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#38508 - 05/13/10 03:36 PM The purpose of purpose
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A video for those who seek and question their surroundings. An interesting video, in my honest opinion.
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#38510 - 05/13/10 03:45 PM Re: The purpose of purpose [Re: Dimitri]
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The Selfish Gene was, and is, one of my favourite books.

Proof perfect, that perfection and eloquence are British, and I for one welcome the Americans back into the fold of the thinking.

A nice video, thanks for sharing Dimitri; I enjoyed this video greatly.
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#38520 - 05/13/10 06:09 PM Re: The purpose of purpose [Re: Room 101]
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It is about time we reembrace science. As I have said many times before; if you are coming here (America) for a better life than leave your stupid oppressive choking dogmatic beliefs at the door. The middle east was the epicenter of science and reason until it was choked out by nonsense. The same is happening here now, with fundie christians. They (religious people) are not making America a place of diversity, they are stifling it.
It reminds me of something Tyson said, about how America used to be the example. It was the one to beat, like in the space race. Now, we have bridges collapsing and cranes collapsing. Something is wrong there. America has fallen behind. In respect to astronomy and other fields of scince, he said " Without regenerating homegrown interest in these fields, the comfortable lifestyle to which Americans have become accustomed will draw to a rapid close." Anyways, I had not seen this video before, and enjoyed it. Thank you.

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