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#42542 - 08/27/10 11:26 AM Re: Sinister 101 [Re: Conrad]
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Conrad, stop trolling the boards or prepare to be evicted. This is your warning.
"I'd rather be right than consistent" - Winston Churchill

#42554 - 08/27/10 04:01 PM Re: Sinister 101 [Re: Conrad]
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Don't be mocking Starcraft now. People have been culled for less ;\)
No gods. No masters.

#42567 - 08/27/10 08:10 PM Re: Sinister 101 [Re: Khk]
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If I may remind you what the ONA is:

A Traditional Nexion is a local group of Sorcerers (male and female, or all male or all female) who follow The Seven-Fold Sinister Way and who thus practise External, Internal, and Aeonic Magick (Sorcery).

*What I do*

Traditional Nexions often use the term Traditional Satanism to describe their Way. By Balobians aka Balo-Bohemians we mean those artists, musickians, artisans, and writers, who share or are inspired by our sinister ethos and life-style, and/or who share some or all of our aims and objectives, but who may not have some formal involvement with us.

*Again, what I am and where I stand in relation*

Thus, the ONA is a diverse, and world-wide, collective of diverse groups, tribes, and individuals, who share and who pursue similar sinister, subversive, interests, aims and life-styles, and who co-operate when necessary for their mutual benefit and in pursuit of their shared aims and objectives.

*Yes indeedy, but there appears to be a gross smisunderstanding by some initiates as to what constitutes this criterion, and who, as non-market/media CEO's fail to recognize the aptiude of advertising applications, esp, where the ONA is concerned and seeking longevity. I am diverse, world-wide, a collective and an individual, I have sinister subversive aims and lifestyle and co-operate with others in pursuit of their aims and objectives. What this comes down to, is an inability to pass beyond the Sun sphere by many present adherents of the Sinister Path, and superficial ephemera such as personal like or dislike. The mage can only be born form jettisoning such childish scruples.*

The criteria for belonging to the ONA is this sharing and pursuit of similar sinister, subversive, interests, aims and life-styles, together with the desire to co-operate when it is beneficial to them and the pursuit of our shared aims. There is thus no formal ONA membership, and no Old-Aeon, mundane, hierarchy or even any rules. Instead, there is an ONA Kulture and ethos, and an identification with this ONA Kulture and sinister ethos. Those who identify with this ONA Kulture and sinister ethos are free to chose the means, the methods, the ways, that suits their own character best, and/or which interest or inspire them most, and are actively encouraged to do this.

*Actively encouraged are we. Not openly it seems. lol*

Hence, those who belong to, or associate themselves with or who are inspired by our collective may and do differ in the means used to attain our (and their) aims and objectives,

*Perhaps you need to explain this to your apprentices again, Grand Master.*

just as they will differ in whether or not they have, or desire, some formal association with us;

*I always have and I always will, mere words and emotions, formplay and deception don't change the downward trajectory of those destined for the dark. Once your on it, your on it. Unless of course, by Sinister, it is meant ONA prefers Mr Beests page, whose front page of his website cites quiet time with the Uniting Church.*

that is, whether or not they publicly or otherwise adhere to or associate themselves with the ONA and use the ONA name. Thus, many Balobians, for instance, do not assign any label or terms to themselves, and so they may not describe themselves as Satanists, or as Dreccs, or even as Occultists although some do just as some Balobians may adhere to or align themselves with or practice some other, non-ONA, Occult Way, or adhere to or align themselves with some non-Occult Way or weltanschauung.

*This is all very understanding... sympathetic, lol, but agian, maybe you should explain these concepts and the diversity of the ONA and its unlimited possiblities, twists and turns, forms and shades, to your young apprentices. They dont seem to get it. They certainly dont understand the power of advertising.*

Our fundamental aim is to change, to evolve, human beings to produce a new type of human being. This derives from our belief that we human beings have great potential; that we can consciously change and evolve ourselves, and that esoteric Arts, especially The Dark Arts, are one of the most practical means to do this. Our Dark Arts include our sinister tribes and our Dreccian way of life, as well as the more traditional Dark Arts of External, Internal, and Aeonic Magick. Our main goal is to disrupt, undermine, destroy, overthrow or replace by any practical means all existing societies, all governments, and all nations, and in their place create new societies, new ways of life, based on our own tribal way of living, where the only law is our law of sinister-honour.

*Sieg Heil*

We desire to do this because of our belief that the current order, the current systems, are all mundane, and reflect the nature of mundanes; of those who lack our sinister spirit, our defiance, our desire to free ourselves from mundanity and the restrictions of patronising governments and abstract, impersonal, law, and which governments treat us as either children or as subjects to be restrained and controlled.

*Again, might want to run that by your Other apprentices.*

Our means our Dark Arts are many and varied, and include our sinister tribes, our Traditional Nexions (with the Seven Fold Sinister Way and External, Internal, and Aeonic Magick), our Dreccs, our Sorcerers and Sorceresses who work alone or with a few sinister comrades, our Sinister-Empaths, our Star Game, and our sympathizers and helpers, such as Balobians.

* Yes, or openly encouraging disruption, death, destruction and infecting others with a desensitization to violence and horror by making fun of what repels us inwardly from blowing the fuck out of our enemies, kniving them in the streets, or providing techniques to weaken the structures of the magi strongholds.*

One other important means, employed, by the ONA and an essential part of our Dark Arts is our sinister Mythos, and which ONA Mythos includes The Mythos of The Dark Gods, and The Mythos of Vindex.

Cited from An excellent article by Long, who is, and probably will only ever be, the one man to understand Ryan Anschauung.

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#42568 - 08/27/10 08:14 PM Re: Sinister 101 [Re: Conrad]
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You banned Saturnyan. For shame. Hes only having a laugh, lol, c'mon, what the fuck people, when did having a laugh become an offense?
#42570 - 08/27/10 08:39 PM Re: Sinister 101 [Re: Khk]
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KHK, one line posts...

You have been warned multiple times...

Tick Tock Tick Tock....

Courage Conquering Fear
Fuck em if they can't take a joke
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#42742 - 09/03/10 09:26 PM Re: Sinister 101 [Re: Khk]
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The Dark Planet Wordpress appears to have been taken down:

This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.

Hopefully it can be resurrected. It was a hell of a giggle.

#42915 - 09/10/10 06:04 AM Form Film 101 [Re: Clarence]
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Heh heh.

Dark Planet merged with Sinister 101 to create a new syndicate. Dark Planet corporate logos have been archived in Sinister 101, but the form has served its purpose and will not be ressurected.

Rest assured however, I still have a sense of humour, and still intend to wield it.

Having just upgraded the Sinister 101 forum, I invite people to visit and view my first full-length interactive film/presentation created using POWERPOINT: FORM 101 by Ryan Anschauung.

To introduce my concepts more dynamically, as well as provide a crash-course for all new visitors into my extensive work with forms, I have created a 45 min film to cover many of the core angles involved in our perception and its context in relation to awareness and adeptship, in of course, a more exciting medium, than reading 1000s of black and white words.

{Free popcorn courtesy of the SOOF} \:\)

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