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#38376 - 05/08/10 06:21 AM The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan???
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hey everyone, i just wanted to know the right method of doing it...have checked out various websites and they just have different ideas
#38378 - 05/08/10 09:52 AM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: Lexx]
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If Satans not interested, I have a few quid. Lets call it a tenner shall we?
"Nothing is your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull." - George Orwell (1984)

#38382 - 05/08/10 12:09 PM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: Room 101]
Diavolo Offline

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Apparently the guy already sold his brain to Satan, so it shouldn't be too hard to add his soul to the deal.


#38384 - 05/08/10 02:12 PM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: Diavolo]
the earthly duck Offline

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hey Diavolo how ya been man?, anyways let me get right to the point man, I have been practicing the satanic dhikr for quite some time, and i always feel more relaxed after wards while at the same time feeling more energy pulsating through my body.

i wanted to know why every time i use the dhikr as a meditative pathworking those same results happen, I also wanted to know how i would be able to tell whether its working for me or not, if so what is it working to achieve, am i supposed to meditate on a specific goal while using the dhikr or just meditate on the dhikr itself?

i dont know these are the thoughts going through my head right now, am i crazy or paranoid?

#38385 - 05/08/10 02:48 PM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: the earthly duck]
Diavolo Offline

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Hey duck.

I'm fine, thank you. I wish I could help you with your questions about the satanic dhirk but it's not really my thing. I'm an old dog living in another reality so you better try to seek others which might help you out on this one.

The only thing I can tell you is that reality is flexible so crazy or paranoid only making sense in comparison to others. In our own realities everything makes sense.


#38386 - 05/08/10 02:53 PM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: the earthly duck]
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May I add "putz" to the ballot?

No one can answer the questions of personal experience for you. Other people do not have access to your first-person ontology. Be skeptical, and use better grammar in the future.

Nihil sit tam infirmum aut instabile quam fama potentiae non sua vi nita.

#38390 - 05/08/10 03:17 PM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: Lexx]
6Satan6Archist6 Offline

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What makes you think Satan even wants your soul? Of all the souls out there what makes yours so special? And besides, just by registering with this site you have already forfeited your soul to Satan. Why would it pay for something it already has coming for free? Kids these days.
No gods. No masters.

#38392 - 05/08/10 05:10 PM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
TV is God Moderator Offline

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First you must shun all your friends and family and live as an outcast. Wear all black to be as dark as the dark lord. Then you must cut yourself with razors to show the dark lord you are strong. You must mail $200 cash to Satan himself (I'll pm you the address) to show your allegiance to the evil one is more important than worldly pleasures. Your final right of passage : you must then stick your head in a toilet after excretion and flush to show you're willing to humiliate yourself for the prince of darkness!

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#38433 - 05/10/10 07:51 PM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: TV is God]
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Man, amateurs.... I swear... :P Since you asked so nicely..

First you must obtain a parchment, a quill, and a sharp knife used for no other purpose. Draw blood from thine left hand and and write upon parchment:

"My lord and master Lucifer, I acknowledge you as my god and prince, and promise to serve and obey you while I live. And I renounce the other God and Jesus Christ, the saints, the church of Rome and all of its sacraments, and all prayers that the faithful may offer me; and I promise to do as much evil as I can and to draw others to evil; I renounce chrism, baptism, and all the merits of Jesus Christ, and his saints; and if I fail to serve and adore you, paying you homage three times a day, I give you my life as your own. Made this year and day, Signed. YOUR NAME HERE"

Then its very important to go to an isolated place, and draw a triangle on the ground, with a hematite. Write beneath it the name of Jesus, making sure only to move to the left and using only your left hand. Demand that Lucifer appear in the triangle by the names of Asmodeus and Astaroth demons in his charge. He will appear reluctantly, and which point you must explain your desires after which you must throw the pact to Lucifer if he accepts the offer then he shall sign it and leave it with you. If he does not accept then curse him repeatedly until he signs the parchment.

Thus you have made a pact with the Devil...

(The pact was an actual pact written by Urbain Grandier in 1634, and the ritual process was published in the Grand Grimoire.)

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#38434 - 05/10/10 09:46 PM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: Lexx]

This post may be a waste of time. But here goes anyway:

I think you should start by thinking about and reflecting upon Satan.

This does not mean to suggest that you should regard Satan as a literal entity possessing consciousness and intelligence: as some sort of deity.

