters from different newspapers and magazines at the bottom of the envelope might offer some beautiful confusion to the mix.

Think and use your head but for the most part it seems assholes take care of fucking themselves up faster than any curse.

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#37946 - 04/20/10 07:10 PM Re: Destruction Ritual- Victims knowledge [Re: Atralux Lucis]

Here is a story for you.

When I was a young fellow many years ago my friends and I used to go under the house with a Ouija board for some spooky fun.

We used to huddle around this board, in the gloom, with flickering candles and try to contact the spirits of the dead, including long gone family members and famous people.

I took it really seriously and believed that we were actually communicating with the dead, but then one day I realised that the kid from across the road was deliberately pushing the glass for his own amusement, no doubt enjoying the reactions he was getting from us rubes.

Years later I was on the internet and was reminiscing on my days of spooky fun with Ouija boards and I came across a Ouija board site and there was a message from a young teenage girl hysterically demanding that someone help her because her friend had been dabbling with a board and was now possessed by an evil spirit.

I replied to the hysterical girl and treated the whole thing very seriously. I said that she and her friend had to use the Ouija board once again and ask/demand/plead that this nasty spirit leave the possessed friend. They in fact needed to conduct some sort of exorcism. Anyway they did this and lo and behold the possessed girl managed to rid herself of the evil spirit which possessed her and her friend thanked me with great enthusiasm!

Whatís the lesson to be derived from all this nonsense? Spooky fun is fun, but you have to be careful?

Hereís the answer in my view. It works on the recipient/s because the recipient/s believe in it. But more than this: the recipient/s believe in the system or world view which underpins it and within which it functions.

Does it matter if the recipient/s of a curse believe in it or not? The recipient/s, I think, must believe in the possibility that a curse at least may work and also believe in the system within which it functions at some level, either consciously or sub-consciously.

The recipient/s who scoff may scoff, but if the scoffer believes in the effectiveness of the curse sub-consciously and also the system within which it supposedly draws it power and reality than it works in some fashion. It has a compounding effect.

I also refer you to Jakeís comments in the Satanic Destruction Ritual thread, who I think nails this phenomenon down.

#38088 - 04/25/10 04:38 AM Re: Destruction Ritual- Victims knowledge [Re: SkaffenAmtiskaw]
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Thank you, this all gives me some better ideas,

I think i still like the idea of greater magic enchance by the subtler lesser magic, to have the victim know they are cursed, and thus screw themselves over.
but i suppose try either, and see the results would be the most practical way of testing both theories.

#38099 - 04/25/10 05:46 PM Re: Destruction Ritual- Victims knowledge [Re: Atralux Lucis]
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I personally do not think any emotional energy that comes from the ritual makes actually changes in reality, at least not the way most of you seem to be implying. Anecdotes of perceived significance of coincidences mean very little to me. The destruction ritual is to relieve some of that anger from you. It also helps if your victim knows that you perform spells and rituals. The person might not have to know that you've done a ritual specifically for them, but it helps if they think you might have. However, when you see that person again, because of the ritual, you will communicate a change in attitudes toward that person. Then a seed has been planted in the mind. Perhaps they become fearful, or perhaps when something bad does happen they think you had something to do with it. So even if in reality the only thing you did was convince the victim that you are the source for their misfortune, you still get the benefit of the victim believing you have such power.
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#38153 - 04/28/10 02:48 AM Re: Destruction Ritual- Victims knowledge [Re: Lucifer Rising]
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Personally, I don't believe the victim needs to know for the ritual to have an effect but I do believe that the victim knowing can enhance the effect by working on their accessible subconscious. That is, if the victim is unknowing, then I do believe (and in my experience it has been so) that the magic can still work its effect. However, by the victim knowing that a curse has been placed, then the additional push of that working into their subconscious can be very advantageous to the caster.
#38159 - 04/28/10 06:43 AM Re: Destruction Ritual- Victims knowledge [Re: Caliga]
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From my opinion the victim doesn't have to know about what has been done but making him know strengthening the effect of the curse.
After all the curses main ingredients are fear, belief and manipulation as well as hate and other emotions and fillings.
When curs someone i always prefer making the victim to know about it. The effect can get more brutal.
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#38169 - 04/28/10 05:01 PM Re: Destruction Ritual- Victims knowledge [Re: Eumendies]
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The fear of a curse may bother a credulous victim. But even if someone is a scoffer, the idea that someone resents him enough to try and destroy him with seriously dangerous forces, whether or not he personally believes such forces exist, is pretty jarring. If someone tells a man he cursed him, it's like saying, "I hate you so much I hope you die a slow and painful death." Even if he doesn't expect that slow and painful death any time soon, the sentiment alone is shocking.
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