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#37933 - 04/20/10 01:26 PM My Call to Atheist Experience
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Hey, I called them in October after recently becoming Atheist and bounced some ideas off them. Matt Dillahunty went to seminary and was on his way to becoming a priest when he challenged his beliefs and realized the truth, now he anchors this enlightening weekly show.

I was a little nervous when I called. The member I was quoting was The Zebu, who along with MahwrinSkel confronted me with my own ignorance and lead me to Atheism.
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#38011 - 04/22/10 03:36 PM Re: My Call to Atheist Experience [Re: Doomsage680]
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What you have done takes some courage. Let me be the first to virtually shake your hand! So, Mahwrin-Skel has been out with his silvery toungue and waved it around on behalf of Atheism, eh? Good.

But all that to the side. The personal experiences that you discuss are interesting. I guess all have them in some form. They can be quite intense, and religions would of course dearly like to monopolize them and claim them. I've had such experiences too, but did not ascribe them to anything outside myself, despite a powerful feeling of unity and peace, a sort of 'distributedness' that was very pleasant.

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