Rather it is recommended that you regard Satan as a figure or character who appears in a specific type of literature; as a certain type of symbol or sign designating certain types of meaning.

Who is this literary character and what is “his” purpose or role within the stories within which “he” appears?

What is the history of this literary character? How does “his” character and “his” function or role in literature change over time?

Who benefits each time Satan appears in a story? Who has been putting words in Satan’s mouth and compelling “him” to dance to their tune? What benefit has been derived?

When someone states that they are seeking the right method of selling their soul to Satan, than they are regarding Satan as a literal entity possessing consciousness and intelligence and are situating “him” within a particular world view or cosmological paradigm, which they themselves more or less consciously believe in. That world view or paradigm tends to be the Judeo-Christian one, which makes the so called “Satanist” a Christian heretic or a devil worshipper within that particular paradigm. This has nothing to do with real Satanism.

In my opinion this figure or character of Satan must be reclaimed again and again by individuals, for whom “he” is truly intended, and than invested with personal meaning, by the real Satanist, within the context of the work of Anton LaVey.

Satan demands study, not worship. This is not a superficial statement. It is in fact one of the most important things Dr. LaVey ever said in my view. The deep understanding of this principle is one of the keys.

You should carefully read The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey, which is available in the media room on this site.

I also recommend the following as well:

Go to the T/P section of the CoS website and get copies of the Nine Satanic Statements; the Eleven Rules of the Earth; the Nine Satanic Sins; and Pentagonal Revisionism. Place these documents side by side on a desk or table. Carefully study these key resources.

Study these principles within a horizontal mental grid. How does each principle relate to all the others? How do they balance and complement and limit each other? LaVey’s philosophy is well conceived and carefully balanced and presents a picture of a certain type of human being.

Study these principles within a vertical mentality. How deep is the meaning of each of these principles? How are these principles philosophically grounded and what do they say about the nature of reality, human beings, human society and human relations etc. etc.?

This is the philosophy of greatness and power. Please do not cheapen it with these sorts of questions.

#38436 - 05/10/10 11:00 PM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: Lexx]
Morgan Offline

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If you are lazy, and need help in order to properly give up your soul to Satan, I can help you for a small fee.

You would need to place $666.66 into my paypal account. Include your full name, address, place and time of birth. As well as e-mailing me a picture of yourself, with a note stating that you are willing giving up your soul and essence to Satan for all eternity.

Upon completion of everything, you would get a special envelope in the mail.

Don't delay, hurry, limited time offer......


Pulling Souls out of idiots for Satan since 1869

#38437 - 05/10/10 11:10 PM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: Morgan]
Jake999 Offline
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My nayme iz Jordee Syphus an I let Morgin sale mi sole to Satin. I am happy, but I Satan dint understand. I dint want a twelve inch PIANIST. But he do fit in my lunch box.
Bury your dead, pick up your weapon and soldier on.

#38456 - 05/12/10 03:34 AM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: Jake999]
Doomsage680 Offline

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I like Morgan's method, it's a lot simpler than the Joy of Satan inspired version I did a while back, using real blood (pin pricks, no knives) and some candles. So much fun though. Kids...lots of imagination.

Theistic Satanism was fun while I was still able to trick myself into thinking stuff was there. Boy, it gets spooky when you look for it. Technically I only dedicated my soul, not sold it, there's a difference lol.

Drawing Pentagrams is fun but it doesn't mean the Devil wants your soul. It's funny how everyone wants to give their soul and get something in return, as if their soul had some inherent value just waiting to be exchanged. I feel bad for all the JoS and Brotherhood of Satan people who still follow this. Not that bad, just bad enough to laugh.

OMG it's 3:33 as I'm posting this!!!
"I who have nothing but the comfort of my sins"
- Vinny Paz

#38522 - 05/13/10 06:29 PM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: Doomsage680]
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Too bad you missed the "submit" button by a few seconds, buddy. SHUGAL-CHORONZON IS NOT AMUSED.

Why would His Satanic Majesty want your immortal spiritual essence? In truth, Satan gerbils souls. He has this weird sexual fetish with shoving souls up his ass and feeling them squirm around inside his colon.

This is a secret doctrine only revealed to special members who have advanced past the Operating Thetan II degree.
«Recibe, ¡oh Lucifer! la sangre de esta víctima que sacrifico en tu honor.»

#41905 - 08/14/10 12:00 AM Re: The right method of Selling Your Soul To Satan??? [Re: The Zebu]
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He does not need your soul.He has his own,just as you have yours.
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