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#37945 - 04/20/10 06:49 PM Demonic Names
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Does anyone know where I can find an ancient and theological name of a demon; specific books, texts? I want a demonic name, but the internet only gives me the names of popular demons like Satan and Beelzebub.
#37947 - 04/20/10 08:02 PM Re: Demonic Names [Re: Dakota]
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If you Google "demon names" the first result gives a long and comprehensive list.
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#37951 - 04/20/10 10:49 PM Re: Demonic Names [Re: felixgarnet]
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Michael W Ford is very intelligible on historical demons. I reccomend Luciferin Witchcraft by Michael W. Ford. It being one of the largest books I have ever owned. The list of demons that Michael W. Ford has in his books being almost endless. I'm in college right now, and his Book "Luciferian Witchcraft" is even larger than many of my course books. his books can be found on either amazon or Through my own research this has been the largest collection of demon names I have ever encountered.

sorry I know it's not a website, but once when I was asking the same question Michael W. Ford never dissapointed me. I hope this helps.
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#37952 - 04/20/10 11:02 PM Re: Demonic Names [Re: Mardi Gras]
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Ford's work is detailed, but not as well-organized as a comprehensive listing of spirits. A better resource would be Stephen Skinner's "Complete Magician's Tables". It features a comprehensive overview of every single demon ever mentioned in any grimoire or ancient text, including the numerous variations (Bael, Bel, Belial, Baal) so there is none of the generalized conflation that characterizes most occult literature. It also provides astrological/magical correspondences for each name.

It does not have the complete source texts of each referenced work, but most of those can be found online for free, anyway, so it is easy to cross-reference the material.

It comes at a hefty price as a 35-something-dollar hardcover, but has been an invaluable resource to me personally as an occult nerd.
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